A night at the palace

Photo essay: Iranian.com music festival in San Francisco

by kfravon

After weeks of anticipation, April 25th was finally upon us.

It turned out to be one beautiful night, with so many talented artists under one roof. During the break I talked to some of the audience, and everyone was so thrilled to be there and were enjoying every minute of the event.

Thank you Jahanshah, and all your amazing friends/volunteers who made this one of the best concerts I've been in SF Bay Area!

Jeddan Khasteh Nabaashid!

Faranak Ravon


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If you like to see a few clips of the evening, go here:

by kfravon on


JJ joon :-)

by Souri on

Na tanha fat nashodi, balkeh kheili ham khsoh tip tar shodi!!

I saw your pictures in face book. Great man!! Keep up doing varzesh every morning with your sister :-)

When do you post that report on the event with all the pictures? Please!

We are impatients honey.


Darius Kadivar

Hope You can have Monika Jalili & Noorsaaz Next Year too ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Hope You can have Monika Jalili Next Year too ...

MONIKA's NEW ALBUM: Monika Jalili and Noorsaaz Present "ELAN"

Official Website:


Recommended Readings:

Sultan of my heart By Darius KADIVAR

An Axis of Joy by Darius KADIVAR


Thank You

by Ali Armisaba (not verified) on

I walked in to Palace of Fine Arts with very high expectations that night. I was right. It was a great event. Even though the host was very bad and her jokes were beyond unprofessional, all the artists did a great job.


Mrs, Iranians as a whole, as

by Kablammad (not verified) on

Mrs, Iranians as a whole, as a nation, inside and outside Iran, in California, Europe and everywhere else have the highest percentage of nose jobs in the world. Is this news to you?

So again nose jobs means stereotyping Iranians especially in an Iranian event where many are! Maybe the photographer should not have focused so much. But then again no one else said anything.


Either I'm hallucinating

by zereshk polo (not verified) on

or I really did see a comment from you that got deleted! You said something to the effect that we won't see much of you any more and I'm happy to note that I took it wrong.

Hopefully we'll see you in person at the next event.



by TheMrs on

Do you really have statistics for this? How terrible, we have noses with character, how come greeks haven't surpassed us in this area?! Wow. But even then, if I see a bunch of pictures and comment on them it's not stereotyping. A stereotype is if I say all Iranian women have nose jobs or Iranians in California have nose jobs. I'm just commenting on the style of nose jobs. In the past, it was something people did without announcing it. But now, it doesn't seem to be a problem, it's like a status symbol even. So that's what I said. I didn't extend that to any particular portion of society beyond some people in the pictures. It's not stereotyping.

Zereshk polo! zeresk! Who said I'm leaving? I'm just saying I'm not here as much. Mage maraz daram hey comment bedam kotak bokhoram. I don't even blog here anymore. But I never said I was leaving.


Mrs Iranians are the nation

by Kablamad (not verified) on

Mrs Iranians are the nation with the highest number of nose jobs. Making a comment about nose jobs is steretyping. It is ok but it is stereotyping. Comedians use steretyping all the time.

If you don't like stereotyping don't comment specifically. You take the nose job reference out and the rest of your comment was not stereotyping.


I'm sorry Mrs. jan!

by zereshk polo (not verified) on

No really, I was just having some fun. I like it very much that you make non-PC comments. I totally dig it. I also recognize that even when you engage in cat fights you are doing it for fun whereas others attack you out of herss.

Please do NOT leave on my account. I'd feel way too bad!

My own comments on how Iranian women make themselves up are usually so deragatory that the moderators delete them!


Zereshk Polo, Actually, I'm

by TheMrs on

Zereshk Polo, Actually, I'm always playing defense here. I can barely leave a comment without a repercussion. I either get slammed here or by email. If I ask a question, I get fohshes. If I participate in a political discussion I'm told to stick to fashion since I'm stupid and if I talk about fun stuff I'm called a inconsiderate bimbo. Just like this time here. Poor me! But it's not like the article was about me...nitemustfall might be obsessed with what I say but others want to enjoy the article!


nitemustfall -lloooohoooozer boodan ham bad dardieh

by TheMrs on

The pictures, among other things, seem to give a sense of the atmosphere and the audience. I can comment about what I see. In fact, I forgot to mention Mr. Aslani always has a good set of hair. Amazing. It looks like it hasn't changed in the last 20 years. Mashalah.

Some people attended or performed and would have a different perspective than me and so their comments would be different. Why would I sit and compare my comment to theirs?

You want an award for taking pictures from some event? What's it to me? How khod khaah!!

My avatar is a picture of Angelina Jolie. So whether she's had a nose job or not is not my problem. You think she needs one, write to her fan club. You think I need one in real life, start a fund and hook me up with a nice surgeon.


Oops, sorry Ben!

by zereshk polo (not verified) on

I guess az hol-e halim oftadam too dig. In the past there were women who liked to attack the poor Mrs., though she's not bad at it herself!

Anyways, I think it's all OK too!


