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by Darius Kadivar

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@Mordeh Parast

by Modern Pharaoh (not verified) on

I agree with a few things you have said..but maybe you need to study some history about Islam, Islam brought many great contributions for the world, such as Numbers, Algebra , Medicine, ect...Don't blame Islam for what happened to Iran..Blame your peoples fanatical beliefs..look at Turkey, Millions of Muslims and many of them are Religious, but they are not fanatics..There is a difference between Fanatical Islam and Islam.


Mordeh Parast

by Javid Iran (not verified) on

Hey Mr. real Iranian!!! A few points that you need to be reminded of.

1- If it was not because of Reza Shah The great and his son, you and the rest of your dear family would be chasing "olaghs", as the people in Afghanistan are doing today. You and the rest of the people who are outside of Iran would have not had those opportunities to come here and become critics. The Iranian who left the "mother land" after the "ahkunds" uprising were the most educated and wealthiest group of immigrants ever. Better than 25% of the population of 1978 were educated ( today is only 15%). During the Pahlavi's time, specially Mohammad Reza, Iranian were welcomed through out the world, NO VISA required. You could just get on a plain and no matter where you went a red carpet would greet you. Today however as we all know, the people of our great nation are equated to bunch of Arabs and are considered dirt.

2- Its always easy to sit back and blame others. As the saying goes 'What have you done" for your country lately. Oh, I see you have Internet access so that gives you the right to say whatever you want?! It is obvious you have not given this any thought whatsoever. Why do you think that the ruling entity has to take care of you. Why didn't your father and people in his rank do anything to stop what was happening. I tell you why. They enjoyed being part of the abusive class, who could go anywhere and do anything because of a uniform they wore. They kept their mouths shut. Why? Blame them.

3- This wonderful world power that you refer to, is just a pure fantasy. We have effectively 70+ million prisoners in that country. When was the last time you were there? what would these 70+ mil. people do if the flow of medicine was stopped. What would they do if USA and other agricultural countries decide not to ship them Grain and rice? etc etc etc. Unfortunately Iran is a lot more than your simple mind allows you to fathom is dependent on the west. The day these dirty "akhunds" can not fleece the resources and the people of Iran they will leave faster than you can count to 3. They will go to their villas in South of France and skyscrapers in Toronto and.... Then the people of Iran will be left holding an empty bag, because these bastards have stolen everything of value. A simple example for you to consider is the importation of Gasoline to one of the most oil rich countries on earth. Why? because they have decided to take the oil revenues for themselves rather than investing in the infrastructure of the country.

4- 1.5 B. Muslims look up to Iran?? Boy do I feel sorry for them. If they like the people in the west had a bit of education and at the minimum could read, they would better understand what animals the ruling class in Iran are. Show me 1 successful Islamic country that can do things for themselves and I will show you a pig who can fly.

1.5 Billion people worship a man who sexually abused 9 year old girls, killed Jews, made wars, pillaged people's homes, took their wives and daughters and.... just to advance an ideology. Believe in "My GOD" or I will kill you. The idiots, burned and killed people because of a cartoon about their beloved Murderer called Mohammad. Isn't that "mordeh Parasty"

So in short my simple minded country man, always think before you open your mouth. Its not about "mordeh Parasty", its about what we had, which was far from perfect, I give you that, but it was better than what we got. Take a trip back to Iran and see for yourself.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

What is truly funny is your perception that Iran is a rising star in any world. The only thing the IRI is on the verge of is becoming a super example of a former regime. It may not be today, or tomorrow, but it is coming.

Iran was already the strongest superpower in the region. It is the moronic Arab-worshipping Mollahs who wrecked it entirely.

Being that you are most likely NOT living in the Iran, that would make YOU a refugee as well, and therefore not a real Iranian, based upon your own warped logic.

No, tyrants with sugar on top surely don't last. But tyrants covered with the blood of millions, and who have plundered at least 25 times more assets than the monarchy could even dream about won't last either.


Mordeh Parast...

by SaracenWarrior (not verified) on

This is funny, Iran is the rising star of the Islamic and Eastern World, on the verge of becoming the strongest superpower in the region if not the world, and you argue about a dead puppet king? But, then again it is the refugee Iranians living outside the country that don't know Iran because they are no longer Iranians. They worship a dead past that was thrown away by real Iranians. Go worship and kiss the blood stained loafers of Bush and his "daro-dasteh". My father was an officer in the Imperial Army, but he and others like him know that what happened was inevitable. Tyrants with sugar on top don't last. However, it's funny that the ugly duckling (Islamic Republic) has become foundationally strong and is blossoming to a world superwpower that is not dependent on the west. "Cheshashoon koor" The new Iranian Islamic Empire is growing...even Libya's leader said that the Arab world should follow Iran. 1.5 billion Muslims (who's majority are not Arabs, Arabs are 18% of the Muslim world) look up to Iran and see a future of an Islamic Union, with Iran being it's Germany. Looking at the dead past will only keep you there, while real Iranians are looking to the future of glory.



by amirkabear4u on

Mr Darius this a good historic publication and thank you for sharing it with every one.

