Part of our tradition, too

A collection of Qajar-style illustrations from Wellcome Library

by sourena

These erotic miniatures are from a manuscript made in 1824 in India. The manuscript is part of the Asian Collection at Wellcome Library, London.

All images are 280x180 mm.


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fekr konam in neveshte ha

by Anonymous666 (not verified) on

fekr konam in neveshte ha male pakestan bashe na iran chon faghat pakestani ha be zan migan ORAT. neveshtehash ham neshun mide ke male un tarafast chon baraye G sarkesh nazashte va bazi noghteha ro ham ja endakhte. in male iran nist chon dar farhange iran hamishe pornography yek taboo bude va hast. dar zemn mardaye irani hamishe az pashmalu tarin marda budan vali tu in aksha mardash mesle afghania kam mu va bi rish hastan.


These pictures are not in iranian style

by Mehdi (not verified) on

I've been dealing with traditional sources and when I compare the pictures with them, It is clear to me that the pictures have made in the new era.
There was sex in our tradition (like Resaleye Delgosha) but not in this modern style.


All comments about Haji agha

by Khanum Hana 77 (not verified) on

All comments about Haji agha anywhere and anytime make me laugh. Please keep him misreble and don't help him. BTW, i guarantee it's all fake. Too bad I am hot and not a boo gandoo hezbolahi or else, i would fadakari and let him have me for 15 minutes. Poor guy sounds awfully lonely.
MAJID like i said in another post somewhere else, I think I am in love with you.
Jigsaw orgie were quite common back in the day. More in Greece, India, Egypt and the Roman empire than in Iran...It can't be too hard to find that painting you are looking for.


sexy photos

by Anonymous & be car (not verified) on

hey, where is the real photos? but of course iranian style!? nice


It's all the fun!!

by Majid on

Argueing with HAJIAGHA ! is like wresteling with a pig in the mud!! after a while you realize that "son of bitch is enjoing it"!!

And thanks to "JJ" for keeping him around !! it's a lot of fun!!

Red Wine

Hajiagha and his world !

by Red Wine on

Baba in bandeh Khoda ro bi khialesh beshin,in agha intori hal mikoneh,behesh ehteram bezarid,akheh na salamati az ma ha bozorgtareh !


Haji jan shuma haleto bokon :=) .

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Aghaye olaagh,


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Our tradition

by fariborsm on

1.Soraya, too good for that man or not good enough. So she had to go.

2.To paint pornos had never been an iranian tradition. the farsi language is so reach that we have never needed such picturese . In farsi text can the men of letters write soo pleasurful pros. Saadi, hafiz, ferdousi and hundered others . These men hav set our tradition. I think even so we live in diaspora, we should try to aklimate ourselves only as much as we need it to be abl to live hier. the pros i meant, you can give it even to Schoolchilderen. It is not damagin their minds. because evry body understands , let us say hafez, only in the limits he7she allready knows. these pictures are not our tradition. They are also not a western tradition. The function of these is to influenz the mind of peaple and fulfill an psychological terror an them and confiscate their sexuality and to take posession of them. so is the human beeing already concuered and defeeted. may be sotimes in futur i will have time and patience to continue. take these word an an uncomplet synphony, thank you,


Ekhtiar dari agha majid ....javab daadan be haji agha

by mash on

vazifeh ye mane, shoma va man bayad bashim ke komaki be in bad bakht bichareh ke tanhasto hich chizi nimidoneh bekonim. agar fekr mikoni in haji agha aroosak baadi lazem dareh va ba dashtan in chiz mitoneh az dast in khanooma var dareh ke migam AAFARIN. sokhane shoma gool va man ham ba shoma hastam in ahmagho bayesti az in canada bargardoonim be pishe doost moostash. Man digeh ghasam khordam ke in haji agha bayesti stop beshe va zabooneshe raje be in khanooma bebandeh. har vaght ye chizi raje be khanooma beneviseh ya bege hamoon saanieh javabesho behesh midam. ta be haal ke nakhaste ba man mostaghim sohbat bekooneh, midoni chieh eishoon mesle tamame oon pedar sag molahaye moft khor bache bazz hastand ke tanha chizi ke mikhand ine ke zoor be zan bedand va ba ham digar baazi konand. ahmaghe nafahm. shart mibandam in nafahm khahar dareh ya dokhtar khaleh ya dokhtar aameh ye kasi dareh fekr mikoni in yaro khoshesh miad agar ye kasi begeh ke in khanoom nemidonam familesh be ghoale khodesh lesbaian ya hookers hastand. khare nafahme hypocrite... boro kooneh mollahato beboos....


mash??? zendeh baashi!!!!

