The Truth. The Whole Truth. And, Nothing But the Truth.

Falling victim to rumors and lies


The Truth. The Whole Truth. And, Nothing But the Truth.
by Nobar Elmi

As the Director of Community Outreach & Programming at the largest Iranian-American grassroots organization, I have the pleasure of regularly meeting and speaking with Iranian Americans from across the country. These conversations leave me proud of our culture and appreciative of our diversity. However, these interactions have also shed some light on one issue I find particularly painful, which is the fact that our community often falls prey to the rumor mill and conspiracy theories. This may be due to historical reasons. Regardless of the reasons, it prevents our growth and advancement.

We at NIAC have fallen victim to such rumors and lies. For example, over the last few days there have been several pieces published about the recent court case in which NIAC sued Hassan Daieoleslam for defamation for falsely claiming that NIAC and NIAC’s President Trita Parsi are agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran. One article in particular, published in a pro-war, neoconservative opinion paper stated that the “ruling lent some credence to the charge that Parsi is an agent of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

What bothers me about this false claim is, well, the fact that it’s false! So, here’s my pledge to you … to tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when it comes to this court case. Why am I emphasizing the word “truth” so much? Because it’s sorely lacking in all the commentary posted by Daieoleslam and his fellow neoconservatives.

The truth, according to the Judge’s own words is that: “Nothing in this opinion should be construed as a finding that [Daieoleslam]’s articles were true. [Daieoleslam] did not move for summary judgment on that ground.” When someone is being sued for defamation, the obvious defense would be to prove that what he/she said was, in fact, true. After pouring over thousands of NIAC’s emails and documents, it became crystal clear that Daieoleslam could not use truth as his defense. Rather, he switched gears. His case solely focused on proving that he didn’t know he was spreading lies. According to him, he thought he was telling the truth.

Since NIAC and Trita Parsi are considered to be public figures, the onus was on us to prove that Daieoleslam’s defamation was done intentionally and with malice. Unfortunately, the Judge did not feel we were able to prove this point. Of course, we are disappointed with this assertion and couldn’t disagree more. Throughout the case, we showed how Daieoleslam systematically cut up quotes and haphazardly put them together to mislead the public. Here’s a simple example of how this is done:

Sentence 1: I like rainbows.

Sentence 2:  The NYPD is working hard to stop sex trafficking.

Combined sentence:  I like sex trafficking

You can see how this is not only misleading, but it also takes effort to slice and dice my sentences in order to make me look like a pervert. This is precisely the kind of activity that Daieoleslam used to mislead the Iranian Diaspora time and time again that NIAC is lobbying for the Iranian government.

Another truth I find particularly interesting is about Hassan Daieoleslam himself. Perhaps we shouldn’t expect too much from, considering his past run-ins with the law in France, his admitted family ties to the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) and his past stint as a street salesman of stolen perfume. (Don’t believe me? Check the court documents where disclosure of police records and employment are required.) But, since he is regularly appearing in news outlets and publishing pieces, I believe he should be held to the same standards as actual journalists, pundits, etc. Otherwise, he is adding to the rumor and only causing confusion among our community.

The last – and very important – point I’d like to make about this case is the funding source and its motives. Imagine the line-up. In one corner, we have NIAC – a non-profit organization with limited funds and a small legal team. In the other corner, we have Hassan Daieoleslam who, thanks to the financial backing of Daniel Pipes, founder and director of the Middle East Forum, had one of the world’s largest law firms (Sidley Austin) on his side. Who is Daniel Pipes, you may ask? Well, if you read the Anders Behring Breivik’s manifesto, you’d know him, considering he was cited by the Norwegian mass murderer on several occasions as an inspiration for his terrorist act. Or, perhaps its best to read some of Daniel Pipe’s own writings in order to better understand his positions and possible motives for supporting Hassan Daieoleslam. For example, in his article entitled "Confirmed: Barack Obama Practiced Islam," you’d see that according to Pipes, "this matters" because Democratic presidential candidate Obama "is now what Islamic law calls a murtadd (apostate), an ex-Muslim converted to another religion who must be executed," and as president this would have "large potential implications for his relationship with the Muslim world.” In another article Pipes penned entitled “Unleash the Iranian Opposition, [the Mujahedeen-e Khalq]” he advocated that the U.S. “unleash” the MEK against Iran. And, one final article by Pipes worth noting is entitled “How to Save the Obama Presidency: Bomb Iran,” where the title pretty much sums up his message to our President.

