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Photo essay: Thousands join Norooz parade

by talieshah
Norooz parade in San Jose, Northern California (Sunday March 30th), was enjoyed by thousands of Iranians and Americans. Hope you enjoy the photos!


Pictures 22, 25 and 29

by Anonymouse on

Looked like lots of fun.  just a few comments on 3 of these pictures:

Pic 22 says Persia - Iran.  Reads like Persia minus Iran which I'm not sure what it equals to?! Persia - Iran = ? Perhaps a better title would have been Persia = Iran

Pic 25, looks like the girls wanted to wear rosaries and were told, nah rosary is bad, women's right, etc. and girls said, what are you talking about and they finally compromised with rosary with skirts and high heels!  I liked the photo, it is unique.

Pic 59, that is a costume for Shemr! Looks like the costume was brought from a Tazieh and mixed and matched.  Imam Hussein didn't have body armor (neck mesh) and he wore green.  Some of the "extras" in Tazieh had brown outfits.  Anyway, funny when you don't know what you are wearing.  Perhaps many would have cried bloody murder if they knew the costume is about Karbala!

Not trying to nit pick, these pictures just stood out.  Eid-e hame mobarak!



by Anonymous646 (not verified) on

Even though i was not able to attend the parade...from the pictures it is obvious that alot of hard work, dedication, and commitment went into the organization of this parade. My hats off to all the people involved and all the people that attended. These types of events shows an aspect of our culture and educates others about our culture. Also it is great that politicians like Ross Mirkarimi are representing for Iranians in US politics. we need more people like it. Iran Rocks, USA (with the exception of the GWB and his cabinet) Rocks, Northern California Rocks, Iranians Rock, and I Rock! Chakereh hameye Erooniha!


Impressive- Happy New Year

by Freidoon (not verified) on

My hat off to the organizers. Bravo NorCal Iranians


thats great! happy norooz >:D

by miloo (not verified) on

thats great! happy norooz >:D<


True Iran and Iranians

by Kamangir on

It's wonderful to see Iranians celebrating the 'true' Iranian events, events that the IRI is trying to eradicate, while replacing them with anti-Iranian arabic tribal events.

Ba sepase faravan be tamamie Iraniane rastin


MRX1, be ommid-e oon rooz

by Majid on

Delamo kabaab  va daagh-e delamo taaze kardi "braadar" with your comment!


too bad

by MRX1 (not verified) on

we don't have these kinds of parade and celeberations at home!



by Parthian on

Love to see Iranian compatriots enjoying themselves, and celebrating the most important of holidays as true Iranians.

However, I like to make two important points. We should not be too liberal with Historical facts. In essence, we can not, and should not push the pendulum to the other side because of Islamic Republic.

I have seen in just about every parade through many years this notion that Cyrus the Great founded the Achameneid Empire on some "universal" values of Zarathustra. That is simply wrong, the First Persian empire had no, or little religious component associated with it. If anything, the art and architecture was full of Mithraic symbols, and not Zoroasterian. I love Koroush Kabir to death, and he should be credited with lots of things, including unsurpassed humanity, and humanistic values, but almost no credible scholar would label his cylinder as the first declaration of human rights. He may have practiced human rights way beyond his time, unlike Muhammad who was a pedophile, and a force of destruction and violence, but let's not assign things to Koroush that have no historical basis.

I love the pictures here, unfortunately, I was unable to attend this parade. So couple of less important suggestions: Please take the Mercedes Benz, and other cars out of the parade. I can live with Iranian teenagers looking like singers of 80's heavy metal bands, but let's not have the Benz in there, I beg you. Second, let's use the name of our beautiful months, rather than the name of the months in the Roman(Julius) calendars.




Salam . Nowruz mobarak .

by Mohammad (not verified) on

سلام به همه عزیزان . نوروز مبارک باد . کاش کمی از شادیهایتان را با ما قسمت کنید . با امید بهروزی برای ایرانیان .



by urstruly (not verified) on

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

So Good to see everyone happy and united in celebrating our culture and diversity.

Eydeh Hamegiyeh Shoma Mobarak !



You guys have beautiful

by A (not verified) on

You guys have beautiful weather this time of
the year, but poor new yorkers have to have their parade in the cold weather. Not much fun dancing in the street when you're freezing!


Iranians in Northern California?

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

My friend just told me that Silicon Valley is in Northern California.

Are all these people computer engineers?

Anyhow, why don't these people move to L.A., like the rest of the Iranians.

But, please don't move to Irvine. Irvine is just not L.A.

And if you move to L.A., please move to Beverly Hills.



by Hasan (not verified) on

I find it appropriate to thank the British for their work to locate, find, translate and look after the Cyrus Cylinder. We should always remember who found this important piece of civilization.

British Museum, in 2005, had an exhibition on Persian archeological items. The exhibition was named: The Forgotten Empire. Where the history of Cyrus Cylinder was explained and shown to the world. Thanks guys.


Alahazrat Hajagha


by Alahazrat Hajagha on

We are so lucky to have someone like Talieh Sh in our community. Her work and kindness is unique. She has dedicated alot of her time and effort to our community in Bay Area. Thanks Talieh for great pics.