Hearts & minds

Book from Pahlavi era

by Darius Kadivar
"Hokoomat bar Delhaa" (Ruling over Hearts) was published in 1956 to promote Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi.

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Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise!

by Justice (not verified) on

Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise!
Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America!
Part one
part two


Go for it....

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

You think you are really clever, but I am the only one laughing at your collective misery!


go for it

by korosh sasaani (ravani) (not verified) on

now i know your problem
your mother and sisters are doing all these thing, they work in turkey and UAE tehre for your piss off and want your country bombed.
but realize that your mother and sisters work in UAE because they like it. so stop be a fool and understand what you are


Iranians deserve IRI!!!

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

They had a chance to move into modernity, but they decided on the dark ages. They rather sell their organs, have more prostitution, drug abuse and address questions such whether it is halal or haram to screw your aunt in the course of an earth quake!!!

Engelabe kooneh...badbakhtah bekeshen....oh, you have to work three jobs, your wife is whoring herself, your daughter is sucking arabs in UAE, your other daughter is in Turkey working at "karkhaneh" . . . be toukhmam, but don't forget your have your kirollah, your quoran and my shash for support!

Enjoy your khoreshteh gorosnegee!!!

Rosie T.

Oh, Colonel

by Rosie T. on

My dear Colonel, I used my Persian dictionary so much it fell apart and I had to throw it out. I'll buy a new one this week, I promise.  They have it at Barnes and Nobles.  I can read it then for sure. Thanks so much,                        



For Rosie.T.

by Colonel Hemayat (not verified) on

Dear R.T.

This one is for you, I have done it  myself, hope you can understand it:


کجا هستی تو ای کوروش تا ببينی سرزمينت را.........

کجا هستی ببينی اين انيران اين چنين گستاخ برسرتاسر ايران چنين آوای شوم خويش را سر داده اند و جای پای شيطان را زخاک پاک ما اين سان گذار داده اند.........

کجا هستی تهمتن ببينی سرزمينت پايکوب پای شوم ديوهای دوزخی گشته است و ديوی شومتر از آنکه در مازندران با او در افتادی به پهنای نياخاک تو برگشته است............

کجا هستی تو ای آرش تا ببينی مرز ايران شهر ويران است..........

کنون گريان و نالان اشک باران چشمهای ما به ايران است و بر هر کوی و برزن جايگاه اين انيران است

و بر هر کوی و برزن جايگاه اين انيران است
و بر هر کوی و برزن جايگاه اين انيران است

Rosie T.


by Rosie T. on

back to my faaaavorite topic!   And Colonel-joon, you're cursing wonderfully well today! Great to see you in good form!!


Won't you rent and watch Bezaie's (sp?) Mosaferaan or watch it again if you already have. In the end although the auto victims are all dead, they DO come back and Mahtaab DOES bring the mirror and the marriage DOES take place,  but ONLY when ALL can see the reflections of EVERYONE, representing every age, sex, politcal and sociological group conceivable on the spectrum, melded with their own.  This being of course a variation on Attar's Simorgh. But then you know that better than I.  :D


Some of you are driving so fast and so wild down the same old unmaintained roads (and you of course know better than I that Iran has the highest auto accident rate in the world) that you can't see the mirror...you just can't see the mirror....

 and when you can't see the mirror when you're driving... welll...accidents may happen...

Save it for Rafsanjani please. Lately, he makes Ahmadinejad sound like Gandhi.  . Take it from an old Jewish you-know-what. Check his Friday sermons out on memri tv. He celebrates the Holocaust for cleansing Europe. At least my man Mahmoud said it didn't exist. 



Thanks for the book, Darius. Don't you think honestly that last scene in Mosaferaan is one of the most splendid ever in cinema? I do.....Every time I've seen it I've bawled like a baby. Not for Iraan, for jahaan....

Robin PS Who is John Carpenter and why is he talking about real Iranians? Am I missing something here?


Iran has such a powerful

by alexander (not verified) on

Iran has such a powerful history to take pride in. You had great kings dating back thousands of years and your own religion. Shake off this shit religion that was foisted on you by the camel jockeys and rejoin the civilised world.


Let's kill the SHAH

by Colonel Hemayat (not verified) on

Early 1350's


Did you know a number of Tudeh party had decided to place a bomb in the Aryamehr Studiom (( AZADAI)) to kill the shah along with at least 30000  other people, your average Joe who had gone to watch a soccer game.



Sure, anything for masses, even killing them!!!



I am a passé???

by Colonel Hemayat (not verified) on

First of all I would like to thank all of you who pat this old soldier on the shoulder.



Number two: we are a  passé? The Shah is a  passé?  no body gives a shit? OK, then why do certain people blow up and tear themselves a new asshole every time there is discussion about the PAHLAVI?


