Ahd e boogh

Radio Iran magazine

by Darius Kadivar
Radio Iran magazine from White Revolution Era (early 1960s) with features on Wrestler Takhti as well as land distribution by Shah to peasants.[compiled by QUICK7770]

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What most of you have in common is that you are arabzadeh

by Anonymous666 (not verified) on

and muslim! Oun shaheh olagham khorafatee o mosalmon bazi mekard - teereh havaee, bah, bah shucks...had he been a good muslim all those rounds would have been shot into the crowds and you idiots would not be sucking on sommagh.



by mrx (not verified) on

very nice pictures indeed. Interestingly in 1960's people looked better, better clothes, and half ass classy. some one should do before and after..
The govrnment and the shah had nothing to do with Takhti's death and it's too bad that the kidnapper terrorist golesorkhi was killed by the government. they should have kept him alive, because either mullah's sewer republic would have killed him any way or he would have joined this regime and would have contributed to this hell called islamic republic and then people would have cursed the previous government as to why the hell the government didn't kill scum like him when they had the chance!!!!


Who killed more...

by ahvazi on

If we compare Shah vs Khominie/Khamenie (K/K)and see who killed more Hamvatans, I think K/K would win. If we take K/K and put them in Shah's era, when there were minimal news outlets, communication and human rights associations then K/K would have a field day. Inshaalah there will come a time when Iranians will enjoy the benefits of wise leaders....  


Irooni, to dorost megee

by Mansour (not verified) on

Hey Irooni
to dorost megee to mojahed nisti vali az mojhed badtaree, to mulleh lover hasti, khak barsar to va un mullahee dayooos. hich feker kardee ke chra bad az 30 sal melat az in mulla ha cheghad motnaferand? chon tarzeh fekerh un ha ham mesleh toe khak to sareh ast. bro khoda ra shoker kon ke shahee bod va be to va khanevadeat yek savadee daad ke betonee posteh yek pc beshinee va nazarateh khlaee mohemte ra be havtananet begooee loool.



by Colonel Hemayat (not verified) on

Yes He was a second rated poet, he was a Marxist who believed in Emam Hussian!!!! he was a very small part of a plan to kidnap crowned prince Reza Pahlavi who was a 12 years old kid back then!!!!!(Mind you the plan was masterminded in a joint smoking get together!!)) He took that small part too seriuosly and pretended to be the big shot of the plan and he got shot!!! He did not deserve to die, no he deserved to be laughed at. Once again, I piss on Gholsorkhi, Jazani, and Daneshian's grave, PROUDLY!!!


Colonel Hemayat?

by Q on

Did you just say Golesorkhi killed himself to implicate the shah? And he was a bad poet (apparently bad poets deserve to die) Are you sure you are feeling well, buddy?


People should not jump down my throat next time, I call saltanat-talab's brainwashed. Here is exhibit number 1.


Hey Mansour e olaagh

by Irooni (not verified) on

Khak to sare bee shooret konan ke kheily khari. tou aslan motevajeh manzoore man shodi? koor kooraneh dari az kone pahlavi mikhori o zer mizani. khak to sare to va oon mojaheen khalgh jakesh konan ke joftetoon vapasgara o olaghid. dar zemn dehatia 2/3 jameiyate iroon o tashkil midan beheshoon tohin nakon goosaleh shah parast.



by Colonel Hemayat (not verified) on

آريامهر عکس تو را از ديوارها زدودند
تو بر قلب تاريخ ملتت حکاکی شدی.

Shah did not kill Takhti, "Toodeh" party murdered him, Kianoory himself said, they did it to gain negative attention towards Shah's regime, just as Samad Behrangi was NOT murdered by SAWAK he was drowned, and Gholsorkhi was a big "Koskhol", a second rated poet who wanted to get murdered to draw attention.

I piss on Gholsorkhi grave and every other Lefti traitor!!!


As I said before "The Most Likely Story",

by Qumars (not verified) on

Sure it's not 100%. I agree, nothing is certain but death and taxes.


always amazed at the nerve

by cambizz (not verified) on

of some shah supporters to rewrite history, 30-40 years after thefacts. everyone knows shah kill our Jahan pahlavan. just like shariati and golesorkhi and others, there no mystery about it. is no contest between shah and mullahs we dont need a race. thyboth corrupt to the bone.

Darius Kadivar

Merci pour les compliments Red WIne ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

J'espere que ces documents vous permetteront de vous faire votre propre opinion.