The Mrs is just stereotyping

by Kablammad (not verified) on

The Mrs is just stereotyping like this cartoon:


There are always these stereotypes in ALL Iranian events.


Zereshk- Me .. a famele?!

by nitemustfall on

how did you get the idea I was a woman?!
I guess you missed the part which said "Ben in TX".  Cheers!



Bennin, Tx???

by KouroshS (not verified) on

It is obvious that you have a personal agenda against The MRs. Otherwise why would you make a comment on her physical appearace? I second her position and a little bantering and humor does in no way diminish and takes away the hard work and the pain that one puts in creating a colletion such as this one.

Nilo Siavashi

nitemustfall gets it.

by Nilo Siavashi on

I agree with nitemustfall.  We should refrain from concentrating on people's faces and outfits at the expense of the content of the program.  One nice point about this concert was that the audience were not dressed to the nines.  I am not saying that people did not dress nice but the excitement of audience was because of being able to see great performances and meet writers of the site rather than showing off their oufits as sometimes happens in Iranian concerts.  The atmosphere in this concert was head and shoulders above most Iranian concerts I have been to.


Yay, a cat fight...!

by zereshk polo (not verified) on

I just love it when women start attacking each other over clothes and cosmetic surgery! It's so much fun for the rest of us.


Mrs. you missing the point

by nitemustfall on

I guess you missed the whole point. Faranak didn't put the pictures here so we could comment on who wear what, or who had nose job. She wanted to reflect a part of what went on at the event. And I know how painful and time consuming it is as I have been involved in a few myself. All you need to do is to compare your comments aginst others and you will see how off-mark yours were.

BTW- you made it sound like you were somehow critical of the nose job. Looking at your pic (no matter how old it might be!) I recommend you think of getting one yourself! ......  and believe me, it's all OK!.



Na baba!

by Souri on

No no no!

Mr Yassari just called from over seas (he is in business trip !) to tell me that you are mistaken and that one, was not yours !

You can still send it to me, we will accept the late ones. But again, double it, please :-)

lol, I'm heading to work now, C u later.

Lv you all.

Iranian Reader

Fat chance, Souri!

by Iranian Reader on

I found it! I searched for Javad's blog again and found the donation link this time. (I wonder why it didn't show up last time I checked?)

If Javad reads this, thanks to you too for coming up with such a great idea. I appreciate all the time and enthusiasm you put into it. Till next time...!


Dear Iranian Reader :-)

by Souri on

Yes, I can help you. You can just send the money to me!!

I will give it to the organizers :-)) Don't worry we work together. I'm sending you my account info by email, right now. Don't forget that you should double your donation now, because of late pledge!!!

Thank you!

Iranian Reader

Serious thanks to the organizers

by Iranian Reader on

I hope it becomes an anual event too. Thanks to everybody, including Mr. Khorsandi who is of course always a delight. Thanks to all the musicians everyone else who put in so much volunteer effort.

Also, I have a question I don't know whom to ask! I pledged some money on the moshaereh blog but I think I missed the instruction on how to pay up! Can somebody tell me?



It was really fun!

by sima on

Thank you JJ and all for organizing this event. I hope this becomes a real festival and happen every year. I bet all kinds of other fantastic musicians (and other performers) will participate and turn it into a terrific annual event. It would also be a great opportunity to meet a lot of the site contributors whom we have gotten to know and love/hate. That would be awsome!

Faranak aziz, thanks so much for your photos. I hope next time we'll see an exhibit of your work at the event. Also, I didn't get a chance to thank Kourosh and your dad for their performance. Say thanks to them for me -- it was very nice!



jj joon.. yek kami topol

by noghli (not verified) on

jj joon.. yek kami topol mopol shodi.. bebinam, too in mexico gym nadaran???

farah khanoum, as always, thanks for the photos.


too bad

by hamidbak on

I really wanted to be there...really.

Good job on the pics Frankie


Wonderful people

by Hajminator on

with wonderful smiles in a wonderful place.


JJ jan, if you had announced  that you were planning to organize the concert in heaven, I would have come.

Vali khob aghalan allan delam shad shod.


Nitemustfall, Why are you so

by TheMrs on

Nitemustfall, Why are you so hostile? this is a free forum and I haven't been told that I'm not allowed to make comments about picture. If a particular shoe shouldn't be commented on, why is it here without a body? It's an interesting image and I don't see why I can't comment on it. I feel sorry for you. Please don't ruin the photos by picking on people's comments. If you ahve something about the pictures say it.


To: TheMrs

by nitemustfall on

I wish some of us who pretending to be the “intellectuals” could take a different route, stay on the subject, and stop criticizing others on what they wear or their looks.

But again, some of us will never change. I can only express my sympathy for The”Mr.”

Anyway, I wish I could be there.



event was great, but please

by concert guy (not verified) on

event was great, but please change the host! she wasn't a good match with the rest of the line up


The show Was Great.

by Parviz Khan (not verified) on

Job well Done. We had lots of fun. Many thanks to all involved.