The revolution was good, SHAH was bad,ok, deal with IRI which is exactly what the leftist and Islamist had in mind. It is semi-communist state ruled by Muslims. The monarchy is dead never coming back, masses!!!! of Iran hate the PAHLAVI.etc. FINE.


 If you are so certain why tearing yourself a new asshole?! What are you so worried?



You anti-Shahs are so laughable, so full of shit and lies! Just like your so called revolution.




The King is dead. Long live the king !!

by Amir Khosrow Sheibany (not verified) on

Nice photo's. Thank You Dariush for sharing these with us.

I glimpsed through the comments. Usual nonsence. "Vase Fati Toomboon nemishe"

Looking forward to the day RP2 returns to continue the tradition of positive, constructive leadership to all our peoples.

Out fo the lie that is the Islamic Republic, we now know what is the truth


Re: Maleknasri M.D. (M.artikeye D.ayoos)

by Anonymous1234 (not verified) on

مرتیکه پفیوز باز تو زر زدی؟ تو شعور الاغ نداری
انوقت هی کون برهنه میپری وسط زر زر میکنی مردک بی سواد؟


To: Colonel Hemayat you are passe

by Arezu (not verified) on

First just by your hardcore allegiance no other point of view is accepted unless the individual is willing to take your abusive remarks. Wasn’t this exactly the problem during the time of the Shah; no one dared to criticize!

The likes of you who are still bending backwards and forwards for his majesty, the Shahanshah Aryamehr, Alahazrate Homayouni, Bosorg Arteshdaran (Wow what a long title) have you not noticed the man is dead and gone!! Go ahead and worship him like a God, build statues out of gold in his memory and start worshipping your idol!!

This is the problem with Iranians they love to create Gods out of human beings, create dictators and then wonder why there is no democracy in Iran. So Khomeini becomes "IMAM", the SHAH becomes "GOD" and the Light of the Aryans. No difference between those who place crowns on the head of a man or a turban. Different faces, different clothing, different people benefiting from Iran’s resources; however none for the benefit of the masses of Iran. The rich in Iran are still enjoying their life no difference, the petit bourgeoisie in Northern Iran are still in their place and living a comfortable life, the masses as usual are the ones paying the price with their life and their blood for the preservation of Iran!!

As for you Colonel Hemayat or Hemaghat your likes are passé!! Iranians are moving forward while you are stuck in a time zone in the past. The Shah will not rise up from the dead, unless you believe he is Jesus Christ!

Yes, the time of the Pahlavi’s was Gol O Bolbol that is why there was a revolution!

This is a waste of time to discuss something which has no relevance for Iran today. We have more important and critical issues to discuss than idolizing a dead man.

So good riddance and farewell.


Jenab Sarhang You are a true

by ARDESHIR KEYVAN (not verified) on

Jenab Sarhang

You are a true patriotic person and whatever you write ARE on based on evidence and facts.
I wish some generals who used to be in key position like 'Qarebaghi" or "fardoost" were like you.

dorood bar to









Shah is dead, yes but since wenn?

by Faribors Maleknasri M. D. (not verified) on

i have to read a serial wrong deathdates of his majesty. some visitors of the site write he sleeps, na morde khabesh borde. some other claim he is dead since more than thirty years. these and all other opinions about this non-historical deathdates give only the untruth about the happening. HIS MAJESTY DEID in the days SHORTLY BEVORE 28TH of MORDAD! Sure he came back to Iran thereafter and behaverd to the iranians as KAISER, BUT: For uncle sam he was a NOKARE BI JIRE O MAVAJEB. they handled him as a dead man. And is`nt it so that americans know better do better kill better and make all savageries in the world better, even than themselves? If he ever dared to give for example a pressconference at 10 O`clock so gave his american boss at 11 O`clock also a conference where he said exactly the opposit. And the two most important iranian newspapers wrote with big charachters on the most important place of the paper what the american had said and with small charachters then in unimpotant place but on the same page what his majeyts had said. On january 15th 1979 said president carter it is better if he - he meant his majesty - goes and on january 16th 1979 he went. The question is: had he ever acted as a living Kaiser afterwards? after 28th of mordad? i doubt because on the reasons of the hier mentioned short examples. and you? dear iranian-visitor? Greeting


I would love...................

by Faribors Maleknasri M. D. (not verified) on

you wonder what is Mr. President bush waiting for? Why he has not bombed IRI yet? ASK HIM! Greeting


did SAVAK raped women?

