A (Funny) Iranian in Heaven

Photo essay: Aghdashloo and Touzie tickle San Franciscans

by payam s
Nazy Kaviani writes: Houshang Touzie and Shohreh Aghdashloo were absolutely mesmerizing on the stage of San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts. From the first few seconds of the play's start, they had us all aboard of what became a most memorable night, full of reflection, thought, and most importantly, almost nonstop laughter! The brilliant script was really (really, seriously) funny! The dynamic duo's sparkling performance was so smooth and so natural, it was hard to imagine that Touzie's excellent script was being followed by two seasoned actors on that stage >>>


Now that I can't talk about the play...

by benross on

I never forget Aghdashloo performance in Kiarostami 'Gozaresh'. This is one of the best Iranian movies ever made, with the best performance ever seen.