Pahlavan's World

Photo essay: Life in Iran

by Kazem Pahlavan
I am an amateur photographer but I am interested in it. I still have the analog Yashica but now I work with digital cameras. Currently I have about 20,000 digital photos and about 500 analog photos >>> Flickr page


Super talented Pahlavan

by Monda on

These are some of the most engaging photos of Iran I've seen.  zendeh baad to you and your patient observant eyes.   

Jahanshah Javid

100 Afarin

by Jahanshah Javid on

You're a natural. You have an instinctive understanding of color, balance and human/nature. Wonderful.


Beautiful Photos

by divaneh on

Thanks for this fantastic collection. My favourites are 3,5,35,44 and 72. Keep up the good work.


Dear Kazem Pahlavan

by Arthimis on

Thank you for sharing your beautiful album with us. You are very good photographer indeed... On a personal level, I connected with your work on the nature out there, Although I was born and raised in Tehran, my father's generation used to have a lot of land in that beautiful part of Iran, way out in the country sides... Thanks for refereshing my childhood memories ... Peace.


nice photo

by ahmad_ on

but did not see even one girl in all those pictures.


Mr. Pahlevan

by Abarmard on

You are a talented photographer. nicely done.