by Faribors Maleknasri M. D. (not verified) on

in a very little cases may be true that women were raped. In a huge nummber of cases SAVAK used "modern psychological" methods not only to get confessions. The main aim of torture was to kill the spirit of political oppositionaries. The methods were "modern". His majesty knew to give this answer as foreign journalists asked him if there is torture in Iran. It is said that some females have had to sit on their backs, the legs open, the knees bowed with feet on the ground. All that in darkness. then - i hate to write this - some little salamanders were put between the feet and it escaped in to the vagin of the girl as a safe place. bevor the procedure was the creature somehow shocked. It had to surch for safty. However those devilish times are since 1978/79 over. the "iranian" is also not the appropriate place to solve any problem. And why make a problem from what SAVAK did or did not? I think we all can be glad, that since 1978/79 still have the devils had no success to found another such regime in iran. Not the strangers decide for the iranian nation. so dont worry, be happy. Greetings


Arezu you are a lier and an ignorant fool

by Colonel Hemayat (not verified) on

There is NO evidence that women were raped by SAWAK!!!!


Why do you fucking lie!!!!???



Shah stood up to the US , there are documented facts about that, letters with official stamps on them!!! go read them!!! You think raising the price of oil was just a CASE???!!! you make me laugh the WEST was almost ready to go to the war over that!!!



White revolution was dictated by JFK? SHAH was begging for money from JFK??? you get your facts and figures from where?



These are  the argument  by the likes of AREZU

White revolution was bad becuase the SHAH did it, or White revolution was good but it was dictated by JFK!!!



What the fuck do you know about the land owners back then,??? their land was just sitting there untouched, owned by one lousy KHAN who was just happy to see the price of the land go up every year!!!!



You talk about agriculture, electricity in villages, etc.

What was Iran like before the Pahlavis? Do you think centuries of PURE SHIT on Iran left by the QAJAR dynasty could be removed within a few years?? It takes TIME!!


All of anti-shah people are full of shit, they make no sense or they just lie!!!


women were raped by SAWAK! idoit.


Shahanshah Dorood bar to

by Sardar Kolleh Ghoochan (not verified) on

Shahanshahan asoodeh bekhabic keh ma bidarim



I would love to konw when Bush

by Anonymous^0.1 (not verified) on

is going to order the bombing of the Islamic Republic to start!? I wonder what he is waiting for?


Glad he's dead. One less dictator.

by Memory (not verified) on

Justice by God = a dead shah. Thank you God!


Mohammad Reza Shah is dead

by Anonymous on

To all you people out there. He is dead. He has been dead for nearly 30 years, in case you have not noticed. Show some respect and leave him be. He is not here to defend himself. Mohammad Reza Shah is a part of Iranian history, modern or not, whether you like it or not! So, let the historians and other scholars do the researching, measurement and judging part! Just, what exactly make you people experts on the subject.

Inside every Iranians mind, there lives a shah. Do you people know what that means? No wonder, Iran lost the last century!

cheers R


Sorry Jesus you are wrong

by Arezu (not verified) on

First, I am not going to defend myself as to who I am. So all of this labeling of ‘you must be a Tudehi or Cherrekhaye Fadayane Khalq” is incorrect simply because one disagrees with the policies of the Shah. These are nothing but false labeling to shut people up. Please don't forget the same labels were used against Dr. Mossadeq, and he was definitely not a communist nor Tudehi but a 100% Iranian nationalist.

Second I am definitely not emotional about the Shah. If you read my earlier comment I said the pro or anti monarchy does not matter, monarchy is dead and will not return again. So, I don’t understand how my response is considered emotional; another label.

Third you point to the book the Shah and I written by Alam. Are you kidding me? Why would I ever reference a book by one of the most corrupt men during the Pahlavi Regime? While the Shah was in power Alam benefited greatly, and when the Shah died he tried to portray himself as a victim. Another traitor to even the Shah. Men like Alam, Dr.Eqbal, were some of the most corrupt individuals during the Pahlavi regime and most had strong ties with the U.S.

Fourth the White Revolution: Please read the following books: The Modern Politics of Iran, and The Eagle and the Lion The Tragedy of the American-Iranian Relations (pages 147 to 239) by James A. Bill and also Modern Iran –Roots and Results of Revolution by Nikki R. Keddie (pages 145 -156) in order to understand exactly the reasons for the land reform as dictated by JFK, “The White Revolution” or what the Shah liked to call it “The Revolution of The Shah and the People”, or in fact how intellectuals referred to it as “The Revolution of the Shah Against the People”.

For me to explain this in its entirety will require an article of its own. As such, I will request that you read it for yourself and determine what you believe was the end result of this White Revolution which eventually was the stepping stone for the downfall of the Shah.

Fifth: You say the Shah was no puppet, his track record demonstrates that he was. He was put into power by the U.S., kept in power by the U.S., and eventually let go out of power by the U.S.

