Final stretch

Photo essay: Elections in Lebanon

by Hossein Shahidi
The Lebanese will go to the polls on Sunday, June 7, to elect 128 members of parliament, divided equally between the country’s Christian and Moslem communities, each of which include a variety of sects. The Speaker of Parliament is a Shia Moslem, while the President is a Christian and the Prime Minister a Sunni Moslem. The cabinet is also meant to reflect the country’s diversity, which may appear to be religious, but is in fact based on a more complex set of factors, including ethnicity, geographic location, local economy and ties with other countries in the region and beyond. This year, for the first time, elections will be held on one day >>> FULL TEXT

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Red Wine


by Red Wine on

اه ه ه...دلتون خوشه!معلومه كه نون و ابتون جوره و بالشتون نرم!


Super Important Election

by Saman on

This election is huge for West and East. It's team blue Harriri Sunnies/Lebanese Forces and other March 14 folks against Yellow [orange/green] Hezbollah/Aoun/Amal March 8 group.

Chances are March 14 will win this time, but as long as we have kids like Nayla Touni and Sami Gemayel running against well organized Hezbollah Amal and Aoun party ... Iran will win in the long run.

Obama will either recognize Iran's stregnth in Lebanon or Iran will have to reconsider its influense in the region!

Anyway ... explaining Lebanon's hostoric problems on is's much more complicated than a few pix.

We'll know in a few hours. I'll be up ... in Beirut.


Red Wine ... you have no idea what you're commenting about :O)



RedWine jaan

by ThePope on

You didn't know!!?
It's been 30 years that Iran is part of Lebanon. ;-) lol


Lebanon is divided along religion lines!Very dangerous!No Thanks

by gol-dust on

I don't wish that for any of my enemies! Just because IRI is bad that doesn't make that racist place good! Tension is underneath the surface and it can erupt anytime. That's why they have created all these rules! Eventually, Iran would be a model in ME, after IRI!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

انتخابات لبنان به ما چه مربوطه!؟!؟! عجب مسخره و بي معني است اين جور رفتار و حركات.


God Bless Lebanon

by rainbowcountery on


Cluelessness on

by AnonymousAnonymous (not verified) on

Are you people for real? Lebanon is one of the most sectarian-based societies in the entire world!!! The entire political system is based on religious sects. The President is automatically a Maronite Christian every time, and half the legislature are Christians automatically despite the fact that Christians represent well under half the population. One of the main Maronite Christian parties, the Phalangists are a fascist and racist party whose founder Pierre Gemayel got the idea for the party's name when it was personally suggested to him by Adolf Hitler in 1936. But these fascists do wear neckties :-)


kurdish warrior

by reality check (not verified) on

I second that, when i saw the pictures,i was thinking the same way, that is, kind of society we need, secular.


I wish Iran

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

could be like that where diversity rules. Where A Sunni, Shia and christian are having major role in politics. The Regime in Iran is a Racist Shia theocracy who discriminate ethnic, religious minorities as well as woman. A new regime is our only solution.


Too clean

by MRX1 on

The candidates over there look very clean , dressed up and modern. suite, tie,shaved  and the whole nine yard. Even the mullah candidate looks allright. it's simply too clean. I wish we could export some of the roaches running for the so called presidency in Iran over there.