Fighting back

Photo essay: Iranian women's gathering in Berkeley

by talieshah


Talieh jon

by Monda on

Thank you for this report.  Too bad I missed it.  If you have time to respond I wonder where we can buy the posters shown in photo #25.


They are great

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Iranian women are probably classier and braver than any other group in the world. You can see it in Tehran, they have turned an ugly dress code into a sexy statement. They go and argue with pasdaran more than I would dare. They are just irresistible in parties. The thing is that (and most people including my sister) assume western ways, where as the Iranian women express their femininity in a very clever but understated ways. It requires more sensitivity to detect it. Just look at this conference, it shows a degree of sophistication that you do not see in the air heads.


Great Pictures

by Mersedeh on

Thanks for reviving the experience for those of us who attended and introducing it to those seeing it for the first time.


To Javadagha

by Troneg on

In General, "Eye-ranians" as you do easily critic but do nothing concret !

Hey man move your back and do something instead of saying chertopert.

Thanks no more share your thoughts.


Bad and Good.

by Javadagha on

The Good:

Paintings.  Some men in attendance.

The Bad:

No caption(s) for the pictures.  Low attendance.  Smoking (not good for your health). Blond Eye-ranians (hehehe). Bad title for this post.

There should be a summary of articles (at least abstracts).  No sign of some famous Eye-ranians at this gathering.

Keynote speaker has written about "hunger,", but she seemed well fed!!

Please consider talking about Golddiggers in your next meeting.  Thanks for sharing these pictures.

In general, Eye-ranians are moftkhor.