by Majid on

Damet garm! kolli khandidam,zende baad ! Bezaar hamegi dast be dast-e ham bedim balke in haji jaghist-e bad bakht be ye sar-o samooni beresh,shaayad chaarash ye aroosak baadi baashe,man ke behesh pishnahaad kardam hala ke ta'addod-e zojaat halaal ast to ham ke do taa dast daari,yek shab dar mion dast avaz kon,polygami hamine dige!! halaal ham hast,goosh nemikone,hamin rooza az mokhesh mizane biroon!



bebin mashti bebakhshid haji agha.............

by mash on

 haji agha mibini in sag ya kherse ke hast in ham mitoneh ye chizi payda  koneh. enghadr nashin khoneh ba khodet ziad bazi nakoon. baba har rooz bidar shodi ghashang doosh begir makhsosan ba saboon khodeto beshor, dandoona ro mesvak bezan, ye kam zir baghal pif paf bezan, agar mo dari ghashang shonash koon agar nadari ghashang tighesh bezan. bad faramosh nakoon ke lebas beposhi. ye khorde be khodet toye ayneh negah koon bebin che marget mishe ke hich zani toro nemikhad bad be khodet ghoal bedeh ke vaghti ke yek zani ro didi dahaneto baz nakhahi kard. shart mibandam yek trans sexuali az to khoshesh khahad oomad. aghalan akhare shab ya mikoni ya mikonanet. Har vaght az daste in chiz ha khaste shodi pa sho bargard pishe oon molahaye bache baaz. damet garm.......... 


Keep dreaming! Haji!!

by Majid on

As John said,your problem is obvious! get your head out of your bottom,and then maybe,just maybe there is hope for you! based on all your mails you have one thing and one thing only  in mind! getting laid (married)!!let me ask you a question buddy! don't you have two hands? then help yourself dammit!!!you can even switch between your two lovers(hands)! you can make love with the one you love!! yourself!!!!!!!! cause your lovers(hands) can not see your face! can not smell your breath and arm pit! but whatever you do...please, and I'm begging you PLEASE,do not re-produce!



Anything that irks Hajiagha is good

by John on

Sorry to break it to you Hajiagha, but as a Canadian I can reliably inform you that you are the only person in the entire country who isn't getting any.  What can you be doing wrong?  Bad breath, body odor, boring personality, inanity?  Keep trying dude.  By the way, why is it that the Persian men in this collection don't seem to be enjoying themselves at all?  Even the dog / bear has a happier look on its face than the men do.


#9 is not a dog

by cyclicforward on

Actually if you read the subtitles it says a bear. It is very hard for me to read the subtitles but the ones that I make out are written in old persian style and quite interesting. Almost as interesting as the pictures.

Red Wine

Iranian Ppl Love Sex :=)

by Red Wine on

In neshoun mideh keh ma iruniha cheghadar ''eshgh bazi'' ba khanoumha ro doust darim va hich chizi baes nashodeh keh ma avaz beshim,nah mazhab va nah syasat natunestan ma ro avaz konan .


Elahi kur sheh har ki keh nemituneh ma iruniha ro bebineh va hasudi beh ma mikoneh.



by nayumadehrafti on

Thank you "sourena" for preparing and gathering these images. All are really beautiful and interesting. Wow! Number 9 is quite interesting with the dog. Also the one with "Golam siaah". Ha, ha...



as Iranian artist I have dreams to have sex?

by hajiagha on

after I left Iran to Canada from 1995 I had only 3 times to pay and short times have sex....which all this beautiful illustration give me an things why I left Iran such nice place to gay country Canada, sex is part of are life like eating food is so important...but my advice to you please do not land in British country they are gay....In Islamic country like Iran was more easy for me date or get married or temporary to Canadian democracy every body here are lesbian


They must be Canadians

by Bahram on

Those can't be Qajar era drawings! Those must be depictions of Canadians
having sex. Everyone knows Iranians didn’t know anything about
pornography until they were exposed to Canadians. (at least those of us who have read the cartoons of a certain contributor to know that). The proof is the drawing with the dog which is obviously a chocolate
Labrador retriever.


Play boy?

by Majid on

Is that play boy,Persian Version? move over Hef. !!!!!!!!!!!!


Impressive find!

by AmirT on

Looking at these paintings, one can't help but conclude that their headgears (turbans, hats, whatever) must have been very important to our forefathers. :)

Siamack Baniameri

The Dog

by Siamack Baniameri on

Sorry ladies, the dog has been neutered!


Good Times

by Foad on

I think that is the reason they say "prostitution" is the oldest business in the world. As Seinfeld would say "not that there is anything wrong with that".



Well ahead of playboy...

by jigsaw on

So, we can conclude that pronorgraphy originated from India and Iran...Ah the irony!!!

In fact, I've heard that there is an Iranian old painting dating back to centuries ago portraying orgy. Does anyone have more info. on that?


The artist was centuries ahead of his time!

by farrad02 on

This collection is very telling. It shows interracial sex. It shows inter-species sex! Somone must have been centuries ahead of his time to create this work! Very impressive! :)