Je ne prends pas la defense de qui que ce soit ni d'un regime ou d'un autre meme si je ne le cache pas je n'aime pas le regime Islamique d'Iran et il le savent ;0)

On ne peut pas comprendre le passe si on ne dispose pas de documents que je sache. Ils n'ont cas publier leurs documents et on verra qui a raison.

Qui est ce qui les empechent ?

Merci encore qui que vous soyez,



Foad and Q

by Get Foad & Q (not verified) on

Have you two thuought about meeting each other and spending your golden years together!? I assume you two are homos!?

Darius Kadivar

FOAD is not only a Becheh Naneh he is also a Coward ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

I love to read comments from anonymous Hezbollahi's who are so afraid of being denounced that they don't even use their real name nor have the guts to challenge you with arguments.

Go think what you want. You think I am on the Pahlavi payroll ? Well let me tell you had I been I would not be ashamed to say it. It just happens that I am not. Nor for that matter am I even a member of any opposition group.

I don't believe in politicians to start with. I believe in Civil Society and Democracy.

Has anyone asked my friend Jahanshah JAVID if he is an Islamist because he publishes news on Iran or even people like you who are defending the undefendable ? JJ was a former Islamist and changed into a real democrat unlike people like you who are intolerant.

People like you just refuse discussion and are around to accuse others for their own shortcomings. Why are you so afraid to sign under your real name ?

Hope If things change in Iran people like you won't be in power, cause you are made of the same skin as any dictator.

Bye Bye Yellow Belly Bacheh Naneh  ...



shah or Mullahs?

by hajiagha on

Iranian artist

شاه ایران اگر دزد هم بود باز خیرش به مردم ما میرسید آما این آخونها .....او آدم رو به یاد مغولها وغارت ایران می اندازد

Red Wine

Darius Kadivar Khan :=)

by Red Wine on

J'aime lire ce que vous écrivez au sujet de l'Iran.Vous faites un bon travail comme toujours, merci beaucoup.


Picture of a murder submitted by his stooge...

by Foad on

The person (DK) who has become (either self appointed or in payroll of  this Moftkhor incompetent specimen called RP) an archivist of murderous sold out Pahlavi regime is himself an arrogant, sold out stooge who uses profanity and threaten to sue if you do not agree with his points.

First land reform was a sham push through his throat by Kennedy administration. I was in Iran during that time and at the end of this so called reform as usual rich landowner (including himself) got richer and a few peasants who got a little bit of land did not have the means to maintain and grow crop so they invariably ended up selling it back for a peanut to the rich landowner.

Second Takhti our true Iranian hero was murdered during murderous Pahlavi regime and not when Mossadegh was in power.

Pahlavi cabals are rewriting history with the help "Bacheh Naneh" DK. "Bacheh Naneh" was DK last response to me. Foad

Darius Kadivar

Thanks Q For Feedback but not convinced ...

by Darius Kadivar on

You will never hear me support the SAVAK or any torture/crimes  commited by this organization but on the otherhand we know today that much of what was said about the SAVAK were biaised, The Trials of the Revolutionaries conducted by the likes Ibrahim Yazdi back in 1979 were anything but balanced, just and reliable by all stadards.None of what was presented as the Truth was done in accordance to justice or LOGIC. They were passionate trials where the members of the jury were clearly manipulated by often un verified data.

Does that mean that the SAVAK was good ? Of Course not. But it is clear that revolutionary trials are never just nor objective. Even during the French Revolution was tarnished by the reign of Terror and nearly everyone today agrees that beheading Marie Antoinette was not only useless but a crime.

Besides being honest one has to offer proof rather than just slogans. That is not going to help any understanding of the past.

The SAVAMA is as cold blooded , hard, and  calculation and logical deduction would also easily lead to the same conclusions as in the case of the SAVAK. But at least today we have irrefutable proof as to these exactions. Many former SAVAKIs were to become SAVAMA'is in the aftermath of the revolution.

The point is not to justify a dictatorship or a Secret Police. The Point of a Historian is to offer evidence otherwise its just suppositions and that is not accuracy.

Look at Ahmadinejad who dismisses the Holocaust despite all the irrefutable proof established by the NUREMBURG TRials. This trial was just cause all the accused had a fair trial and had lawyers. Who had Lawyers in Iran or a fair Trial after the Revolution in Iran ?

A revolutionary climate is passionate by definition and that does not allow the necessary distance to bring to justice any would be criminal. A good example is Cauchescu ( Not sure I spelled it correctly) and their appaling execution. I call it appalling not by sympathy for the Rumanian dictator or his regime but in terms of what is conidered as justice in civilized society.

So my conclusion is that you may be right but you cannot claim that you are a 100 % Right.

