Diana of her time

Shah's second wife on cover of Mexican comic book

by Darius Kadivar
She was the Lady Diana of Her Times and one of the most beautiful and photographed celebrity throughout the 1950ís and swinging 60ís. (See Pictory) Her marriage to the Shah of Iran and subsequent divorce for not being able to give birth to a male heir made headlines in the International Press. Here is a Vintage item from 1968: A Mexican Comic Book Mujeres CÈlebres on the lives of Celebrities dedicated in this issue to Princess Soraya. If anyone can translate this to English, Please let me know. Muchas gracias!!!!

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by Sasha (not verified) on

Kadivar, thanks also for posting the comic book. It brought back some good childhood memories. My father would bring us this type of comic books to read in Spanish.


Dear anonymous -Native American! (not verified)!!

by Majid on

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Translation of page 2

by jamh on

1 So alone... So exhausted... Having come all the way from Persia.

2 No, I do not regret the separation... Neither do I regret the wedding despite everything. My life has been so interesting.

3 But it is difficult to be away from the Shah. My character doesn't tolerate humiliation.

4 I think as an oriental. In me boils Persian blood. I am a
Bakhtiari, my ancestral tribe scattered for of the burden of their

5 Rest finally and slowly descends to Soraya, while she mumbles about her origin, her father, Kalil Esfandiari...

6 Of an era when Prince Sardar Assad ruled on the descendents of the
Persian tribe of Bakhtiari. "Yes Kalil, one day you will possess all
of these territories."


Dear Native-American, In

by Anon (not verified) on

Dear Native-American,

In your eleven line of response, which is full of grammatical mistakes, you have used 13 swear words. And you expect to be taken seriously, while expressing opinion about OPEC :)

A native American who knows the meaning of "haram
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Truely, a man of class and character you are. You should run for office.

Kaveh Nouraee

Hey Dreamer..........

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Looks like you hate both the monarchy and the mollahs.



But I still have one question.............



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The American Dream is ME...

by Anonymous_American (not verified) on

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Thank you, Darius

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Just wanted to say thanks for posting this, Darius. You seem to have an affinity for history, and I, for one, enjoy seeing things like this. Rather than going to a museum, it's like having the museum come to me.


Unfortunately, some people, with their posts, demonstrate their obvious lack of decency and class. Oh well. The world needs ditch diggers too, I suppose.


Re: anonymous_amercian

by khashmgin1 on

anonymous_american what's the matter with you? I thought this is true only with almo69. But you too? Why so much hatred towards the Shah? Did he stick somthing up yours? or maybe a relative's? Was it so painful that after 30 years it's still hurting you? Did it damage your intestines???


Yes we did made a mistake 28 years ago because the likes of you managed to shit on us.


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Anonymous_AMERICAN Your

by Anon (not verified) on

Your tone, your anger, and your writing style clearly shows that you are Iranian, not American :)


Translation of first page

by jamh on

Title: Princess Soraya

1 The papers read: "Soraya divorces", "The Shah of Iran separates from wife". The caption: In 1957 all the publications of the world comment on the divorce of Soraya Esfandiary from Mohamed Reza, Shah of Iran.

2 During this time, the press descends upon the street where the famous empress lives. She says: "Fucking photographers!"

3 This painful separation is taking its toll on the fragile spirit of the queen of Persia. She only wears a red outfit, with the belief that this will liberate humanity.

4 Living in Munich she frequents other expatriates driving volvos. The lady wearing the fur coat says: "We were just coming to see how you're..."

5 Soraya: "What Algebra! How DO you convert these numbers to their squares?"

6 The fur lady: "Stay in the house, it is a bit beyond you."

7 The man: "That red dress, it is so hot!"

8 The fur lady: "I have my reservations about humanity though.."



As an American I am 100%

by Anonymous_AMERICAN (not verified) on

As an American I am 100% opposed to any monarchy. If you fucking Iranians live in the US you should respect our REPUBLIC. FUCK the Shah. You Iranian Monarchists living in LA can go back to where you came from if you are for the return of the monarchy to Iran. Iran needs to be a democratic republic. It should be like America! So fuck you people if you are monarchists. And fuck the Shah. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi has an Arab name. And as for the theocracy, it was you fucking 70 million Iranians who ran into the streets yelling, "Death to the Shah in 1979". So fuck off if you believe 28 years later that you made a mistake. I shit on you. You people are bastards.


