Breakfast in Elahieh

Photo essay: Bagh-e-Honar in Tehran

by Fathali Ghahremani
Here are some pictures of the “Artist’s Garden” Bagh-e-Honar in Tehran. It is located in Elahieh, right off of Feresheteh in Kuche Hessabi. It is a museum and restaurant. Great place for breakfast, coffee or a meal. The garden has models of the main tourist attractions of Iran, all made to the same scale. The garden is beautiful and the museum has shows of contemporary Iranian artists once a month. They were featuring Parviz Tanavoli when we were there.

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breakfast in elahieh

by Ed (not verified) on

that picture of the feta cheese, walnuts, raisins, tomatoes, basil, etc, look absolutely YUMMY!

just a couple of hot taftan breads are missing.

great picture...


Nice photos

by amirkabear4u on

Thank you for sharing/showing these photos. BUT, referring to photo no 14 is this really Iranian breakfast or is it one off those things trying (new strange culture!!) to force on us. Iranian society is trully a confused one. 


A best title might be ...

by Shikamoo (not verified) on

paradise. Very beautiful pictures - havasseh nouno panir ghojeh kardam ...