Ending Up in Peru

Photo essay: 10-day tour

by kfravon
Kourosh and I finally got to take a 'real' vacation. We ended up in Peru with a beautiful couple. 10-day tour... and this time, instead of sorting the pictures by category, I decided to share them as I captured the shots. We started and ended in Lima. We got to see the Pisac Ruins, Markes, Ollantaytambo... spent the night in Sacred Valley, then off to Ollianta station to make our way to Aquas Calientes and Machu Picchu. Kourosh and I went on a hike atop Machu Picchu on the 2nd day, then we headed to Cuzco which I really enjoyed--and then off to Puno - Lake Titicaca... We got to visit the locals on the floating islands--ended up doing lunch at Taaquile and then off to Lima -- where we bid farewell to our friends Hamid and Afsaneh, and got to meet a new Peruvian friend and her lovely husband. We asked to experience dining in a hole in the wall which was a perfect way to end our journey.  As you see I got to meet and feed many stray cats and dogs. I thought I had seen every breed of dog -- until I  met the national dog of Peru: Peruvian Hairless Dog. I hope to get a chance to go back to Peru to experience the Nazca lines and North of Peru... still on our list of things to do before we die.

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by hamidbak on

As one of the travelers with Farah, I must say that the camera does not do justice, as wonderful as the photoes were.  This region offers incredible and breath taking views.  It is nature on steroids!

Wonderful, friendly people, very gracious. 

Before you go there, learn Spanish, hike a lot!!! and get ready for tons of colors. 

Enjoyable trip, glad we went.


Capt. P

by hamidbak on

Yeah JJ, capital P is right.  Finding a bathroom was a chore there!!!



You took me to Peru!

by Nader on

Faranak jan, your have a wonderful craft. It was like traveling with you to Peru.



Where is my "CHE" image in all this?



Machu Picchu

by Shepesh on

Always wanted to see it before I die, but now with the altitude problems I wish I visited when I was younger. It is great to see lovely blogs like this to share in the experience. And I agree, your love of animals really comes through these lovely photos.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

You're a Photographer with a capital P. You have the gift of capturing timeless moments.



by yolanda on



Machu Picchu is very cool! Peruvian pan flute music is beautiful!

Peruvians at Machu Picchu:


FIFA Ranking: Iran #48, Peru: #54

World Peace Index: Peru: #85, Iran: #119

GDP per capita: Iran: #72, Peru: #85.

Thank you for sharing your trip photos!



by Raoul1955 on

Thanks for sharing.  I started my day by enjoying your photos.  :-)

Azadeh Azad

Great photos, Farah jan.

by Azadeh Azad on

Great photos, Farah jan. Thank you.



Immortal Guard

Hey Kfravon: Watch this

by Immortal Guard on

Charlie Rose: The Brain Series!


Sag Najes Ast! Khook ham Najes As t!


Loved your collection

by Truthseeker9 on

Your photos show that it is not not just sightseeing which can be enjoyable but meeting the locals which include the animals. The photos of the dogs and cats are so beautiful and touching, and portrait number 162 - just fantastic! Hope you enjoy your future trips, and thanks so much for sharing.