Anonymous9 Are you an idiot?

by Anonymous Anti 9 (not verified) on

Sorraya was arab? are you f#@!ing kidding me? she was half german half BAKHTIYARI! you mixed her up with Fouziyeh! look it up before you make an even bigger idiot of yourself... jeeeeeeeeee LOL



by Fvck Aris (not verified) on

You are fvcking Ashghal...


Diana was an Arablover

by Anonymous9 (not verified) on

and Soraya was Arab. Still have respect for her?



by Aris (not verified) on

Homa, You seem to like the words FUCK and SHIT. In six short lines you use them six times. Simmer down.

Aren't there other more benign alternatives to either the corrupt, blood thirsty good-for-nothing Pahlavi and the corrupt, blood thirsty, good-for-nothing mullahs? I agree. The 1979 was the second invasion of Iran by Arabs--the third occurred in 1980. But Shah was not a modern democratic ruler. When in 1927 he survived the assassin's bullets, he claimed that he saw Ali's hand (to use your favorite expression, a fucking Arab's hand), evidently not an effective shield, protecting him. On his first trip to Tehran from some small town in Mazandran, he was lost in the woods. He claimed that he saw a man, covered in a mysterious light, who never uttered a word but simply pointed to the right direction. He says that he knew right away that he was the twelfth imam. The man was superstitious, fearful, uneducated, illiterate and held deep resentment against Iranian culture -- you should read about the hellish times he had during his stay in the most expensive high school in Switzerland, and how he was ridiculed by other students from the European aristocracy. When he fled Iran in 1953, he went to Ali's tomb in Najaf and cried for a long time. When CIA brought him back, he claimed that Ali, the King of Kings, bestowed him back the throne -- Ali's real name was of course Kermit Roosevelt.

And the mullahs? They are the scum of the earth. My generation (I left Iran in late 50s) considered them as aliens. They barely spoke Persian, never read any Persian book, and hated everything Persian.



by anonymus (not verified) on

Gozasht on Zaman!!
Let's look to the future and see what we can do for generations to come. The problem with us(Iranians) is that we dwell and linger.
The reason why we are BEHIND is because we think about the past too much. Let's focus onto the future. (And be realistic!!)
Love and Peace to intelectual Iranians ane Iranian lovers

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Thanks to the rare comments I see here appreciating what this photo essay is all about: A Comic Book. Nothing less, Nothing More.

As for you guys who can't even make an interesting comment be it for or against this publication why waste the readers time on this website?

Get a Life !

As for the Hezbollahi's UP YOURS ! ;0)



Vice versa

by Maziaar (not verified) on

Diana was the Soraya of our times, not vice versa! But Seriously, thanks, this was great.


Rafsanjani's daughter

by Bacheh Akhoond (not verified) on

Faezeh Rafsanjani is the woman of the year. Faezeh is great in handling three simultaneously.


Zero similarities between Diana and Soraya

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

What are the similarities between Diana and Soraya? NOTHING! ZERO! Diana worked with and for the sick and poor, she walked on the minefields. What did Soraya do beside manicuring and pedicuring her nails?

Soheil Samouhi

Tend to agree!

by Soheil Samouhi on

I tend to agree with RedWine.

Soraya was a siimple girl from a well known family, but she didn't make any dent to any social issues of the time.



Red Wine

No !

by Red Wine on

nemidunam keh chera alagheh darid irani ha ro ba baghieh moghayeseh konid ! Diana koja Sorraya koja baba jun !!!


Diana of her time

by Anonymous on

Very beautiful=Muchas gracias!!!!