However reading artesh004, it is very much resembles German publications, doesn't it? Maybe if reza shah was so good as a politician as his supporters believe, then he should have keep his distance from psychopath racists so our country would have not been targeted by a country like israel.

Also to Reeds A Lot

For your information British 2500 years ago were being raped and murdered by Roman army. And there was no islam in Iran. What do you read. Maybe you should get some new books!


chill out baba

by nema (not verified) on

Who gives a fuck, really
You give Iranian freedom, they fuck up with Islamic revolution, after a retarded Mullah.
You give them a dictator like Reza Shah, they shut the fuck up and adore him as their king. Yes I am Iranian, do we even understand what freedom is?
We still mutilate ourselves on the street on Tehran for who, an Arab called Imam Hussan who was beheaded by his father’s enemy, since his father decapitated many innocent lives, including 50,000 in Ray, when Islamic army invaded Persia, so tell me we even deserve freedom.
Chill out baba


To Anonymously = Kouroush Sassanian

by the real Nader Vanaki (not verified) on

Now here we go again with your homosexual fantasies. Why can't you say something else besides profanities? Just come out of the closet and relieve yourself and move on. I told you before you have a bright future ahead of you in gay erotica writing. You just have to channel your frustrations in a different way. Just try writing more about your anger. Everybody knows that the Shah issue is only an excuse for you to bark. So whoof whoof puppy keep on barking.


Erse pedaret ro mikhahi?

by Persian Kingdom (not verified) on

I assume the Pahlevis got the money they got from 'erse pedare to' and that bothers you. That Reza shah, was low class uneducated man, well let me tell you this. you may have relatives in Iran that go from one point to another in cars. If it wasn't because of that 'uneducated' military man you jackasses call 'reza goldor' you folks would be riding on Camels instead of cars.

Kheili narahate erse pedareti, badbakht? Boro dakhil beband ghabre oon khomeinie dayoos, shayad khoda be arezoot beresoonatet.


Reza Shah Kabeer was the great king of Persia

by korosh (not verified) on

Reza shah was the man who freed Iran from damen Ghajar dynasty. The Ghajars were not iranian who ruled Iran for more than 300 years. They sold big part of Iran to have money for gambling and fun in Frech whorehouses. Shame on them and the new Ghajar Dynasty lead by Ali Kamaneie.


Dear Darius; Dastet dard

by Anonymous347 (not verified) on

Dear Darius;

Dastet dard nakoneh dadaash. khoob baladi cheh joor haal e yek edeh maloom ul haal ro begiri. bebin cheh joor darand khodeshoon ro pareh mikonand badbakhtha.

hamoonn keh Englis baa akhoondhash 29 saleh sareshoon ro kardeh too tagh e mostarah. khak too sareshoon. lol


John Carpenter and Kaveh Nouraee

by Anonymous1234 (not verified) on

Dear Kaveh,

Please stop bashing John Carpenter. I happen to know this guy. He is a nice and hard working ordinary person, just like you and me. I say this because I pesonally know the guy, and to prove it, here is a photograph I took from him and his cousin in my last visit to John's parents' farm.

He may not look happy in the photo because the picture was taken just before Johns' pig-crap shoveling duty:

See? He is just an oridinary folk.

P.S. Can you guess which one is John and which one is the cousin?


dead subject

by markux (not verified) on

stop showing this criminals picture. Stop looking at the past. look forward for something fresh, free. this has already been disposed into the trash bin of the universe.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

John Kirpeshqel

Your rants have grown quite tiresome. Next time you want to post the same old recycled diarrhea, give some advanced notice so we can go make an espresso. Your BS is putting me to sleep.


The Pahlavis were loser dicators

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

1925-1979 were the worst years of Iranian history.
Amnesty International and Human Rights watch along with the UN called the Pahlavis human rights record just plain wrong.
It were the Pahlavis that handed over Iran to the theocracy. The Pahlavis were idiots.
Reza Pahlavi, Reza Mir Panj, Reza Khan...whatever his name was, was an uneducated low level military man. His status in the Iranian Army was at most Colonel. He was installed by the British and exiled by the British. What a bald idiot with a funny mustache.
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was a weak and ineffective ruler. He fled Iran in 1979 in order to prevent being executed by the Iranian masses. He died in Egypt because no one else wanted him. After 1953, the Shah unleashed the SAVAK on the Iranian masses. What happened between 1953-1979? Civil unrest. Who won the battle? The Iranian clergy. On February 11, 1979 Ayat'Allah Ruh'Allah Moosavi Khomeini returned to Iran. The Shah advised his Generals in Tehran not to shoot down the Ayat'Allah's AIRFRANCE airplane. Why? Because the Shah wanted to hand over Iran to Khomeini. The Shah's man in Iran, General Hossein Fardoust, the head of SAVAK, and the Shah's child hood friend helped the Ayat'Allah change SAVAK into dastgah "ettelaat" (the inteligence service). The Shah handed over everything to the Shia clergy and then died in Egypt. The end.
What did the Shah get in return?
The Iranian masses money.
The Pahlavis have lived in the US since the 80s without a job. Where did the money come from? The Iranian treasury.
I hope 70 million plus Iranians read this.


zende bad shah

by Anonymous4 (not verified) on

shah shah shah , look at dirty mullahs to day and 30 years a go at Shah


Those were the days. Thanks

by changiz khan (not verified) on

Those were the days. Thanks for the memory.


