Faces of Summer

Photo essay: Bay Area, California

by kfravon

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Darius Kadivar

Golden Eye with a Golden Heart !

by Darius Kadivar on

Beautiful as Usual Faranak Jaan !


Hot #40. Making me crazy - TADIG!

by obama on

You would think some of the hot ones were taken by a guy. I guess not! Beautiful and tasteful photos as always! You guys seem very fit and happy in S.F.! Njoy!

bajenaghe naghi

kfravon Jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

So many charming and delightful faces. You have a knack of capturing the unusual and the innocence. I loved every picture. Thank you. 

Red Wine

Dear Faranak

by Red Wine on

Thank you so much for answer... If you want to see iranian Jazist just come to Paris or Madrid :=) .


Faranak Khanoom, You are

by Sid Sarshar on

Faranak Khanoom,

You are my favorate Photographer on this site.  I like your work even more tham my own. 



جاز در پارک


redwine jan, our friend was listening to jazz, and wrote that on a piece of paper.  no, this was a local jazz band--not irani :(

as for why these pictures which have nothing to do with iran/iranians, well, an iranian took the pictures :)  btw, pic 52 is a gorgeous young lady, who is 1/2 iranian, 1/2 danish-

we are truly blessed to be living out here in sf bay area..but i do miss my country dearly and can only dream of such events occuring back home :(


Jazz dar park

by Monda on

Red Wine jan, traditionally each county has its Jazz music at a local park. Started off with Golden Gate Park in SF, as free walk-in all day jazz concerts.

Our county has Reggae and Classical music at the Parks too. You can bring your own wine, cheese, blanket and have a nice day in the sun 'til you're crisp (not joking).

If you ask me, it's a great idea to have Persian jazz, rock, classical, etc. in the parks too. 



by Monda on

Very Nice summery photos Faranak jan, especially: 1, 7, 13, 57 and 59 (reminds me of "coldest winter I had was the summer in San Francisco"? :o) Beautiful shots of children, dogs, food and scenery.

Red Wine

Jazz dar Park. 

by Red Wine on

Jazz dar Park.  //iranian.com/main/image/115343 ... any explication about this please ? iranian jazzist you mean ?!

Thank you Ma'am .

mitra northcal

Faranak jan, thanks for your great pictures. I enjoyed them.

by mitra northcal on

Dear Faranak, thanks for sharing with us your pictures. Fruits, yogurt, wine and laughter, Jazz music with a Persian sign for it. You cannot go wrong like this.


Nice pictures. Some are good enough to be used for ad campaigns

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred

Jahanshah Javid

Yes we can

by Jahanshah Javid on

Thank you Faranak Jan. Every frame makes me smile. This is the new home away from home for many Iranian Americans. Full of beauty, happiness and prosperity. It makes me think: Why can't we have the same in Iran? We can.


Mutts, maybe. But those butts ain't Persian

by comrade on

I was always timid about questioning JJ's judgment, and am more so with his new tough-looking avatar. However, I'd jeopardize my existence by asking where one can see the Iranian element( it must be called the Persian element, in the Bay Area) in these photos which made them qualified for the first page.