Lion of Sparta

Comic Book & movie adaptation

by Darius Kadivar
The 300 Spartans also known as The Lion of Sparta is a 1962 film depicting the Battle of Thermopylae. Made with the cooperation of the Greek government, it was shot in the village of Perachora in the Peloponnese. It starred Richard Egan as the Spartan king Leonidas, Ralph Richardson as Themistocles of Athens and David Farrar as Persian king Xerxes, with Diane Baker as Ellas and Barry Coe as Phylon providing the requisite romantic element in the film. In the film, a force of Greek warriors led by 300 Spartans fights against a Persian army of almost limitless size. Despite the odds, the Spartans will not flee or surrender, even if it means their deaths.The picture was noted for its Cold War overtones, repeatedly referring to the independent Greek states as "the only stronghold of freedom remaining in the then known world", holding out against the Persian 'slave empire'. Frank Miller saw this movie as a boy and said "it changed the course of my creative life".His graphic novel 300 is about the Battle of Thermopylae, and was the basis for the 2007 film 300. Here is a Vintage Comic Book adaptation of the Original 1962, 20th Century Fox Movie published by DELL® comics.

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300 is not gay

by persian 101 (not verified) on

its not gay the Americans just excadurated the movie also the story of the 300 spartans went through history and everyone who likes that story about the 300 spartans should not drop it.


300 gaylings

by Spitfire (not verified) on

I couldn't agree less.
It's a primitive mix of graphics and holliwood action. Designed for primitive video-effect-stunned minds.We've moved from this kind of movies LOOONG ago.
300 is nowhere even close, say, to Alexander, or the old "300 Spartans", let alone movies like Kingdom of Heaven or Gladiator.
It's so cheap, at the same time so expensive to create.
I was eagerly looking forward to it, but was so dissappointed. Watched only first 20 minutes.
Having said that, I agree that tastes differ.


Persian Fire

by Critic (not verified) on

This is the title of the most recent and authoritative book written by Tom Hollande on this subject. It is a highly commendable read:


300 was an awesome movie.

by skatermom (not verified) on

300 was an awesome movie. The cinematography was amazing. The battle scenes coreographed great. Miller is a genious. the problem with it was the depiction of all that was involved. The Spartans in the movie were played by strapping Scottish and Nordic actors. While the Persians were played by overweight Pakistanis. There was also the problem with the Brazilian actor playing the homoerotic king Xerxes. I was never raised thinking that Xerxes was this grotesquely giant sun god. I travel to Greece almost every year and I assure you I've never seen a 6'5", buff Greek man. Other than being totally and completely inaccurate in every sense 300 is a great movie.


300 gays

by Spitfire (not verified) on

well I saw the "300".
This movie is so annoying. Don't get me wrong, not because I am Iranian or because it is historically inaccurate.
It's just how it's made. Stupidly created gloom brownish setting, Horrible scenario, speeches and even worse music.
it's just so dull and so 'American'.
Actors especially Leonidas, behave and talk like cowboys rather like ancient warriors.

Couldn't understand what's all this fuss about.

And... perhaps it's time to drop this "300 thing" already?

So tired of this stupid Marvell and Frank Miller stuff



by AD (not verified) on

The irony here being that the Persians did not tolerate the practice of slavery, whereas the Greeks openly practiced it.

Oh, and the Persians won the battle, too.