Thank you

by Dear Mr. Kadivar (not verified) on

For posting these items from the past. It is a referesher that "all that is now" is not the identity of this nation. Those who forget the past are bound to repeat the same mistake. The glory of ancient Persia, which was the subject of redicule in the old days seem to be redeeming medicine for those who find the current conditions abhoring. We are of different beliefs and all should be respected, but what you are posting is indeed a great deed, as you do not allow the indifferent or ignorant thought to become an accepted mind-set of "NOW."
Again, thank you for all your hard work and research. Please do not stop your great work.



by Nadar Vanaki (not verified) on

You need help. I am available to treat you for a small fee.


Kasi az colonel hemayat .......

by Anonymous???? (not verified) on

khabar dareh? hanooz zendast?



by maziar58 (not verified) on

sorry agha VANAKI why dont you take your experteez and cure the dilusional mullahs that have brought misery to 70 milion in iran and all the rest to more than 5 milions abroad....
by the way a GOOD divooneh will be come his own doctor.
pack up & go GHOM.... GOOD LUCK

Kaveh Nouraee

Darius the Musuem Curator...

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Darius, I don't know where you find these things, but, it's great.

And to you, Nadar:

You have spent years in the field of psychology?

Your time as a patient doesn't make you an expert.


SepAs dArius-gerAmi

by aryamehr11 on

Beh kooriye doshmanane Iran-Zamin - Dorood bar ravaneh paakeh Shahanshah Aryamehr.

Bedaaneem, Beandeesheem, Bepaakheezeem!
Beedari, Paaydari, Peeroozi!


Dear Darius; Dastet dard

by Anonymous347 (not verified) on

Dear Darius;

Dastet dard nakoneh dadaash. khoob baladi cheh joor haal e yek edeh maloom ul haal ro begiri. bebin cheh joor darand khodeshoon ro pareh mikonand badbakhtha.

hamoonn keh Englis baa akhoondhash 29 saleh sareshoon ro kardeh too tagh e mostarah. khak too sareshoon. lol



by Antiques (not verified) on

Whats up with this monarchist propoganda this Darius guy always posts? He is a guy stuck in the ANCIENT PAST. I guess some people really like dictatorship. No to monarchists and neem-pahlavi. No to MKO! all these other traitors to Iran. Vatan forooshes. Shah wasnt even Iranian. He was IMPOSED on our beloved nation by foreigners. He was a guy who had NO RESPECT for women (see Barbara Walter interview). He was a puppet. a Suitcase monarch be gol e maroof. And he didnt even have 1/10 the balls his father had. that coward ran away like the b*tch that he was. and now his son who is supposedly a hope for a future revolution is taking vacations with the people's money. what a JOKE and disgrace the pahlavis are. a stain on our nations history. add them to the list of useless monarchs.


Nader: I am reading your

by Behzad (not verified) on


I am reading your posts and they only paint a dimmer picture of you. You are in need of clinical attention. Please get help. If you wish I could make a few referrals in your area.

Please do not take offense. I am only trying to help you.

It is also disturbing that you have chosen a name of a demented individual


To Kouroush Sassanian posting under my name

by Nader Vanaki (not verified) on

Hey it is good to see you here too! Now we are beginning to figure out who you are. Just as I guessed you know nothing about the Shah since you were still crapping your pants in 1979. You might remember a cartoon or kiddie's show on TV from back then. That is the extent of what you remember about Iran. Those were good times for you though. So you came to the US at a very early age and have been a misfit ever since. You never had a steady girlfriend and you are approaching your mid 30s and are desparate for some attention. So you look at this website and find out who is writing what. You blame all your misery on what happened in Iran 30 years ago and having no identity of your own, you just grab what is available on this website. Trying to stir up attention but in effect exposing your weak personality, grammar, spelling, and punctuation!



by Nadar Vanaki (not verified) on

Iranians are obsessed with their past. Shah was a degenerate moron that drove his country into the ground.

I have spend years in the field of psychology and have dealt with many Iranians patients. Darius, you seem to suffer from the same ailments as many of my patients. The more I read your blogs and your posts the more I realize you are delusional. Have you ever had suicidal ideation? Do you daydream about a by-gone time? You really should seek help to deal with your problems.


2500 years of British support

by Reeds A Lot (not verified) on

reedam beh engelees keh 2500 saaleh dareh az akhoonda hamayat mikoneh!


Thanks Darius. It's Great as

by Ardeshir Keyvan (not verified) on

Thanks Darius.

It's Great as always.



by Know-it-All (not verified) on

Reedam beh Amrika keh maraa baa enghelaab bad bakht kard!