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Photo essay: Kiosk at Yoshi's

by kfravon
Hundreds of Kiosk fans came to see them perform at Yoshi's in San Francisco on Sunday, July 4th, 2010. Everything was perfect on that night, the weather, the venue, the audience, and of course the music! Kiosk performed new pieces, old pieces, and older pieces with a new twist! They collaborated with great artists such as Paul Mehling, Jason Ditzian, and Bruno Pelletier. The evening went by so quickly, wrapped in the warmth of the music, the loving fans, and all the elements that made this concert a success. If success were to only be measured with ticket sales, two sold-out shows could easily be called "successful." But I think a lot more than this happened that night at Yoshi's. Those musicians were electric on stage, and the interaction with the audience was so special. -- Nazy Kaviani

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Kiosk in English Please

by eroonman on

The best part of Arash Sobhani's creation of the band and music of Kiosk, is the lyrics. He is at once entertaining, whimsical, and most importantly critical of the conditions Iranians find themselves in these days. Poignant observations of the most telling crimes and concerns of being un-free.

However, I would suggest that the message, as important and pleasing as it is, isn't getting through as well as we'd all like. Certainly, as many as I keep buying, Kiosk album sales aren't where they ought to be.

When the government stooge Benyamin rolls into town and easily sells out to a soul-selling crowd of new-poser Iranians who merely yearn for a "good night out", when all this other sh** is happening is a horrible dialogue of the Iranian collective concern. Apparently, we don't care.

I suggest that in order to get the message, Kiosk must do the songs in English. For all too often Iranians finally get on board with something whenever non-Iranians expect them to.

Also, if Sobhani wants to speak out, he can certainly continue to do so with his music, but having spoken to him, I think he has a lot to say, and should go on a one month speaking tour of every Iranian satellite TV news show including BBC, VOA, CNN, and The Daily Show, and any of the rest, and spend an hour presenting and discussing his "Top 10 Things that I think are Wrong with Iran today". 

Merely singing it with style and skill and smart and savvy Farsi lyrics the white folks don't get, isn't going to accomplish anything, and I hear Benyamin's next album is even more danceable than the first 2.


video clip

by kfravon on

do keep an eye on their official website:  //
as they plan to showcase some of the video clips from their performance the other night...


Great pictures, lucky

by Arthimis on

Great pictures, lucky you... Old and New Kiosk are one of the best performances on so many levels... Any little video clip by any chance? of this particular successful concert! So maybe we can get a little feel of it too ! Thanks in advance... :-)

Love and Peace,

Free Iran.


Fantastic Concert

by abtin on

Kiosk reinvented itself yet again - collaboration with different
artistes/soloists added a new level of sophistication to the band. I
feel lucky most of the band live in the Bay Area and we are the first to
see them evolve.


Thanks Kiosk!