Iran, Iran, Iran

Photo essay: Iranians in DC shout "Democracy Yes, Dictatorship No"

by Fariba Amini
In a show of solidarity with their countrymen and women, Iranians took to the streets of Washington DC on Saturday June 20th to protest the fraudulent election results in Iran and the brutal attacks on unarmed demonstrators. More than 1500 people gathered in front of the Iranian Interest Section and marched towards the White House shouting slogans in Persian and in English, among them: “Democracy Yes, Dictatorship No.” They were cheered along the way by motorists and pedestrians from all nationalities. At the end of the march, a statement was read by the organizers who included many well known activists in the Washington area. Ahmad Batebi and Ali Afshari, both ex-political prisoners under the Islamic Republic, were among the participants. The highlight of this protest march was when the White House staff came out on the balcony at which time the crowd cheered and shouted for 10 minutes: Iran, Iran, Iran.

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anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

I think I saw that on a sign somewhere... cute!  LOL

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

The door is being slammed in YOUR face.


imposition, deception

by spirit of sahara (not verified) on

Please watch this recent video clip at the buttom from a church and tell me what you think. Is it alright to abuse someone in the name of Jesus in order to impose superiority or holiness? This is what believers in Jesus do other poor human beings. And it IS a religion. You may not necessarily go to a church, or may just call it a personal relationship, but its nature is the same. Based on fallacy, and intended to deceive.



Mash mandali. If you do not

by cezare on

Mash mandali. If you do not have an intelligent retort, please post your sarcastic remarks elsewhere. Thank you.

mash mandali

"OBIOUSLY" um laughing my a** off

by mash mandali on

OBIOUSLY  u'r sofa king we todd ed 


Obiously even the spirit of

by cezare on

Obiously even the spirit of truth has no bearing on you spirit of Sahara. Read the post carefully and attempt to comment on the doctrine rhetoricaly and intelligently. That's what people want to read. Which doctrine makes sense? All these years Iranians were living in a theocracy and the sword of Jihad brandished in their faces. Is it any wonder to you that the spirit of truth is far from them and now you want to crush that as well? Please don't even try.


no more lies

by spirit of sahara (not verified) on

What is this obsession you have with mortality? Are you suggesting Jesus didn't die? He was a man just like anyone else. He breathed, ate and slept, etc, as any other human being. Generally, Iranians are in no mindset to become Christians. They may become atheists, agnostics, spiritual, and certain vulnerable people may consider Zartoshti, or Baha’i, but Christianity is just nonsense. Some may pretend to be Christians to pick up girls, for benefits, etc. The number who genuinely becomes Christian are really low. I am so proud of Iranians that after such abuse by religion, they are NOT running towards another religion. This is logic at work, and I hope someday you too will develop that within yourself.

Please think carefully, and wisely about Christianity, and tell me whether what you see is not a fake god, total lies and backwardness. And start by looking at yourself.


My poor, poor fellow

by cezare on

My poor, poor fellow Iranians. How my heart goes out to you. On this blog I have been spat upon accused and accursed but then again I remember how my Savior was spat upon, beaten and cursed. He said; ..In this world you will be hated of men.." and how true that is.  Even the mention of His Holy name stirs the people up in anger, anger that will only bring heart ache. Oh precious people how you have been kept away from knowing the true God who loves you and is calling you by name. All these years you have been fed a false God Allah who is not a "Father" and is the enemy of your souls. Is it any wonder now that all of you have turned away from the true God who is a Father and Savior of your souls.

Please let me make some facts clear and don't be aroused by anger like some people on this blog who cannot control their emotions and live for revenge and lust for blood. Think with your heart and mind as I disclose some facts about the true God who is knocking at the door of your hearts. On this blog ignorant people label Christianity as a religion but christianity is not a religion. It is a personal relationship with the living God. Jesus Christ rebuked religion and tore the veil of religion in half in His death ..."and the veil of the temple was rent in twain {half} from the top to the bottom."Mark 15:38

Jesus Christ labeled religion as the "mother of harlots" and called it a "Whore." this from the the mouth of the Saviour Himself. {is it any wonder he received the death sentence} but his death was for us.

True Christians are free from religion and its laws. Moslem people do not realize this freedom because of the veil of religion forced upon them by Islam over the centuries. People on this blog accuse christians as religous nutjobs and words I cannot repeat. They say that you are the roots of crusaders and so forth. let me be the first to tell you, catholosism is not christianity. Catholicism is a religous establishment condemned by the Lord and he has threatend the church to spit it out of His mouth lest they repent and turn away.

Jesus christ crushed religion yet the catholic church and Islam organized it back on its feet. Catholosism and Islam are the children of the "Great harlot."  I am only among a few to say that not a single pope or Ayotollah will enter heaven. They will be shut out of the kingdom of God forever for deceiving people.

Listen beloved ones I know I have offended many. But Christ is knocking at the door of your heart. Open the door and let him in. If you open the door to Allah you will see a frown and a stick with the fires of hell behind him. Open the door to Jesus and he'll greet you with a smile and open arms and he will embrace you and kiss you and put a ring on your finger and and call you by a new name that only He will know.  Then you will see the scars of the wounds of His great sacrifice that he suffered for you and me.

He will walk with you and show you all the good things He has in store for you. My fellow Iranians, Jesus Christ is a great Savior; what ever you do do not shut the door on His face. he loves you and is calling His people to Him as time is running out on this age. God became a man to save us from our sin. Believe that and you will see how blessed you will be.

Moslems object for being sinners. But the truth is" all men have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God." This sin is unbelief in the true living God. Do not go to sleep at night with this sin in you. Turn to Him and be saved.

I know I will get the sharks and the unbelievers ruthless comments, but it's okay. I am used to them. I have been unable to tend to my business over the past few days and had restlessnights, but I know it was for a good reason. My prayer for my people is to to see this revelation.