Photo essay: Model "Maryam Roshani" (Cristina del Basso)

by E
These photos were emailed to me. The name on the file was "Maryam Roshani". But since publication it has been discovered that she's actually Italian model Cristina del Basso. -- jj


wow democracy

by zebel20 on

What is she selling, her breasts, I guess she needs to have her breasts out to sell underpants,

It is very interesting to make women sex object s and call it democracy, what is more interesting is that the fact you can take naked photos for the magazines and walk naked on the beach but if you walk naked in the street they will put you under arrest for indecent exposure . if taking naked photos of a women and showing it to the public is democracy, why people aren’t allowed to walk naked in the streets.

You know in germany they allow people to have sexual intercourse in the street, so, iguess, since you are very open mined you should advertise german democracy for the Iranians, maybe some people are narrow minded to see this as a democracy but it really is not.

I guess people have difference of opinion and understanding  of what democracy is about.   


Pornographic???? LOL

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

What country are you people living in where these pictures are considered pornographic?

Oh ya, I forgot. The same country where Jannet Jacksons nipples was a major news item for weeks.


Who is she?

by Iraniandudeee on

Never heard of her.



"You should not be afraid of the ideology but of the determination and will of the men behind it"


"A drowning man is not troubled by rain" Persian Proverb


Finally 200 comment!!!!!!

by Latina on


This woman isn't even Iranian. Not to mention that this is not the kind of freedom that Iranians are suffering and dying for in Iran.

Actually, come to think of it. This is probably the kind of Westernization that drove them into the hands of Ruhollah Khomeini thirty years ago.

His leadership guaranteed that this type of freedom would be banned in Iran. By the way many see this as anti-family.



Dear JJ

by Shepesh on

I am not sure if you are aware, but many people have said that they can no longer access this site from their work as it is now classified as an Adult site due to this blog. If you think that it has received wnough comments, is it possible to delete the blog? Forbidden access means less hits on IC site and discontented IC Users who have no computers at home and therefore no longer any acces to IC. Kind regards.



I totally agree w/onlayinamerica! had similar experience @ home!

by obama on

Fortunately, I never log in personal sites at work, since I want to keep my job! 200 yet?


Goh zadi JJ jan

by onlyinamrica on

On 3/12/10, as usual as I tried to visit Iranian .com at work (a giant company) to my surprise, your site is banned by the company because it contains pornographic material. All because of this stupid photo of Naked bimbo (mistaken for an Iranian woman) . Publishing such a picture right on front page wasn't such a smart idea. I don’t care if contains material of sexual context, but it shouldn't be on the first page. For couple of days, before it was labled "Forbiden", when I wanted to enter the site, I had to look around and make sure nobody is watching and immediately scroll down and miss all the material on the top of the page. Even at home I had to ask my kids to go away before I could open the site. Do we have to as they say in Farsi " hamisheh bayad goh bezanim"? I am really pissed off.


Is this 200 posting yet? 4 more! Why Persian name still there?

by obama on

when it is stablished she is not Persian even 1%! Thank God! Or is it if we remove the name, we cannot justify leaving the photo there anymore. There goes the rating!

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

"For Us."

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

She doesn't seem interested in any of you. She's having a good time. She's doing it for herself. She knows more about most of you men than you do about yourselves. This page went to most discussed in 20 minutes or less. Women are amazing.



by Shepesh on




by AsteroidX on

How about some nudes of you for the next International Women's Day? Give us a real treat.

Give your female readers the opportunity to pass judgement on your vital statistics. Now that would show real liberation on your part.   ;-) 

Ari Siletz

JJ, if you need help

by Ari Siletz on

How about you bring your camera along and we'll both go looking for next year's Iranian model(s).


So JJJ "Maryam" is disqualified effective immediately!

by Anonymouse on

You were her only bailbondsman and since you threw in the towel, I'll disqualify her immediately!  I researched her too and nothing Iranian came up! 

Everything is sacred.

Jahanshah Javid

Next year, enshallah

by Jahanshah Javid on

I'm sorry she turned out to be Italian. I was misled. That means I'll have to find an Iranian model for next year's International Women's Day :)

Sardar Assad

Regardless of being Italian or Iranian

by Sardar Assad on

حالااین خانم سیقه میشن؟


FAKE!!!!! Now I have trust crisis

by Kooshan on

I think Iranians are great fabricators! Now I doubt authenticity of anything posted.


Maryam's Iranianness is in question now! She's not even Maryam!

by Anonymouse on

Here's her bio from her own website.


Doesn't say anything about her Iranian roots.  Only that at the age of 18 she went from a size D to a size F!  She may be disqualified in the Sexiest Iranian Woman Alive running if no Iranian evidence is given, otherwise she has disavowed it!

