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Photo essay: Radio Javan's Norooz event in Los Angeles

by radiojavan

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Mar 09, 2010
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Mar 03, 2010
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by sam jade on



 "women who dress trashy like these Iranianwomen"


where did you see some butt, to call them "Butt naked "

they are Adults , they make their own choices ,,

if you can tell your adult sister what to wear and making decision for them more power to you.... don't make decision for all please..


Sam I Am


Sam Jade

by ahmad_ on

What kind of logic do you have?

It is not OK for us to comment on others, but it seems to be OK for you to judge us?

What kind of sick mentality do you have?

There is no such thing as total and limitless freedom of expression.

Otherwise you could see your sister walk down the street where you live butt naked. And you don't want to see that, or do you?



by sam jade on

Who the hell are those ,who wants to judge anyone according to what they wear , or what party they attend,,

"Iranian girl " I am so sorry to , see some none sense judgment or labeling , words like "TRASH " ..

I think "Trash " is their brain and their mentality , their brainhas been frozen , or spoild ,and out dated,.. (BEAUTY IS IN EYES OF BEHOLDER ..)

WHO THE HELL ARE THOSE WHO want to Judge anyone??

Any boy or girl , should enjoy their  spare time any way they desire,,,

this is the very  basic freedom in this country , (freedom of EXPRESSION)

EXPRESS yourslef with dance , blond hair , short dress , anyway you enjoy, tatoos..... THIS SHOULD BE THE MINIMUM WE LEARN after living in free society,,,If someone find this style of life or gathering so  "OFFENSIVE " or none cultural,,or JEALOuse ,,all I have to tell them is CHILL OUT this is how we party in L.A. ..


Sam I Am



by sam jade on

These are our youth , this is really what a young person wants, I remember at one time I was the same age , and want to be "hip "

and happy , WHY NOT ,, this is a free country , Dress up the way you want to , party , dance and enjoy life ,,,,

Since when we become a Nation of roozeh khooni , aza dari ,

any of you guys remember days before 1979..

Any of these gathering is a big " TOO DAHANY " to Islamic Republic

and its old fahion ideology , which trying very hard to push us back ,

to 19 century ,,More power to all of them , more power to Radio Javan ,,,



by ghalam-doon on

I couldn't agree more with "proud."

I think I'm getting old or something and need some clarifications about what "fashionable" means these days. My guess is that JJ is almost my age but he has managed to remain young at heart. He looks at these pictures and he sees something else or even drools.

In my days, if many of these ladies (or gentlemen) walked in a party that we organized, they were labeled as cheap and trashy.

Just look at picture # 104

What do you call that? What is this thing about us Iranians that we always want to go overboard? What do we want to prove?




by timothyfloyd on




why dye those beautiful brunet locks of hair blond????

by capt_ayhab on

why dye those beautiful brunet hairs???

Perhaps it is me  who loves them brunet hair color on healthy bronze PERSIAN skin.

Sorry I know I am old fashioned.......... but beautiful young specimens indeed.



all those woment

by ahmad_ on

you don't have to wear chador or manteou, but you certainly know nothing about modesty which adds to woman's beauty.



by ahmad_ on

I am with you %100 on that issue. I don't know where the hell JJ got the idea that men like me drool over other women who dress trashy like these Iranianwomen. maybe he drools himself and likes to paint everyone else with the same brush .

Only a loser would comment like JJ does. And I know him to say that he won't let this comment to stay here long enough.

Iranian Girl

As one of the girls in these pictures...

by Iranian Girl on

Why am i not surprised to read comments like these from Iranians again judging people they dont even know? 

Well I happened to attend this party and actually am PRESENT in these pictures. as someone who has a sense of fashion(you dont need to know anything about my background on that) i have to say that this crowd was the most normal crowd i had ever seen in a party. i happened to also evaluate every single lady who walked into this party to see what is this "LA Fashion" that i had always seen and heard about. to all honesty, i did not meet a single person, guy or girl, who could be classified anything even near "trashy", maybe 1 or 2( blame my exaggeration on being another Iranian). i was actually surprised at how maybe conservative (sometimes in a bad way) their sense of fashion and dressing was. what you call trashy is a normal person wearing something close to what the club dancers were wearing(but thats their uniforms so even they can not be called with a term like that). 

I made this comment simply to tell those of us Iranians making comments anywhere about ANYONE to watch out for what we say and how we say it. Javid i can not agree more with you on what you said about SOME IRANIAN MEN. I say 'some' so that hopefully i can get 'some' people to realize how they should comment on a crowd and watch out for their generalizations.

i mean define 'trashy' for me first and then i can tell you if you're even in the right position to make a comment like that. there is nothing about a picture that displays class. being classy is an overall rating and a combination of many things in a girl or a guy.

this was in defense of all those girls/guys who attended this amazing well organized party and are in these pictures!


Jahanshah Javid

by Proud on

Men with taste for class would never drool over trashy looking women no matter where they are from. If these women were from Mars I would still classify their style as TRASHY. It has nothing to do with "gheyrat". Just style. If this is your standard of style, then call me "gheyrati" anytime.

Jahanshah Javid

Beh namoosetoon barkhord?

by Jahanshah Javid on

Seems like some Iranian men never want to change. They drool over non-Iranian women at clubs, yet when they see Iranian women in the same clothes and poses, they suddenly become offended and territorial.

The Iranian women in these photos are just as stylish -- and sexy -- as those from other nationalities at any given club. And good for them.

Seems clear to me that some Iranian men just can't handle "their" women dressing provocatively. Well, like it or not, Iranian women no longer live by standards set by "gheyrati" men.

Iranian women have changed. They are moving on. Either the men will come along or they'll be left behind.


I have seen other

by ahmad_ on

Nationalities having parties, none that I have seen are as vulgar as these women with their mind pre-occupied with showing their behind.

As if their mind is only concerned with paeen taneh.


Looks like a fun and well organizes party,

by PERS66 on

I love the casual sense of the Iranians in the bay area, I could see the party was all about fun and celebrating the season instead of a dress to impress and show off event were all are dressed in black like the all those boring cliché concert and party events in LA

I must say, the new facial hair styles, model moo and tah rish styles which are in fashion now are interesting! Reminds me of the punk and new wave seen in the 1980’s on steroids ;)

Big ups to the SF bay hamvatans, dameshoon garm they know how to let loose and have fun.

PS, one of the dancers is amazing ;)))


"pursuit of happiness"

by ghalam-doon on

That guy in baseball cap looks familiar. Wasn't he in the last year's party too? Looks like he hasn't landed a girlfriend yet. I guess being cool is not hip anymore. The rest of the pictures were telling too. Guys hang around with guys and girls with girls. You can take I.R. out of the environment but what to do with the culture?

I liked JJ's comment though.

A new definition for "pursuit of happiness": lets dress trashy and boogie!

As to the point some people made here about the look of the crowd, that's a very touchy subject, especially when Iranian girls are concerned. So lets forget about the looks and just have some "pursuit of happiness!"

Jahanshah Javid

Enjoying life

by Jahanshah Javid on

I wasn't there but by the looks of it everyone was having a great time. We all talk about democracy and more freedoms. But the pursuit of happiness is just as important.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

They all look beautiful

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Thank you for sharing. Looks like fun.

Some of you who comment are just terrible. This site is not a bathroom stall.


how to look cheap

by ahmad_ on

that was the motto there


Mamane _Omid

by Proud on

You are right. Not a good looking crowd. The ladies are kinda trashy looking.


Good size crowd

by Mamane-Omid on

But didn't see anybody good looking.