Iran in Scandinavia

Photo essay: Iranian studies conference in Oslo

by Ashk Dahlén
The 1st Triennial Conference of the Scandinavian Society for Iranian Studies (SSIS) was held in Oslo on 30 March 2012. The conference was an ideal opportunity to advance Iranian Studies in Scandinavia, to facilitate scholarly exchange amongst its membership, and to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas concerning diverse aspects of Iranian civilization. By all indications the conference was very well received and successful in attracting a truly Scandinavian knowledge community. It provided the participants opportunities for immersion in fields of specialization as well as forays into different disciplines. It made the diversity of the scientific field and of its current themes and topics more known to students and scholars from different disciplines. The SSIS would like to thank all the speakers and attendees for making the 1st Triennial Conference of Iranian Studies a great success! -- Ashk Dahlén, President, SSIS (photos by Naeem Saddeqi)

Hafez for Beginners

thank you Sweden

by Hafez for Beginners on


Very interesting and encouraging.

This is a vast and profound culture and well-deserving of being studied, enjoyed, and shared with the global community. 

Do Not Shoot Me

Anyone from IC in these pictures?

by Do Not Shoot Me on

How about those who are banned from IC? 


Republican جمهوریخواه

Just saying.......

by Republican جمهوریخواه on

Let's be brutally honest with ourselves..............the rise of the far-right movement seems sometimes somehow justified..................


Iranian Vikings!

by Faramarz on


Thank you for your pictures.

In picture #2 everybody is freezing! Does it ever warm up there in the Fjord land!

In picture #9, the girl on the left definitely has had a nose job!