Happy birthday

Photo essay: Concert to celebrate poet's 800th birthday

by kfravon
Rumi's 800th birthday was celebrated in San Francisco with performances by Rana Farhan, Faramarz Aslani and Farzin Farhadi performed in San Francisco, organized by 7-Seen

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The "Beauty" of Genius

by Shae'r (not verified) on

O' Mollana, Begging Upon Your Feet ..
Mesmerized By The Presence of Your Spirit ..
Bereft of All Evil, Embracing You In Love ..
With The Spirit Rising, Torrents Rush For Comapny ..
The Blessing of Your "Breath", Meandering My Existence ..
The "Casualness" of You Stare, Awash in Tranquility ..
The "Great" Mollana, Accept This Child As A "Student" ..
Although "Insignificant", His "Spirit" Is "Willing" ..
As "Shams" Was, So Would I Want To Be ..
In Your Presence, My Spirit "Humbled" ..
As A Child Is To His Mother ..
My Breath, Shaking with "Want" ..
Fill Me With Your "Wisdom", Alas With "Dignity" ..
Forgive My "Ignorance", As I Am Just "Learning ..
Though You are Gone For Over 800 Years ..
The Sweetness of Your "Spirit" Quenches My "Thirst" ..
O' Mollana, O' Mollana ..
Embrace Me As You Did "Shams" ....
With The "Sweetnes" Of Your "Spirit" Flowing ..
I Want Not The Heavens, But The "Paradise" of Your "Presence" ..
Peace Be Upon "You" ..


My Second Poem In Honor of Jallal: Buddha Leaves His Palace

by A Danesh (not verified) on

The Humanity of Deep Wound
Whispering wind
Dancing leaves
Swirling falling tree branches
Dying colorful flowers
Disappearance of bird songs in orchestra
The undressing of trees near fool nakedness
Smell of rotten leaves
The sound of crushing leaves under man feet
Together define
The humanity of autumn
Dr A Hassan Danesh
Copyright ©2007 Dr A Hassan Danesh


A Poem in Honor of Jallaliddin: A Poet of Love & Fire

by A Danesh (not verified) on

The Story of My Defeat
I catched the rain bow
With my own bare hands
I put the pouring rain
In both of my pockets
I sat on the moving clouds
Went to the far out east pollution
I went to the sky
Selected couple of my favorit stars
Put them in the safe lock box
I flew to heaven captured the sun
Only to put it in the bag bringing it home
I left the moon alone
As long as it kept changing faces in different phases
But when it came to love
It overwelmed me
And no matter what I did
Its size was beyond my means and ability
I had no choice but to kneel before it
Upon my certain defeat despite all the struggle

Mr. Abol Hassan Danesh
Copyright ©2007 Mr. Abol Hassan Danesh


7-ssen should change thier

by Ofir (not verified) on

7-ssen should change thier name to 7-Sheen.

7-Sheen for charlatan, charlatan, charlatan, charlatan, charlatan, charlatan.



by A Danesh (not verified) on

Inam be eftekhaar-e hajeeyah zainab, khatoon baajee, kolson nanaah, aategheh molok....



Hats Off

by A Danesh (not verified) on

Saresh kollah rafteh bood bacheh...


Name Change

by A Danesh (not verified) on

----------Happy Birthday birthday boy----------
------How old are you now... How old are you now---

I take this opportunity to officially change his name from "Jallaladdin Rumi" to that of "Jallalissin Irani."

Let's have a round of applause for Jalal for his formal name change.

Late is alright... but never is not acceptable

Copy: The office of Registration and Public Record


Need ride to Los Angeles

by Hamsafar (not verified) on

Salaam Doostan,

I need a ride from San Francisco to LA (Westwood) for Thanks Giving. If you're going and can take a passenger, let me know.

Thank You


law justice & society minor

by LQQk (not verified) on

Look...I sympathize with you Ofir...Tooth for tooth... eye for eye... and hand for hand...



by Ofir (not verified) on

The same concert was advertised to be held in Los Angeles. But, Rana Farhan was not there. Framarz Aslani was there, but as a guest. This was falls advertisement in “Irannian.com”. I need to expose these people.

The quality of the work was that of a high school performance, where the students did not have time to rehearse. Framarz Aslani was the most unrehearsed and unprofessional of them all. I drove two hours, paid $65 for the concert ticket and $8 for parking fee; I was so disappointed.

These people should be ashamed of themselves. How can these opportunists disgrace Rumi’s name like this just to make a few change. I hope this will expose these people for what they are, bunch of low life opportunist.