Boys to men

Photo essay: Friends, family and...

by Alireza Najafian


Child artists of Iran

by beautyful (not verified) on

Dear sir

This is the only one site from Iran to show the actual talent ship of iranian boys.

See the home page


ba salam be editore site

by alirezanajafian (not verified) on

ba salam be editore site iranian....
moteassefam ke mibinam bedune ejaze va hamahangi ba man az axhaie man gallery dorost kardid va hatta bazi axha ro crop yek naghze ashkare copy righte....
bayad ghabl az anjame in kar ba man hamahangi mishod....mokhalefati nemikardam ama hagh nadashtid saraz khod inkar ro bokonid....
kash be yeki dokhat az shoaarhamun amal mikardim....
heif ke baad az inhame sal zendegi dar sarzaminhaie motemadan, hanuz vase baghie hagh ghael nistid....
nemidunam kei yad migirim....
yekam dire albatte....


this kind art call post expressionism

by from hajiagha (not verified) on

his not crazy or...he try speak out from lenses camera same as artist film maker or abstract, modern art,post fish art, a kind post expressionism....mixed with real life and some fantasy


cool pictures

by abadan, laam c (not verified) on

cool pictures. and cool taste of photography.


Very interesting angles , viewpoints & poses

by chocolate (not verified) on

I liked them overall, and my most favorites were #6, and #18. ( In #6, personally I liked it better with just a normal facial expression)

.I found #19 disturbing.
.Thanks for sharing.


The Beautiful People of Iran

by Shae'r (not verified) on

Our Brothers, Our Sisters, Our Flesh and Blood ..
Our Mothers, Our Daughters, The Land of Glory ..
The Great People of Iran, From History's Past ..
At The Crossroads of Civilizations, Watching Eternity ..
From The Meadows to The Great Cities, Not Blinking an Eye ..
Giving Wisdom To Humanity, Unashamedly Humble ..
Oh Iran, Oh My Land, My Very Being ..
The Bosom Of My Creation, The Breast of My Feeding ..
Enemies Come and Go, But You Always Endure ..
May Your Greatness Once Again Be Completely Restored ..


Clever eyes...

by Paula S..................................... (not verified) on

Bas, Bas, Bas now - now does anyone mind there manors these days? Appreciate the work for what it is - sharing an opportunity to see through someone elses eyes. I found each photograph to be interesting, and beautiful in it's own different way. Albeit perhaps not my actual taste but each held something... Nazari nadaram...

Khelli Mamnoon Alireza for the photographs!!!


hey you better read the

by bache florida (not verified) on

hey you better read the explanation for each picture on his flicker before judging him! and by the way, hajiagha: your so called art is by far worse than his...saret to lake khodet bashe mard hesabi. be to che marbooteh ki che aksi migire. vakil e melat shoodi to! on mard be elat nadashtan e kolah moghe motor savari in bala saresh omade o maghzesh khonrizi karde ke ontoori shoode! it's called Raccoon eyes!


he just photographer stupid man

by hajiagha on


what is that barbaric looking, go get some help, or go study some art and do not drink's lots when you witeb some things here



by DD (not verified) on

Absolutely breathtaking! Thank you for sharing.


These are some of the

by Anonymous^2 (not verified) on

ugliest mongoloids in the photos.


Did some Khar have sex with the female members of your family and friends to produce such barbaric looking animals!?