Men's hangouts

Photo essay: Places I like to spend time in

by Temporary Bride
I prefer the company of men. Their smoking dens, their workmen's clubs, the places where they eat tripe soup. These are the places I like to spend time in. But being allowed entrance isn't easy. They are not places for women. Sometimes it takes only a smile or a blotted attempt at Farsi and I am ushered inside. Other times my pleas are ignored and I am sternly pointed back in the direction that I came. The food is always bold, salty and generous. Sheep head and food soup with scraps of parchment like flatbread. Tongue sandwiches with tomato and chili sauce. Breakfasts of honeycomb, molasses and clotted cream. Tea served in smudged, not so clean glasses. No one talks much, and I like it that way. These are the places where the men hang out:

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Nice photos

by Princess on

Temporary Bride, I identify with your sentiments. I also enjoy these rare glimpses into the male world in chauvinistic cultures.

My personal experience is that despite what some might expect, these men are extremely gentleman-like (at least in company) towards women. In a way, their old fashion code of conduct and honour obliges them to feel like they need to protect you. At least in my experience, they always give you the best seat in the house, and are very polite. 


Loved the last photo! See how the guy looking at her and she

by obama on

is look away! Very funny! She is a brave woman! Out of all places she wants to spend time with these men who are very tough. Looking at the photos they look Azari, probably Ardebili or similar region.

I as a man who can very well defend myself, would be very careful going to those places, let a lone this lady. Actually, I think they are very nice for not chasing her away in that part of the country. Probably she is the first woman who has ever stepped into those places (Ghaveh khaneh). Admire her courage and sense of adventure! They wouldn't give her that much break if she wasn't a foreigner.