Honoring martyrs

Photo essay: Iranians in San Francisco mourn those killed in Iran protests

by Nazy Kaviani
I stayed up until I passed out last night, waiting to hear news about Iran.  When I woke up at six a.m., I ran to see the news.  That’s when I realized what had started to happen in Iran.  A confrontation between armed men and unarmed citizens in quest for their already limited civil rights.  Child citizens, really, to my mind—for each and every one of them could be my son or daughter.  If we lived in Iran, my sons would be out there with them, I know.  When I saw the first video clip of how serious and scary the battle was, I started getting dizzy and feeling sick.  By the time I made it to the image of the dying girl, Neda, obviously suffering and bleeding of an invisible wound, and taking her very last breaths, I had lost it.  I sat at my computer wailing, like an old lady, like a baby, like a desperate mourner.  That could be the daughter I never had, that could be my niece, that could be my best friend’s daughter.  She was beautiful and lithe, with that gorgeous clean face, and the perplexed look on her face, seemingly conveying a message lost on the bystanders, including me.  I wailed and cried as if she were my own daughter.  It was only 10:28 a.m.  I watched more and I read more and I chatted with others online some more, but nothing could help me snap out of the state of desperation and sadness I had acquired all of a sudden.  I felt angry and inconsolable.  My son came to ask me whether I wanted to join him at the peace rally in San Francisco Saturday evening.  For the fourth time in one week, I got dressed to go and be with other Iranians.  This time, however, I had to go and find appropriate attire for the occasion, my black clothes.

Unlike the other three rallies I had attended this past week, this one had no air of protest for the election results.  It was no longer about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  This was for the Iranian youth, the fallen victims of a horrific confrontation of ruthless power with people’s will.  The group stood closer to one another this time.  They held hands and hugged.  I let go of my sobs in the arms of my friends, hearing theirs.  There were no longer any slogans about where people’s votes went, as though over the past 24 hours, with the lost hope so much prior ambiguity and criticism was all of a sudden clarified and people knew who did this, all of this.

I write to tell you that it helped to get out and be with other Iranians during this time of uncertainty, rage, and utter sadness.  It helped to hear others, men and women, sob in sorrow.  It helped to be together and to do the only thing we could do standing thousands of miles away from the brave hearts of Iran.  They have whispered something in our ears and now we know it, too.  It is upon us to tell it to others.  This is for Neda -- the girl who at 10:28 a.m. this morning, told me to go tell her story to the world.

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to Cezare

by C.R.A. (not verified) on


mehdi malek

Jesus Christ preached peace

by mehdi malek on

Jesus Christ preached peace and to have respect for others. You ARE the one who needs to get it. You can not even write a couple of sentenses without pushing yourself on others. I do pray to JC to help you. You are not any better that those killers,who think their God is better than anyone else.I pitty you.


Stop labeling this young

by cezare on

Stop labeling this young woman as a martyr. She was a victim of senseless violence. You can't even let her alone in her peace. Iranians, There is no room for martyrs left in this world, the revolution must first start in your heart before you take it to the streets. These people are trained killers and they are out to hurt people. No more martyrs.



by cezare on

Get your facts straight. I only ask beligerent, foul mouth people to keep silent. And who cares what the French say. get a life! I told you to keep silent because of your desire to see more blood. Who are you? I bet you sleep well at nights.



by Souri on

Actually our time will be spent well if YOU, keep silent, instead of coming in all the blog trying to silence people!! But we don't ask you this. As the French say:

Cause toujours, tu m'interesses!!

Which means: Talk all you want, who care !

rosie is roxy is roshan

  Nazy, I don't know

by rosie is roxy is roshan on


Nazy, I don't know what to say. I'm going through what you went through today. i'm in shock. Believe it or not, it's because I was so busy doing the newsfeeds I really ididn't look much at the videos.

Ironic, isn't it?

So I was angry. And then today...I almost fainted..Not

from the goriness. I have a strong stomach.

From the humanity.


mehdi malek. Your time will

by cezare on

mehdi malek. Your time will be spent well if you keep silent. I am who I am; a redeemed of Jesus Christ and you are in no position to speak of others. As far as my boundraries is concerned; The runaway gospel train is going through town and there is nothing you can do to stop it little voice. My God is much bigger than you and little people like you cannot silence Him.  Get on the train or get away and let others in you self-righteaous sensationalist. The Lord rebuke you!

mehdi malek

you might be right as far as

by mehdi malek on

you might be right as far as we need to let her rest in peace. but you over stepped your boundaries as far as how much our ideology worth. I am not going to waist my time to call you all the you know what words in the book. However if I were you,I would be quiet. People are pissed off as is.


Nazy. Stop making Neda the

by cezare on

Nazy. Stop making Neda the poster child of your worthless idiology. Reports are she wasn't even participating in the protests but was a spectator. Let the child rest in peace.

Maya Parsi

Long Live Freedom and Democracy.

by Maya Parsi on

Go...Go Iranian/Persian! You have a voice and support from all over nation now, United we stand with you guys.



by Souri on

What are YOU afraid of living abroad and commenting under anonymous name with no picture of yours?


dark sunglasses

by Cyrus_ (not verified) on

please let all your friends know that in Iran people are demonstrating with their faces shown to the tv cameras, what are you afraid of living abroad and wearing dark sunglasses ?


Nazy joon,

by Princess on

Thank you for your tireless work and the beautiful photo essays that show the beauty of humanity in these unbearably horrendous times.