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Dec 10, 2008
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Oct 19, 2008
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Oct 07, 2008
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IRI has ruined the lives of the people!!!

by lucifercus (not verified) on

The statement - so I mean - has no logical base. Just think: Who was the first? ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN or Poeple?. The word "poeple" hier is a too generall expression and needs some interpretations, which are controversially different:
1. If you interprete it as the honourable Iranian Nation, so they were the first not IRI. Is the statement true, so has the nation self ruined itself. This result is an unlogicall one. Because it does not fit with the facts one hears from that country and can read about it. The Today Islamic Republic of Iran is the most mighty country in the region and in the internationa political scene. The Naighboures are happy and proud of such a naighbour, the country is rich, the state offers a wellfare as is unknown through history by man, no one can shipp through persian gulf withoput having asked for permission before. Counting all the achievements of that republic during the last 30 yera is an endless story. So IRI is the rescue for honourable Iranian nation and is founded by them. The iranian nation was the first.
2. I think it better fits If you interprete the word poeple as the american imperialism. Then you come to an logical result. 1978 was it, the american imperialism, stil the greate satan. And now? It is allready dead. I could admire its funeral in the video, the operetta SOROODE EYIRAN. I have enjoyed it as much as I have had Enjoyments all my life time, although it is offered by johnjohn.


People are smiling why can't you just let it be at that!

by Hanna (not verified) on

Why do some of you turn everything into politics? Life goes on in Iran as it does in the rest of the world. Is everyone living a holly go lightly life here in the U.S. or elsewhere? No!! People have their problems, and issues but life goes on for all of us.

Life has not stopped for the Iranian people, unlike what some of you believe; until the day of liberation arrives (whatever that means anyway)!!

People go on with their daily life and much to your surprise; many people actually prefer living in Iran with all of its good and bad as opposed to coming to the West. Injam chennan halva paksh nemeekonand!!

Don't try to psychoanalyze these photos, as if you know what is behind their smile, joy, or sadness.

Just for once enjoy the photos and let politics out of your life we are just too saturated with it; maybe this is our problem!!

Yesterday is gone you can’t do anything about it, tomorrow has yet to arrive, all we have is the moment; so please enjoy your life.

(p.s. I am trying to preach this to myself as well)


To Xerxes

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

Just becuase people smile in the picture doesn't mean they are not sad and tierd of what is going on in Iran. IRI has ruined most of our lives. It is a shame that we have still people like you defending theses fascist mullahs.


You must be a little kid with little b+-^&s

by Anonymous34342 (not verified) on

You might have the guts to shout loud on this forum, but try to say this in suburb of Iranian Kurdistan region, and you will get a beautiful response. Give it a shot...good luck.I hope you have life insurance..


One question To Nader

by Question Man (not verified) on

First, I admire your work. Your pictures on your website offer eye opening truth about the reality and fabric of our society.

You ask there for comments. But, you hardly publish comments. Why? Can you tell what kind of comments you are after?

Should we just praise and "bahbah" with a "joon" for you to get your approval?

Do not ignore this question. Respond here what kind of comments are acceptable to you. How much do you value your viewers?


Message of the Iranian People

by Anonymous34342 (not verified) on

Long live the ISLAMIC Republic of Iran!


I guess you guys need to

by Daryush on

Empty your anger on the source not the outcome! After all regardless of ideology we are all Iranians.


Salar you obviously didn't understand me

by XerXes (not verified) on

And that's not a shock. Read the comment again and again to get my drift. I am more nationalistic than you so you don't have to through a few names that your have heard them to be Iranian poets to prove your so called point. I have no problem with IR gone as long as the stupid LA crowd (opposition, lol) won't come to Iran. What can I say, I rather have one crazy dictator than 100's ignorant "Secularist" like channel one or Tapesh or Iran TV crowd. What a bunch of loonies. I take my chances with IR.


XerXes, Because You

by Salar (not verified) on

Are as distasteful as your phony name you have chosen to use for a scandalous being as you are and what you promote, ie IRI. You and like you have tried to force me to shed, but you got the time wrong, that was 1400 years ago, not 30 years ago. But I have always come back, I have come back thru Ferdosi, Mawlana, kharazmi, khaiam, Sohrewardi, Nader, Mossadegh, Bakhtiyar, Frohar, students in Amir kabir, bus drivers, teachers, workers and all those in evin because of their integrity and resistance to you and like you. I have come back thru the women in these pictures. I told you to look closely, but you are either blind or seriously in need of a conscience.

You know why I always come back, because I am the core, I am the essence, not possible to shed me or rid of me. But you are the layer, the lie, the cover on our women and on our conscience. YOU WILL BE SHED. Anyways, I am done talking to you, go do a namaz vahshat or run around a rock or something.


Why Salar?

by XerXes (not verified) on

Because I am a true Iranian and you are not? Would you like me to post some pics from where I live so you can see the fat, uneducated, hungry, and homeless in my city? Would you like me to send you the drug addicts who have passed out on a bench in our downtown?
US holds about 25% of the wealth on our earth. Isn't that a shame? You may criticize me and Iran all you want but it's not me or the people like me that cause these kind of damage, the ones that kills 1,000,000 and counting, it's you. Iran shed you from her skin thirty years ago!


Excellent pictures

by Anonymous-today (not verified) on

Good eye for irony. Nothing has changed in the past 30 years. This is still a country divided between haves and have nots where in Tehran at least the divide sits at Pahlavi street. There you have the blue and red states and a cultur war too. The difference is the people on the south side of the divide have nominally at least the control just as in the old days bala shahris had the upper hand. It's truely depressing in a way.


wow fabulous

by viewer (not verified) on

Great pics, man. Dastet dard nakoneh. BTW, are Iranian children the most beautiful creatures on earth or am I prejudiced?


The world of irony

by Salar (not verified) on

So many paradoxes; in our faces, minds, culture, clothing and almost every aspect of our lives. So much complication, so many crisis, so many layers. Almost indistinguishable even to ourselves what is real and what is not, what we are and what we are not. Imagine what we could be and what we are forced to be. No wonder we have invented “taghiyeh”!! but until when are we going to hide behind all the curtains we have created around us? Until when are we going to ignore the truth?

XerXes-- you know what you are! You are one those layers we must shed and throw in the fire. Watch these pictures closely, you are painfully but slowly coming off. Now there is hope :)

Loved the pictures, thank you.


thanks for sharing...

by kfravon on

loved most of them--especially 10, 16, 21, 33, 52 and 53please continue to share-Do you live in Iran?


Thanks for the great pictures.

by Tahirih on

love #13, way to go girls!get the ball and our freedom!



Great pictures

by Alborzi (not verified) on

I may be biased, but the Iranians are the most delicate, kind people on earth, and the rednecks know it too.


Nader jan thanks

by Ben Bagheri (not verified) on

For more beautiful pictures, as usual! So, what happened to your Iranian/Persian Faces project? Is it published yet?


Amazing Pictures

by shirazie (not verified) on

you are a very talent Photographer.

Iranian women look much better now than they did in the 60's and 70's

I finally figured out what is wrong with the Team Melli.. a mullah is coaching them

Peace to all


Waiting for Iranians to make a comment about

by XerXes (not verified) on

How sad the faces are and IRI has ruined the lives of the people!!!


I Loved Them All!

by Feshangi on

Every pictures tells a story. Those Persian eyes are captivating. Thank you for sharing these with us.  


Mona 19


by Mona 19 on

...Many Thanks for sharing your Beautiful pictures, and the link.

My favorites are #13 # 23