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mixed media & paintings

by Azadeh Ghotbi
Azadeh Ghotbi's paintings are spontaneous outbursts of free-form expression [video interview]. Azadeh; the very name is derived from the word “freedom” in Persian, the language of a people for whom the notion may seem at times unobtainable. This body of work focuses on the deprivation of freedom as it relates to different populations and sections of society around the world. The artist sees such obstructed freedom in the form of a new iconography for the word, one with interlocking E’s symbolizing encaged aspirations. Her work is a constant quest for the right interplay between total control and the elusive element of chance. Her style has an inherently instinctive quality. Azadeh's work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in Paris & New York and auctioned at the Asia Society. She is an alumna of Brown University & INSEAD and lives between Frankfurt & NYC >>>


Engaging, inspiring &

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Engaging, inspiring & expressive.  Loved it!


Most are good, some are off, like the 1st one = bird seed cage!

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Everything is sacred

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Shahbanou Farah & Azadeh Ghotbi "Veiled Revelations" Opening

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