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Photo essay: Dogs adopted from Iran's first animal shelter

by kfravon
Founded in 2004, Vafa Animal Shelter is the first animal shelter in Iran. When a family chooses a Vafa dog, our team in Tehran will start the process of getting all their travel documents in order. The dog gets micro-chipped and vaccinated as required by the country they will be traveling to. The size and weight of the dog is then measured and an airline approved travel kennel is purchased >>> more

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Tiger Lily

Thank you, kfravon:)

by Tiger Lily on

'will do...


tiger lily

by kfravon on

you can email  and pose some of your questions that pertains to Vafa Animal Shelter.  you may have to do some research of your own to answer some of the other ones....

Tiger Lily

Still got questions

by Tiger Lily on

How much are the average costs of adoption compared to shelter within Iran.


How much is being done for rabies containment within Iran.


What are the medical services etc. offered within Iran ?

How much is being spent on a different perception of pets within Iran, image-wise?

If any, how does it compare to adoption costs outside the country?


What are the tax laws relating to all this? 


What are the general generic laws about non-domestic and domestic animals within the country? In fact what is considered domestic or non-domestic within Iran?


Animals entering the British Isles are subjct to quarantine laws, often six months confinement.What precautions are being taken for the obvious psychological suffering of the animal before entering the international domain? 





by Bavafa on

It's so wonderful to see such an organization in Iran...looks like they're doing a great job helping these dogs find shelter, safety, and forever homes.  Kudos to all who are involved in helping these sweet dogs!

 'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Passing your word around to dog loving friends...

by Monda on

As i have since I learned about Vafa. Beautiful shots!


I think this is wonderfull

by koorosh10 on

I think this is wonderfull that people start to realize the importance of treating animals right. They are all wonderfull pictures. Having pets is a great trapy for every one. Scientists beleave that people with pet live longer life and are happier in general. Again wonderfull pictures and god bless all these kind dogs. By the way did I miss any Goldenritriver in these pictures? That is my fevorite bread.  

Mohammad Ala

Thanks to all....

by Mohammad Ala on

Thanks to all who have helped VAFA and several other animal shelters in Iran.

There are people who care about various creatures, yes in Iran.

My family and I have held several of these dogs for example, Fandogh in our hands when they were puppy at VAFA shelter.

I don't remember the exact quote which is attributed to Ghandi... it goes like this... you can know a nation by their kindness towards their animals... 

Jahanshah Javid

luvky dogs

by Jahanshah Javid on

to have faranak on their side. keep up the great work :)

Nader Vanaki

To: Maziar 58

by Nader Vanaki on

امام خمینی در دیدار با ورزشکاران فرمودند: "من ورزشکار نیستم ولی ورزشکاران را دوست می دارم".  خیلی مخلصیم!


We are ALWAYS looking for mosafer from Iran to help bring ...

by kfravon on


 I'm currently looking for mosafers FROM Tehran to:

1. Vancouver

2. Toronto

3. Europe (preferably Germany)



we've worked mainly with KLM and Lufthansa which handle our precious cargos with utmost care.   we stay away from Iran Air, Emirates and a few other middle-eastern airlines....


please help spread the word. NO mozahemat for mosafer:




maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

agha vanaki
sorry for misunderstanding.
joke man bara khomeyni bood -o- baas;shoma sarvar maeed oostad dobareh poozesh.
Back toyour Q any dogs or pet with proper health certificate and pet-carrier is welcomed to JFK and will not go through finger printing and mug shot.

Nader Vanaki

To: Maziar 58

by Nader Vanaki on

من سگ نیستم ولی سگها را خیلی دوست دارم.



by Truthseeker9 on

As always thank you for showing what can be achieved against the odds in a country like Iran. I cannot say any are my favourites as they all are wonderful pics.

BTW TL - You are entitled to your opinon but your need for attention is getting tiring, especially where you cannot draw the line where Human and Animal Rights issues are concerned.Get a grip on your ego and stop putting it before everything else. Not everything is a joke or an opportunity for you to spam good blogs.


Kfravon......don't accept the apologies......

by پندارنیک on

...........not until the veggie tiger ( a rare species ) agrees to eat a pound of my flesh..................

It must be the coffee, again..............

Tiger Lily

Kfravon, my apologies for

by Tiger Lily on

typing out loud like a bulldozer. That, really was pathetic of me! 

Mercy and forgiveness please. ;) 

P.S.  I don't love animals, especially not the human kind, but perhaps you might get support from organizations like Animal Aid.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Very nice ... many thanks

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Good work. Hope you won't get discouraged by some comments. That is how we are ... sort of dog-eat-dog.

PS: you don't have to be vegan to love animals ... all animals eat other living things too.


lovely pictures

by bambi on

I like this one a lot.   Their ears, mouth & body language.  Attentive & happy.  So cute.




maziar 58

nice pictures thanks. A-

by maziar 58 on

nice pictures thanks.

A- to mr. vanaki  : kaash man 'am sag boodam im. khom... LL



Tiger Lily

by kfravon on

dear one:
please take it easy...if you LOVE animals, this photo album should have really warmed your 'kind' heart...
yes, i also have a passion in taking picture of 'foods' and yes, i was ignorant and didn't realize the photos i took of meats offended some people and ... now that i 'think' i have also learned a few lessons in my life, i stay away from meats...i'm no 'vegan' but do my best to be pescatarian ...and may be soon vegetarian....

Immortal Guard

You are a real liberator!

by Immortal Guard on

You are a true  liberator  and these dogs are true survivors who will now continue to live their lives in  peace !

It is so funny to see some  strong  people finding solace in these dogs!

Nader Vanaki

سوآل از Vafa Animal Shelter

Nader Vanaki

یکی از دوستام که ایران زندگی می کنه میخواد بیاد آمریکا.  قراره ویزا اپلیکیشین پُر کنه و می خواستم سوآل کنم اگه نژادش رو شکاری بنویسه یا ژرمن شپرد کدوم شانس بیشتری برای گرفتن ویزا داره؟


Thank you for the beautiful photos

by comments on

Dogs are more than human friends.  This is a good article to review:


Tiger Lily

Do you eat other animal flesh

by Tiger Lily on




If so, very well-documented insome of your "photo essays", get off your high horse and get a huge grip on reality away from your giant sunglasses, and please,

really please

stop the "kindness commodity" front.

You eat animals. Like HELLO?

YOU EAT them!

This is truly pathetic.

Get a hold of rabies containment inside Iran.


Woof woof of modernity...

by پندارنیک on

Have the dog owners who reside in Iran learned how to drive properly between the road lines, obey the traffic signs, yield to the pedestrians, etc. in case they have to take their lovely pet to the vet by car? Say yes, and I won't raise the stinky issue of scooping the poop............



by Raoul1955 on

Speaking, I had no idea that the Iranian dogs look different from the rest of the dogs, but I am not a zoologist.
Beautiful photos, very heartwarming and the humans look like any other humans in the world.

Esfand Aashena

They definately look Iranian! Good luck to them all!

by Esfand Aashena on

Everything is sacred