Photo essay: Iran and Iranians

by Abbas Rahbar (HORIZON)


The Best Eidee

by PT (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Rahbar,
As I was cleaning my e-mails at work I came across this issue of Iranian that I had not opened. What a wonderful "Ediee" on this first day of Norooz to travel to Iran through the lense of your camera, to the place that I have not been to for 22 years.
To absorb through the pages the colors, smells, laughter, innocence, irony, tragedy, and beauty. What a treat.
I am humbled by your collection and reminded why after all these years I am still very proud to have been born in Iran.
Thanks again for sharing your wonderful eye with us.
Best wishes for the new year.


The People: Average Face...

by Dr. A. Hassan Danesh, Sociologist (not verified) on

Iranians on the average may not be too happy about their "collective nose" but surely that shortcoming could be compensated by their good and very well set "Collective Teeth."

1. This statement is wrong
2. This statment is correct
3. This statment's worth cannot be judged one way or the other
4. No response



by Somebody (not verified) on

Dorood bar shoma! This collection of photos is by far one of the best that I have ever seen. They are artistically flawless; wonderful perspective in all of them and the faces are filled with genuine emotions! #6 is a stunner for me and I still pause at it, having looked at your album quite a few times. Mamnoon.


Iran & Iranians

by NeghNeghoo (not verified) on

WOW! Gorgeous!


Simply Incredible

by Bernie (not verified) on

As a photographer I have to say this collection made my jaw drop.
Absolutely stunning work and thanks for sharing.


It is examples like these

by Balouchi (not verified) on

It is examples like these that make photography a work of art. I wanted to thank you and Cannon for making these shots possible, I will check out your flickr page for more info on cameras and filters and lenzes used.



by capt_ayhab on

That is all I can say, and thanks for sharing them



wonderful set

by legofish on

Really nice work. #48 is probably one of the best pictures I've ever seen! well done. 



The Sound of Bell Music: Second Concerto

by Anonymous32 (not verified) on

Teeth of Piano

Her lovely laugh
In a beautiful sound
In a gentle exhaling
Appeared on a set of
Long and extended white teeth
All in perfect order
Inside her all opened up mouth

At first I thought for the first time
I am looking at the piano keyboard
All in crispy shiny white
With a music identical to human sound
When he is in an absolute happiness n jubilee

--AH Danesh, Poet


i wont forget these faces :)

by puss on

I love all of them specially 1, 2, 14


Dear Ari, You have an

by Avaaykhosh (not verified) on

Dear Ari,
You have an excellent point about ethics in photo-journalism.


I agree, these photos are

by desi on

I agree, these photos are very good. Candid, close up portraits are my favorite.


No.1 is my favorite,

by Mehrban on

it reminds me of a segment of Golchin Gilani's poem "Baraan"

Aseman aabi cho darya

yek do abr inja vo anja

chon dele man,

rooz roshan 

As if taking the words out the mouth of the man in the photograph. 


Stunning nose! I knew Iranians have beautiful noses! Beautiful!

by gol-dust on

Honestly, they were beautiful! I am sure al ot of guys now wanna marry the model!



by HEVAK on

Looking at those innocent faces and pure soul are so relaxing...

Please tell us where did you take them? I have not seen North of Iran very well.


Thank you...

by kfravon on

Your photos tell me that you have been LOOKING! I enjoyed all of them. I'm particulary fond of 28 - great lighting. Photos like this would last.
I don't see any of your subjects not happy with your lens towards them, so you should just ignore the one note 'to the photographer' about what's unethical and illegal!

Now going to check out your flickr albums.


how many times have we said it?

by gratitude (not verified) on



Some of the best pictures

by thanks (not verified) on

Some of the best pictures I've seen on this site.

Great compositions, insightful eye, and delicate color corrections. Thanks for sharing them.

Orang Gholikhani


by Orang Gholikhani on

Fantastic !



to Louis Dis Nef

by iri (not verified) on

With all due respect, my questions were clearly addressed to the photographer.


Simply beautiful. I love the

by Diane (not verified) on

Simply beautiful. I love the colors and I can almost taste the air in the countryside images.



by Louis Dis Nef (not verified) on

your harsh comment to the photographer is null and void and baseless. Most of his images are from people in the public and public domain. In any place in the world you are free to photograph what you see and publish them as long as it does not show people in a degrading and compromising poses that can hurt them one way or another. If this photographer had taken nude pictures of women he certainly would need their consent, but photographing bunch of happy kids or old people on the streets does not need a list of who is who.

Resentment is number one enemy of a non artist.

My favorite was number 46.


Nice Range

by Sid Sarshar on

Mr. Rahbar,

I enjoyed these images very much.  They are wonderful and pleasent.  Keep up the good work.  I like the range and the movement in your work. 

Sid Sarshar


They are all beautiful

by Abarmard on

I love to hang number 7 in my living room wall.



by iri (not verified) on

Questions for the photographer:
With the exception of a few photos that may have been shot w/ an artistic purpose in mind of those who may be related to you, have you sought the consent of your "models" that their pcitures will be posted on the internet for public view? Have they even made aware of it? How many of the viwers would like to have their own photos or those of their relatives (mother and sisters) posted for public viewing WITHOUT their knowledge? Will you "dare" to grab your digital camera and roam in the US cities taking pictures of folks here and posting them on the internet w/o their awareness?

Not only it is unethical, it is illegal (in some instances).



by BK (not verified) on

Wonderful photos.

Thank you.


Very good pictures

by Shahriar on

Specially 41 and 49


Okay, may be I'm reading too much into things!!!

by farrad02 on

The title of the photo essay is "Iran and Iranians". It shows nothing but the beautiful pictures of Iranian people and then it ends with 2 pictures showing nothing but a herd of sheep (#18 and #19) and finally a shephard holding a stick to run and rule the sheep with! Huh?!



by BK (not verified) on

Truly wonderful photos.

Many thanks for sharing.


Beautiful photography, beautiful people ..

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

Thank you!