Luminara Victoria

Photo essay: Canadian lantern festival

by Azadeh Azad
Inspired by the world-wide appeal of lantern festivals, Luminara Victoria takes place every summer on the 3rd weenkend of July in Beacon Hill Park, which is located on the seashore south of Victoria, British Columbia. At Luminara, people from all walks of life gather together to celebrate the spirit of community, creativity and diversity. Individual artists, people of all ages and lifestyles, cultural groups from around the world, artist collectives, school groups, craft clubs, families, friends and neighbourhood groups dress up, carry colourful lanterns or exhibit imaginative lantern installations. This summer, the magical celebration fell on July 21, a warm rainy night. Beautiful hand-made lanterns and large-scale lantern-art installations were set among the trees, on the lakes and along the paths of the park. Musicians, stilt walkers, dancers and drummers livened up the atmosphere. For a few enchanted hours, hundreds of different people spoke to each other in the universal language of light.

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