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by ramintork
In response to BBC Persian's 6 greatest Iranians, I have made a list of 10 most influential Iranians as well as depict them in my Art work. I was happy with the panel's chosen list and apart from one or two parallel universe moments when Mr Masoud Behnoud was trying to shove-in the despicable and insignificant Mr Khatami into the list the result was in my opinion a respectable choice of 6 great Iranians. I made the list bigger so that I could allow 4 more and changed it to most influential rather than greatest. I will explain why I added these four >>> more

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I'll make you all a deal!

by ramintork on

I would have liked to add others too. There were some good suggestions like adding 
Parvin Etesami, Amir Kabir, Iraj Mirza and the unknown Soldier. Khomeini was also suggested ( in the blog section) for his negative impact.

Why don't you readers poll and vote and if I have time I ( or you if you want) can turn these names into Art. We'll call it the most influential Iranians.

For each choice please provide the text that should make the image.

For now I'll add more images on my blog:



Outstanding work...

by Bavafa on

Many thanks for this great work and your list.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Just back from Iran and this piece really made me happy

by mehdi2009 on

Dear Ramin,

Congratulations to you for this magnificent piece. I have been back and forth to our imprisoned land to care for my ailing mother the past 3 years, and I can tell you that new generation of young iranian women are reading and relating to our most esteemed female poets of the 20th century, Forough Farrokhzad and Pavin Etesami.

I would have added 4 more persons to the list: Parvin Etesami, Amir Kabir, Iraj Mirza and the unknown Soldier (both men and women) who lost their lives in the past 33 years fighting first in the 8 year war, and later resisting this evil regime.

Salutation to ALL of the TRUE Son and Daughters of Iran.



Thank you all

by ramintork on

Francesco, thank you for leaving your enjoyable short poem.

Here is one of mine:

When delusions shatter the mind of men in power,

the mindless shatter the power of men once deluded. 

Mehrban, I like the Damien Hirst like dots and your nice comment.

Divaneh Aziz, Thank you too. You may find that with my controversial Art ( not this series but the DaGod work // ) I am more Divaneh! 


In that confidence.

by Sinibaldi on

red rose

a prominent

a white



that candle





Very nice work

by Mehrban on

Thanks ramintork for sharing.  You always have a nice clean palate.  


Beautifully precise

by divaneh on

Beautifully done Ramin Jaan. I liked all of them. You are an excellent artist.


Thanks Anahid

by ramintork on

Our women are playing a major role in opposing religious tyranny and to most Iranians Forough represents how an Iranian woman should be i.e. beautiful, talented, and free from religion, tradition and an equal partner who can express herself. I see a page turning in our culture and see Forough as the page opener going well beyond our time. Many see the regime and think of worst, I see Iran's new generation and think of a great future.

Khayyam like Shakespeare (for the British) is so rich that he can be rediscovered in every age.

He is a Sufi for Humanists. He defines life and how you should live within the boundary of our mortality and hence makes you to live and be true to life as one should.



Anahid Hojjati

Ramin, great artwork

by Anahid Hojjati on

i would have argued with you if khayyam and forough had not made the list but not only they are in the list but also,  their contributions are nicely noted. thanks.


The full blog and the 10 images

by ramintork on