Green, Gold & Gray

Photo essay: Mountains, fields, deserts

by Ali Shokri


too, too beautiful

by gunjeshk on

your photos are so beautiful, they break my heart

too, too beautiful

thank you!

Bijan Douli

The Iranian Ansel Adams! Bravo!

by Bijan Douli on

I was a student of photography and pursued it for many photos. I have seen many many photos who have been awesome. Your use of filter, lighting, cropping, subject, etc beats all the other candidates hands down! You have it in you! A real artist! 

I would suggest you contact Hossein Farmani who is well known for his photo gallery and his photography competition named "Lucy Awards" that is conducted once a year in Manhaten. Just google him. It is hard to contact him through phone since he is always traveling to different parts of the world. Send him an email, and he will respond you. His gallery is in beverly Hills where you can contact them as well. Best of luck!


Thank you Mr. Shokri.

by alborz on

Your focus on nature and children, creation at its purest, is particularly appreciated.

Best wishes,


PS. I am curious to know the extent to which these photos are free of image adjustments.



by Monda on

especially the b&W's. been looking at his flickr page too...

(why does the name on each photo read Shakeri?! The artist is Ali Shokri) 

13th Legion


by 13th Legion on

Wow, Mr. Shokri your work is absolutely astonishing!

This is the most beautiful and soulful photography I have ever seen, it made me gain a new appreciation for the natural beauty of Tabriz and Gorgan and the art of photography.

Would love to see Mr. Shokri’s work published in a book and available to the public, I consider his work to be a national treasure, presenting the world with some of the hidden beauty and landscapes of Iran.

I highly recommend for those who appreciate photography to visit his page on:


Thank you for sharing your work.

Many compliments.

Dariush A

Ali Shokri

by Dariush A on

Beautiful pictures,many of these images can become post cards and posters. You should consider it.


The current thought.

by Sinibaldi on

To live in the country appears in my mind like a delicate thought near a narrow profile: there's a light in the meadow, and a luminous care... Francesco Sinibaldi



by yolanda on

Every shot is beautiful and favorites are #23 and #24:



They reminds me of "Artist's Palette" in Death Valley and Little Painted Desert in Arizona.