Partying for kids

Photo essay: Child Foundation Halloween party

by praoofi
This Halloween party was organized to benefit children in need through Child Foundation. About 150 attended this event in Caltech Recreation room in Pasadena, southern California.

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-30C in Canada

by ahmad_ on

and cross country skiing for 4 hours. Wow what a feeling. Your sandwiches turn to stone, even though they are wrapped a few times and kept in a backpack. Can you handle that?



by yolanda on

It takes a lot of courage to be the "Adam" or "Tarzan" in #10. First of all, you have to be able to stand the cold weather ( I am wearing sweater now, I live 30 miles from Pasadena), secondly you have to be confident with your physique. 

Wow! The guy made a lot of "sacrifice" to raise $$$ for little kids! Not a lot of people are willing to make that kind of sacrifice.





party 4 kids

by ahmad_ on

I see a kid in foto #10 , or maybe that is a grown up with the brain of a 5 yr old.


Too many G rated costumes. Where r the R-rated costumes?!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


Child Foundation is a great

by desi on

Child Foundation is a great organization.  I hope they raised tons of money for the kids.

Yolanda I think number 10 is supposed to be Adam...or may be Eve?:)



by yolanda on

A very interesting photo collection: "Partying for kids", but no kids were at the party, all the party-goers are over 21!    (I know it is for fund-raising! O:)

#10 sends chills thru my spine, the guy is from a different season!

thank you!