Dinner & dance

Photo essay: Thanksgiving at Berkeley's Persian Center

by talieshah
For University of California-Berkeley Persian students, it has become a tradition to celebrate thanksgiving a couple of days early at Persian Center -- www.persiancenter.com. This annual dinner takes place on the Tuesday before thanksgiving and includes lots of delicious Persian dishes prepared by generous donors and volunteers. The night would not be complete without lots of socializing and dancing of course. It is so nice to see UC Berkeley graduates who also come to this dinner as a kind of reunion with their classmates.


omg, this reminds me of good

by mohammad (not verified) on

omg, this reminds me of good old days....how are you shahrzad??? i'll come to cali again to see you guys soon......well done....and by the way all of you look amazingly Fabulous...:)


totally agree

by persian proud (not verified) on

what a beautiful pictures, and yes i totally agree, the girl in tg011 is so cute, true persian beauty


My God she is gorgeou

by Heydar (not verified) on

The dancing girl in tg011 is a real Persian beauty.


ba salam

by javane bamaram (not verified) on

If you choose to criticize others, please do so in a manner that is respectful and polite with the intention of some sort of constructive outcome rather than to simply blow off some steam or put others down because you don't agree with what they're doing.

These are photos of an event some students had at UC Berkeley on THANKSGIVING. Despite the historical roots of this holiday, I think it would be nice to at least appreciate its name by making an effort to act on it by...GIVING THANKS!

Regardless of whether they name it Persian or Iranian Center, it is still a tribute to our heritage. Maybe you don't agree with the exact way it is being done or its name or many other things but try to GIVE THANKS for the fact that 25 years ago in this country Iran was the national media's public enemy number 1 and many people of Iranian decent were too ashamed to say where they came from (for fear of social backlash) let alone have a CENTER in one of the nation's TOP SCHOOLS.


ba salam


When you are happy ... you

by Mars (not verified) on

When you are happy ... you dance!
If Americans don't do it it doesn't mean they are right!
Iranians like dancing and so be it!
PS. I don't like dancing, but that doesn't mean others should follow my lead.
Give All a chance...


What lovely pictures!

by shiva (not verified) on

What lovely pictures!
God bless all these students!


please NOT on Thanksgiving day

by hedi (not verified) on

why do Iranians always have this urgency to dance? ....no matter what ..no matter when .....not even knowing why ?
I have never seen American celebrating thanksgiving with some out of place movements.

how can we ask our "bemazeh" girls to stop this madness?


Red Wine

Iranian Girls are ''Jigar''

by Red Wine on

baba in ax max haro injaha nazarin... mageh shumaha ghalb na'arin ??? man in khanuma ro mibinam,esh mikonam !!! cheh hali mideh ba in dokhtara porompompero beraghsi va hal kuni !!!

Thx for pics... I am waiting you in France or Spain :=) . 



thanks for deleting the rude comments

by felfel (not verified) on

When people write mean, rude comments, intelligence and objectivity is lost, and also others will be discouraged from posting photos, arts, etc, and we'll all loose. Please, let's all be civil.

I don't think this format of iranian.com is gonna work out.



by Ano (not verified) on

The fact is if there were no persian center, they would be in another center doing the same erotic dances...at least now they do it in the PERSIAN center with the persians and feel as if they are somehow better than others but it reality, they are the same. By the way, why not IRANIAN center? The kids in these pictures are just the typical moft-khors that pride themselves to be PERSIANS, but have no clue about Iran and its culture. They are the product of western crap and represent just that!


To Sina 1 : Despicable People

by Nader az Darakeh Evin (not verified) on

Given that addition of single digit numbers is the only requirement for posting comments it is conceivable that with proper training chimps and rats could post their comments as well. And of course the Western Liberal modus operandi of 'nothing is sacred' makes room for the fifth graders on the short bus.


How Nice! These photos are

by mana (not verified) on

How Nice!
These photos are going to be: "you remember those good ol' days?... Wow! this was 20 years ago in 2007!!
.... how happy we were back then!.... not like these days..... life was so easy back then... the good ol'days, we didn't cherish them like we should have!.... Wow we had so much time on our hands.... and food .... lots of food!!"
*- I hope it doesn't come to that, and that I am entirely wrong.... that it turns out to be the complete opposite!
let's cherish this god given moment right now!


You People Are Despicable

by Sina 1 (not verified) on

Has the Iranian really become the gathering place of mongrel bastards, given a platform in the name of free speech, to not only embarrass themselves but our entire people?

I am ashamed to share the same nationality with the individuals sharing their 'comments' on this website.

I hope the webmaster quickly erases the comments present for the dignity of everyone involved.


Excellent Iranian Females

by Yaghub Kohan (not verified) on

This Berkley place seems like a happening school. The Iranian women are so scantily dressed. God bless America. And by the way, "Yes Please. I need some more".