The big day

Photo essay: San Francisco rally on global day of action

by kfravon
It turned out to be an amazing day! We met up at San Francisco State University, and walked about 3 miles to the Rally outside City Hall. Many Americans stopped us to ask about the rally and its whereabouts. We were told public radio was announcing the big day. United4Iran/Norcal4Iran staff put together an amazing rally along with many speakers and performers. I witnessed many shedding tears. The gathering was packed with positive energy. Unity amongst people seeking human rights... simply awesome!

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Parisa Marashi

Khahesh meekonam, Im very glad you like it.

by Parisa Marashi on

Hello my name is Parisa Marashi and i am the designer of "Pari the Protester."

Im so touched that you like her thank you for your support of my work, i love her very much and am very proud of her.

She's currently sporting the "Where's My Friend" slogan

Parisa Irani or Parisa Marashi at Facebook



Again Monda thank you for your love and support


United We Stand


beautiful photo essay

by Anonymously on

beautiful photo essay indeed. you have an eye for the minute. timing's good too. how do you manage to snap photos w/o the subject's awareness? nice job and thanks.

Darius Kadivar

Farah Jaan Your GOLDEN EYE Hits the Nail as Usual

by Darius Kadivar on

Beautiful and very touching photo essay.

The one with the Mother who lost her daughter is truly moving:


Thanks for Sharing,




The beautiful old mother in #51 has been with me all day

by Monda on

There are many powerful images in this album that I had missed at the rally! 


Thank You!

by Yana on

Dear Kfravon, thank you for the hard work, khasteh nabashy!  I wanted so bad to be part of the protest on that day and with a green band on my left arm and wearing green earings and holding my little Iranian flag (ba sheer O khorsheed ba ejazatoon) went to UNLV exactly @ 7 p.m on that day but there was no one there and I was very dissapointed but you and Nazy kaviani cheered me up with your fantastic photo essays, you 2 should open up a gallery.


Picture # 11, is my favorite though because those tired looking people standing bar sareh do rahey in the fog, still holding on to their slogens reminded me of tired Iranian nation STILL HOLDING ON!

Picture # 40 brought tears into my eyes, a tired Iranian mother like my own!

And # 140 will be my screen savor for a while.


shad zee




by kfravon on

It was a peaceful day.

Everyone got to display their ideas/thoughts through signs, flags, tears, laughter and ...

If we want to be 'united',  we have to let everyone state their opinion in their own way-

 Unity & Peace for Iran.



Anyone care to guess by

by jamh on

Anyone care to guess by whom is the following snipet?

Now here you go again, you say, you want your freedom
Who am I to keep you down
It's only right that you should play it the way that you feel it
But listen carefully to the sound of your loneliness

Organic NUTritionist

LOVED the CHILDREN (especially) in the pictures...

by Organic NUTritionist on

very nice pictures, wish i was there :)


Beautiful coverage of the SF rally! (and question for Admin)

by Monda on

Faranak jan vaaghean bezanam be choob! Thanks dear for sharing your lovely photos with us. Oh by the way how do you like my new avatar?

Dear Admin: Am I allowed to use Faranak's shot as my avatar here? 

My Thanks to the creator of that Pari the Protester where ever you are. Love ya! 


Faranak does it again!

by sima on

What splendid photos. I never get enough of them.

Ghorboone oon shutter-et!


Nice pictures.  I

by Anonymouse on

Nice pictures.  I have a feeling Hamed Nikpay's performance was perhaps the peak of the event. 

There are a lot of green Rosie the Riveter variations. They are all good and we need more variations of it!

Everything is sacred.