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Photo essay: First Annual Norooz Parade of Northern California

by kfravon
First Annual New Year Parade of Northern California took place in San Jose on Sunday March 30th. It turned out to be a beautiful day - after a rainy Saturday - and everyone was in such high spirit. Kudos to the organizers, lead by Mr. Mehran Kamkar. There were many photographers out there, and I'm sure you'll see more of the day. This is what I saw! -- Faranak Ravon

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Awesom pics.

by Majid on

My favorites ? each and everyone with a child in it, our future generation.The childeren who will do this when we're gone! 

#57 and #58 are interesting........LOL

I wish I could have one of those banners or car magnets with "FARVAHAR" on them!

Thanks for the pics.


As it is: Persian!

by Kamangir on

It's great to see such Persian events, as they should be: Persian. Without beards, turbants, mosques, and without the religious anti-Iranian 'crap'. 



By the way Farah Ravon

by Anonymouse on

My reference to the 2 pictures and "IRI cover girl" was about this post.  Not sure if you had seen it or not.  It seemed it was a big deal to some at the time. 

Thanks for sharing the photos they were really good.


Notes to Luna and AnonymousBoo

by kfravon on

Luna, first of all, I love the name you chose! Thank you so much for your kind words. My main intention was to share the day with those who didn't have the opportunity to be there. This was the first year the Parade took place in Northern California. I hope more and more folks plan to be present for the future parades. AnonymousBoo, thank you also for your comment. I understand your point about the photos seeming duplicitous, and I agree. I should have been more organized when I shared the pictures with our dear editor JJ.


Is the person in pictures 57 and 58 an "IRI Cover Girl"?

by Anonymouse on

Doesn't she know that in America you should wear the fake Iranian flag with lion and the sun?  Everyone knows you wear the fake flag in America because wearing the real one means you are not cool.  What is your educated?!



by AnonymousBoo (not verified) on

nice photos... like your eye for detail and your framing. some of the photos seemed duplicitous and could probably be left out. nice job... and khaste nabashid.


Persian Parade in San Jose

by Luna (not verified) on

Dear Farah Ravon,
Over the years, your eye for detail has captured so much that we miss around the town and at the dinner tables while we are busy filling our plates ( If we're lucky to be there). I have noticed people's comfort in front of your camera, mostly kids and nice older gentlemen. Thank you for sharing your day at the beautifully done parade. This is a double pleasure for me, an Iranian transplant in San Jose.
Grateful to iranian.com for making it possible for us to view your pictures.