Guns & roses

Photo essay: British woman traveling in Iran

by Lori


Thanks for sharing, however...

by N da blues (not verified) on

I appreciated the interest you took in Iran's history and making the journey; although was surprised by some of your captions. Clearly I don't know you and what you wrote can be easily taken out of context. Nevertheless not sure whether to hold you accountable for some of your tasteless comments or forgive you for not knowing how to convey a humorous thought, perhaps?
Please, for the future reference keep in mind being funny is one thing (giving you the benefit of the doubt) but advertising ignorance is always “uncivilized”.


Anony mouse

by javaneh29 on

I don't think Lori's captions are condescending. Condescension implies arogance or a disdain, a feeling of superiority, aloofness ... her captions only represent the difference in her cultural background.And I see no evidence of condescension at all. Rather I see that she made contact with ppl where ever she went, she donned a roosari, chador when appropriate.

If an iranian woman like Lori went to the US for the first time for example, don't you think she might also make some really minor errors about things that she had not come across before or about the use of language.

Cut the woman some slack please and try to be a little more understanding or tolerant instead of being so defensive.



The pictures are nice but

by Anony-moose (not verified) on

The pictures are nice but wow... some of the captions in the picture are... incredibly condescending. I guess that's what happens when people go to a country with preconceived notions. I can't tell if the captions are sarcastic or serious but:

-"there are even separate door handles for men & women!"... um, yes, totally.
-"a woman in Yazd & her young escort (aka son)"... right, because in England when moms hold their son's hands, the son is their escort.
-"girls must wear a chador & observe the hejab when they turn 9 yrs old"... they must wear 'chador'? really now?
-"an interesting way to advertise for pizza!"... um nazi means cute in persian.


check out Lori's other pictures

by javaneh29 on

Lori I had a look at all your pics on your link and you have some really great shots there. I love the way you have captured the traditional Iran. I was surprised that you didn't take any shots of  modern Iran as a contrast though.

I notice you don't live so far from me .... would love to chat to you sometime about your experience. Im going back to Iran to live there after many years of living in the UK and I'm interested in how you found it?



This girl is english

by javaneh29 on

Its so interesting that anyone from english speaking countries are assumed to be american!This girl lives near me in england. Of course it doesn't mean she is english I suppose.

Lorri ... really nice pictures, thank you. Tell us how did you find Iran as a western woman and how come you went there?



Great Photos

by ramintork on

Thanks for taking the time to publish these photos. It mean so much to most of us.




by mimi.shishi (not verified) on


Here is the correct no. of the pic,

Picture no. 047 on the third page:




by mimi.shishi (not verified) on

The pics were nice except for #57! It is clear your took the picture b/c in the eyes of a foreigner who doesn't speak persian, Nazi, is a reminder of what you europeans went through in WW2 and the autrocious racism and inhumanity it brings back to you. We never experienced anti-semitism in Iran so for us the word Nazi; doesn't bear any historical weight...Nazi in persian is a short form for the very common name Nazanin which means very sweet and tender, a good name for a Pizza. It's funny how you wanted to tie Iran to anti-semetism with "Nazi Tweety Pizza"!!!


these are great!

by Anonymousforever (not verified) on

it's so nice to see places i never got to see and probably never will.

saman? who said she was american?



by Doto Danesh (not verified) on

Great Pictures Lori...

But knew that if you were native iranian with the name of Laila instead of Lori then treatment would have been much colder and too critical for every word you had uttered about ...including the hanging...

Now it is time to ask them to make you some cool martini to prove their true hospitality....

By the way I liked the way you labled some of your pictures with very refreshing foot notes...your take was innovative and new...


bajenaghe naghi

lori jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

these are great pictures. i specially loved the smiling faces, including yours.

Persian Carpet

Thank you

by Persian Carpet on

for sharing your time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Persian Carpet


Great pix.

by Saman on

Such beautiful faces landscape and culture.



by samsam1111 on

Awesome Avatar . That,s what it,s all about . Good name , good flag & good man . Cheers pal...btw*  I have it in FIG format & if I find the link will send u to upload it , it,s cool . 

DK for ever!!!

No Darius, is not about you lol..DK as in Drafsheh Kaviani 


Are you sure Lori is an American and not a British?

by sasan11 on

The reason I asked is that British call a truck lorry. Nice pictures, the first 20 just like what samsam said.

Darius Kadivar

Great Photos Calamity Jane ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Two Lyrics that remind me of our beautiful Tribes in Iran ...

Mastom, Mastom Mastom, Tigash Boreedeh Dastom

Setah Savar az Shiraz Hameh Ferzoh Teerandaz.

Gee that Woman with the Rifle reminds me of Calamity Jane ;0)


Here is another of my cute girls ;0)




by samsam1111 on

the 1st 20 sets were very cool & the rest were just pashmo shisheh o mullah ..thx


Awsome! Thank you for showing us the part of country and people

by gol-dust on

that most of us have never been! I loved the simple and pure smiles! Seems you enjoyed your trip! What was your impression and exoectation, if i may ask? Thank you!


Fantastic photos.  Great

by desi on

Fantastic photos.  Great captions.


Very nice photos, thanks for

by bumble bee (not verified) on

Very nice photos, thanks for sharing.

I think #65 needs a room or something!