If you are pointing to his last attempt in raising the price of oil without the U.S. command, that may have been one of the few cases, when it had gotten to his head that in fact he was independent. However, the U.S. showed him immediately thereafter that he read them wrong. You know the rest of the story. Generals came to Iran and the Shah was shocked as to why they did not meet with him. Just listen to his own videos he acknowledges how the U.S. betrayed him. If he was a strong man, he wouldn't worry about the U.S. betraying him. If he had the love and admiration of his people he wouldn't worry about the U.S. But he was not the King of the people.

Unfortunately, as I said when one becomes the puppet of a foreign country, as opposed to serving the interest of the people, this is their destiny.

Now if the monarchists are just in awe of a one man rule and the monarchy that is their own business. But no democratic government can be governed by one person. Including the U.S. under the Bush Administration. This country is no longer what it used to be. Now if you admire Bush and Cheney and what they have done to this country, then I don’t blame you or others for admiring the system of an absolute monarch.


To all anti-Shahis

by HRA (not verified) on

Shah is not dead ... he is alive in the heart of all Noble Iranians ... which does not include you ...
May God bless all Iranian Kings (except ghajars) and may eternal light shines upon their glorious graves.


Arezu...you seem too emotional about a dead dictator

by Jesus (not verified) on

Shah is dead, and he is neither part of the problem, or can be part of the solution to the imminent crisis gripping the country.
But Arezu, you have many of your facts wrong, you speak like a hezbollahi, tudehi, or some defunct iranian leftist organization like Chereek fadayee. Much of what was claimed about the Shah of Iran by these groups have turned out to be false when you look at the evidence. Here are some myth:

-Shah was a U.S puppet: Yes and No. They brought him to power and up to the mid-60's he followed the Washington line, but by the time of the revolution, and throughout the 70's he was completely independent. He implemented wrong policies, but not those dictated by washington. This notion of servitude is absolutely a false accusation by the Islamist (Read the Book Shah and I, and refer to Dr. Milani for some of these).

-Iran's agriculture had collpased/ white revolution was bad. Totally false. Modernization and progress dictated that Iranian agricultural system be disassembled from its old feudalistic context, and join the market place of the 20th century where we were operating. Iran's agricultural shortcomings are a 1400 year old problems when invasion after invasion had left the Iranian irrigation system in terrible shape. If there was one good policy that Shah implemented was that he listened to Kennedy (you liberals should love that) and implemented the White Revolution(destroying the feudal ag. system, women's electoral rights).

-Shah's savak raped girls, and allowed for arab sheikdoms to use Iranian girls. No evidence of that. The first evidence of rape of Iranian women came out during the early parts of the revolution. Savak was brutal, and that brutality alone is sufficient to cause all of us disgust, anger, and sympathy for the victims, but let's not even compare shah's regime to IR (check amnesty international reports).


To Arezou

by HRA (not verified) on

When you bring yourself so low to compare (and elevate) Saddam to the Shah - the greates leader middleeast had seen in its modern history, i have no respect for you ...you are as much of a sad low-life garbage as saddam ...


The guilded past vs the insane preseant?

by shah (not verified) on

I was born in 1977, right at the end of the Shah's regime. So I know next to nothing about it but what I've been told by my grand parents and what I've read in books. However I know the current rulers of Persia very well.
Given the choice between living in a gilded cage or what Persia is dealing with now?
I don't know.
To be a puppet of a super power or to be a puppet of a super power.
How does the saying go? New sign new management same crappy service?
Who knows, maybe things will get better maybe they won't. But it's our mess and we have to clean it up.


To Sir Colnel Hemayat

by HRA (not verified) on

... I said it and I say it again ... damet garm .. we owe so much to people like you and other noble members of the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces .. may God reward you in this world and bless the noble souls of all who gave their lives to save ours .. God bless the Shah and may eternal light shines on his glorious grave...


To arezu

by Ardeshir Keyvan (not verified) on

Dear Arezu

Try not to generalize. If one monarchist uses a bad language you can't say why monarchists...

Look at the people who used to run your country from Shah to lower ranks who were classy and polite unlike Mullahs and their allies like Mojahedin, Leftists... and the worst "Tudeis".
Don't you remember Shah's opposition groups words during the revolution?
This kind of talking is existing between almost all the Iranians now and it is a pure unfortunate. However when a country is running by people belong to stone age for almost 30 years you can't expect people act much better than this and part of it is anger and frustration that they have.


Why should anyone expect decensy from you

by Arezu (not verified) on

I knew this type of dirty language was coming. I just wanted to test how many seconds it would take for you monarchists to show your real self. Thank you for proving my point, Mullah monarchist! This is all you have learned from the great Imperial Pahlavi Regime!!

Good for you, please enlighten us on how much more dirty language you have remembered and learned from that era. Keep it coming, because it just shows the quality of your type.