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Peace activists in San Francisco

by asghar62
I was planning to attend the Peace demonstration in San Francisco on Saturday (Oct 27th). Because of my schedule that day I managed to be in the city around 3:00 pm. By that time most of the demonstrators were gone, but I captured the last hard core peace activists. At the end of the program, they did form a Peace symbol with their bodies on the grass and released some white doves. BTW, do you know where the Peace sign comes from, and what it means? Here is the explanation>>>

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It is amazing that

by Nader Jamshidi - West Covina (not verified) on

It is amazing that Iranian.com always has tons of pictures to show from the anti-U.S events and activities, but none from the anti-IRI ones. At least try to show your partial ! It is OK to endorse the IRI, everyone is entitled to their opinion,,but please have the decency to admit it !! Do not portray yourself as some Liberal, open-mined forum for all. This is a disgrace to liberalism.


Oh, 1 more thing

by Asabani az daste Olaagh-haa (not verified) on

If America attacks Iran, truct me, it will NOT be to bring democracy to Iran. Just like Iraq, it will be "To take oil out of Iran."
Majority of Americans (80%) are way too selfish to give a damn about Iranian's welfare. To them we are just another Sand-nig..towel-head. They don't give a damn my friend, they don't even know how to say Iran correctly. They massacred 600,000 Iraqis and not a damn thing happened, as if they were flies not human beings.
Bush is mentally retarded so as Iranian saying goes "Teeghe Tiz daste zangie mast" (A sharp blade in the hands of drunk) he can use his great power to destroy America and the world if he's not stopped sooner.


Stupid People Are the Cause to All destructions

by Asabani az daste Olaagh-haa (not verified) on

Do you really think if US. bombs Iran Mullahs will go?! No dummy, 1,000,000 good Iranian citizens will die while mullahs either hide in their private bunkers or quickly fly to Syria on their private planes. Bombing Iran is the crime of century. Attacking Iran by ground also won't be effective because patriotic Iranians rather fix their problems themselves and won't allow foreign army on their soil. Revolution happened out of ignorance, illiteracy and stupidity. Mullahs will automatically go away as all of Iranians become literate and as they see the free world on internet and satellite TV. Soon no mullah can dictate their backward will to the good Iranian people.
American army, KEEP OUT.


Bomb Iran Now!!!

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

The Brits tried diplomacy with Germany and look where it got them. The Germans are a free people now, because the Nazi Regime was finally confronted with force.

Confront Mullahs with Bombs Now!!!! Free Iran Now!!!