Nothing proves that Takhti was assassinated by the SAVAK nor that he was not. So the doubt persists. If someone offers an irrefutable document then one cannot oppose it, 

History however is not a closed book on a shelf nor will their be a definitive conclusion as long as Humanity will exist.

That does not mean that we have to rewrite it like in the case of Ahmadinejad with the Holocaust ...

As for Milani yes you are correct. I meant Hoover Institute and not John Hopkins.


Well, there were too many SAVAK jobs for it to be by chance

by Q on

many people of prominance (read: potential rivals for Shah) were neutralized by SAVAK, so it is the most likely story. However, weather Shah himself was "jealous" is besides the point, the SAVAK pretty much had a life of it's own.


It's not a matter of passion or exaggeration, Dariush. Cold, hard, calculation and logical deduction would easily lead to the same conclusion. There simply was no other power that could explain that many deaths in similar fashion, inside or outside the country. The methods were consistent with CIA-trained operations all over the world. Think of the thousands of disappearances in Latin America throughout the 60s and the 70s.


PS. I thought Milani was at Stanford University not JHU.

Darius Kadivar

Yes that is what some of the Press Claimed at the Time ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Yes it was rumored that Takhti was eliminated by the Savak. But how much of this is TRUE or based on RUMORS of the time is yet to be proven ? 

To me it seems quite suspicious that Takhti could have been eliminated on accounts that the Shah was jealous of his popularity. It sounds to far stretched and I doubt that the Shah would have been so foolish to do such a thing purely on such accounts. Was it the case or not, I do not know but I feel that Takhti's death whatever the motives ( political ? , accidental ?) remain a mystery in a similar way that the Death of Kennedy remains a mystery to this day. But I think that passion often clouds the reality all the more that in Iran the notion of martyrdom is so strong and it fits some to see every incident as a Conspiracy.

I am afraid that is not an objective argument. Unfortunately much of what has been written on the Pahlavi dynasty or the Mossadeg Era are always tainted by passion or nationalistic considerations, regardless of whether one is monarchist or anti-monarchist. When it comes to objectivity I am afraid that Iranian scolars still have much research and work to do. This is of course changing thanks to some serious historical research by such people like Dr. Abbas Milani of John Hopkins University. They say it takes a generation ( that is approximately 30 years ) for historians to have a relatively accurate account on a particular era. Much of what has been written on the Pahlavi era to date was published by Iranian or Non Iranian diplomats but often ingnored social documentation. It is not just their fault for like every major historical event as was the case of the Islamic Revolution, the Mossadeg Era Crisis ( Coup ? / Restoration ? ) much is written in haste to answer questions or at least elements to certain interrogations in regard to the past. I think that today nearly 30 years after the Islamic Revolution and by setting meaningless slogans that give only a biaised passionate account, historians do have much new material to look back at these events with some required objectivity. Given that the political situation of Iran which still divides Iranians because of the lack of a real democratic system of gevernment in Iran, it is still very much difficult for Iranians in general to look at their past with the necessary calm and serene approach. To display the Shah's photo in the pictory section or any information on that era is immediately suspected by some as pro monarchist propaganda on my part ... I do not think that we need to fear looking back at our past, or that publishing documents relative to the monarchy or Mossadegh ( since I have offered both) means that one should be typcast as belonging to any one of the two groups.However that does not mean I do not have an opinion on the issue ...

One  cannot reduce History Only to Cosnpiracy Theories ...

My Humble Opinion.



Takhati was killed

by Detective (not verified) on

by the mullahs and Mosadeqi thugs.


Didn't shah kill Takhti?

by Q on

It's certainly ironic to see both of their pictures in this magazine.


Hey Irooni

by Mansour (not verified) on

Khak bar sar kharet konan, ageh adamahee mesleh to khar nabodan ke be in mullahee khar tar komak nakardeh bodan vazeh Iran intoree nabod. nemdonam chand saleteh va maleh kodom dahat hasti valee broo az hamvalyateat beporse ke vaz alaneshon behtareh ya vaz gozashteha, benzaram az un moojahedeen khak bar sar hasti.


Moghaser kieh

by Irooni (not verified) on

aghaye born 1960, emrooz ke aragh be makhrobeh jahanami tabdil shodeh moghasere asli kieh?
iroone badbakhte ma ke chand milyoon azash farar kardand va ozaesh chenineh moghasere asli kieh?
agar baraye aragh sadam bood braye iran ham shah bood. ye kam bargard be aghab va gozashteha ro yad kon.


God bless Shah

by Born in 1960 (not verified) on

Thanks for sharing this.