Colors of my flag

Drawings for these troubled times

by ramintork

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what is the black writing?

by babrazi on

what is the black writing?


اله يحسابك حساب

SILENCE TONE (not verified)

اله يحسابك حساب عسير وجهنم ياربي ع طووول أو الله يهديك


Anthem for Neda

by ramintork on

Anthem for Neda

What lamenting cry for you who fell like a leaf?

More howling guns or sound of protesting feet?

What drops should pour for this anguish?

Their tears of Gas? More weeping in blood vanquished?

No mockeries for you; no drink from their martyr's well,

Nor sound and vision from a TV deaf and blind for those who fell,

No gleam of sorrow from these murderous beasts,

Only a frenzy as they persist their blood feast.

How many candles should we burn to keep your memory alive?

Burn the World with your light or go back to just survive?

You gave your youth, life and beauty,

Shame on us to live but not to do our duty.

Life is just a day, our lives race towards the dusk,

We shall walk your path in freeway, we must until we turn to dust.

Ramin Tork 23rd June 2009

Nazy Kaviani

Dear Ramin

by Nazy Kaviani on

This is very powerful and thought provoking work. I will share this with others. Thank you.


Very timely...

by Princess on

Thank you for sharing your powerful work with us, Ramin jan.



by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

where can I get these?