Giving back

Photo essay: Community effort in support of Terhan's Kahrizak center

by talieshah
Norouz Bazaar benefiting Tehran's Kahrizak Center For Living, Education and Rehabilitation of the Disabled and the Elderly, held on March 16thh at the Quinlan Community Center; Cupertino, northern California. Kahrizak is a "private, non-governmental, non-profit, charitable organization where physically handicapped or elderly individuals with no financial resources are cared for, free of charge."


I am so glad

by saaveh (not verified) on

I am so glad all those kids are out there with their parents at a young age, to realize there are peole out there who need our help.

If one learns of charity early on it grows in one's heart and flourishes as life goes on.
Very heart warming.
Thanks for the pix.


Thank You.

by Feshangi on

Very nice pictures. I enjoyed looking at them.  



How can we make a donation from the U.S.?

by B-Naam on

Please advise.