Everything is sacred.

Alice In Wonderland

she is not iranian 100%

by Alice In Wonderland on

Her real name is Cristina Del Basso a former italian big brother participant.....she made a scandal when she got into the "house" about her too sized boob job.....

just google it and you'll that I'm right :D 


Yaboo,do you really believe you are one?Why accusing him 2B gay?

by obama on

First of all it is not yours or my business what people do in their personal lives! This is really below the belt and shows your lack of judgement, moral, ethics and character! Don't accuse someone based on pure speculations!  

Frankly, I don't give a damn as long as he has this site for every Iranian! I don't think you truly practice any religion. If you were, you couldn't say what you said about JJ! How do you know? Did you slepp with him? I think you owe him an appology for labeling him, even if he were one! I din't like the photo either, but don't pull an IRI on him!

JJ has been extremely generous towards you and some others by not removing your offensive comments. He removed my comment in response to divaneh, when i asked him if he would put nude photos of his sister or wife for public viewing. Even though divaneh answered that he would care less and attacking me for using the  word GHEIRAT! I didn't call him Day yous, since it owuld be very inappropriate!



"Her" boobs?

by fussygorilla on

But Saman,  she is displaying and selling them to the men of the world.

Notice that when fake boobs are planted, the cleavage is gone, screaming that they are made of silicone. How awful!


waiting for more equality

by zigourat on

Hi jj,

very impressed by her boobs. But please think about girls and gays so when are you going to put a handsome muscular iranian boy ? 


Artificial breasts

by Shepesh on

You can see the outline of the edge of the "cup", which I find unattractive. It is like inserting two pudding bowls under your skin. Why women do this to themselves is beyond me. It is certainly a turn off for me personally. Had she kept herself natural she would be more appealing.


It's her boobs...

by Saman on

... and she can choose to do whatever she wants with them. We can choose to look or not look!

I looked and moved on... 


Graduated to Porn Star

by HHH on

Even the world's top supermodels don't expose everything as she has and when someone does this she falls into a lower class called nude-model which is usually followed by a lower title Porn Star.


I like these pictures but

by azadi5 on

I usually surf at work when I have free time, so when I opened this site two days ago, you can imagine how much trouble I could have been in if some manager or co-worker saw that picture on my screen. Anyway, nice pictures, but I would be more considerate about putting a semi nude picture on the homepage of the site, just so people don't get in trouble while viewing the site.


Very tacky

by statira on

At least put one of her pix that is half dressed.  I know most men like to watch this stuff but at the same time it's very inelegent for

Manoucher Avaznia

گاهی ز روی

Manoucher Avaznia

گاهی ز روی لاف


صحبت از هنر منحصر بفرد نزد ایرانیان راندیم.  ولی ندانستیم برهنگی در میان جماعت هم هنر منحصر بفرد ایرانیان است. من هیچ نشانی از هنر ایرانی در ویژگیهای زیست شناسی کسی نمی بینم.  


شاد باشی به خیالی که منم.


Yaboo, If you're going to criticize, then be sure your don't

by Hovakhshatare on

Overexpose yourself as you look pretty bad right now.

-If you are going to number your littany, start with #1 not 3

-If you going to express an opinion, speak for yourself. There are many opinions and yours is of lowest value based on what you have exposed.

-When mouthing off accusation, don't assume his response and then respond to your own assumption of that perceived response. Talking to yourself is ok. Answering yourself in public is worrisome.

-If he is or has homosexual tendencies, that is his choice. All I got from that low blow was that you are a homophobic bigot.

-Someone already addressed your problem at work.

-If you want to stake a claim to Smarts, rule #1 is don't make stupid statements and comments.


JJ, ok the joke is over and it was on you-Big Gaffe

by yaboo_yahoo on

JJ, you're being beyond silly:

readers have pointed that this woman is italian not iranian

some have pointed it is distracting, you only need to see the number of comments left on other first page blogs to see how you are in effect wasting the effort they put into writing their articles

3. by posting this picture on front page, you are in effect making it it difficult for some to access it from their computers at work during luchtime or whatever due to filtering technology and possible sexual harrassment complaints that may be lodged for accessing during work hours

4. don't try to justify this by some weird rationale.  you will get your regular followers to agree with you but you won't fool most

5. finally, posting this picture will not make those who suspected you of homosexual tendencies to be thrown off.  they are smarter than that and you only got played.

Peter Pan

Official statement endorsed by KouroshS

by Peter Pan on

I'm sure you know why they don't advocate the fact. It's the business, the money, the tax for the government, etc.