So, it was no surprise to us when, through the legal process of discovery, we found email communications where Hassan Daieoleslam writes that “destroying [Trita Parsi] … is an integral part of any attack on Clinton and Obama.“ (The email was sent during the Democratic primaries, when it was not yet clear who would be the Democratic nominee.)

There you have it folks. You have a defendant (Daieoleslam) who is pro-war, anti-Obama with MEK tendencies being back by a group (Middle East Forum) that is pro-war, anti-Obama with MEK tendencies.

I’m proud of the work NIAC has done throughout the years to promote civic engagement among the Iranian-American community, defend human rights in Iran, fight against the repression of the Iranian government against its people, prevent a U.S./Iran war, and promote our beautiful heritage and culture, among other things. I’m proud of our grassroots support. And, I’ve had enough of the lies spread by Hassan Daieoleslam and the other neocon elements. I’ll leave you all with one last question … if Daieoleslam really cared about our community, how come he spends all his time causing confusion and no time producing actual, tangible results? You want to see our results? Just click here. As the old adage goes, actions speak louder than words.


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Soosan Khanoom

Vildemose jan ... Is there anything particular about Nobar that

by Soosan Khanoom on

I am missing here?     She looks like an ordinary Iranian woman.  Isn't she? 

Also, how is it that if a woman speaks her mind and becomes politically active and join the organization of her choice  then that would be considered as an abuse? What is the difference between her and the male contributors and members of NIAC?  They are all educated adults who have chosen this path and are equally responsible for their decisions and political point of views... I am sure you agree dear Vildemose.



 At the conclusion of

by vildemose on

 At the conclusion of this case and once Judge Bates handed down his decision, NIAC was in a position to come clean and to own up to some of its wrong doings, and then apologize to the Iranian-American community and say, "We have made mistakes. We assumed that working with the Regime in Iran would promote peace and prosperity for the Iranians. Obviously, we were wrong. We are sorry and we would like to change. We would like to gain your trust and be able to represent you in Washington. We would like you to guide us and tell us how we can best represent you."

It would have been the honorable thing to do. Alas honor is no where to be found when the organization was founded on deception and lies...




All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Some people not entitled to ask NIAC questions - like below

by MaryamJoon on


  • "U.S. to remove Mojahedin from terror list"



  • "by Fred on At last, good move by the Democracy Central, DC." 
  • "by Masoud Kazemzadeh on Congratulations to the PMOI"

iraj khan

Ms Elmi

by iraj khan on

My Goodness!

So Mr Daie has police record as a stolen goods pusher, what a shining respectful character he has:

"Another truth I find particularly interesting is about Hassan Daieoleslam himself. Perhaps we shouldn’t expect too much from, considering his past run-ins with the law in France, his admitted family ties to the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) and his past stint as a street salesman of stolen perfume. (Don’t believe me? Check the court documents where disclosure of police records and employment are required.)"

Goodness gracious! 

And he was able to be represented in the court by the same lawyers who represented president Bush?

 Oh my, Oh my!

Oon Yaroo

Do you or don't you/NIAC support IRR, Ms. Nobar Elmi?

by Oon Yaroo on

Answer the question?


Poor Ms. Elami: You seem

by vildemose on

Poor Ms. Elami: You seem to have been victim of Terita's "moderately Intelligent" brainwashing...You can be anti-war, anti-America, anti-Israel, anti-semite or even pro IRI without being associated with this shady organizations.

Heyf hastesh...


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Khanum Elmi I am no NEOCON Or MEK, I am a Secular democrat

by seannewyork on

I think the mistake you and NIAC make is to think that all these attacks only come from Neocons, MEK, and people wanting war you are wrong.  I know many young, old, left, right, male, female ect that do not like NIAC.  I think MEK is just a small portion you have way more problems then you think

 I hate neocons, MEK, Dae, and the thought of war.  100% no war with Iran.  I vote democrate all the time.  I support the Iranian people for a free and democartic Iran.  Your organization stands for getting the Mullah regime a grand bargin at the expense of the Iranian people.  I support the green movement and the overthrow of the regime in Iran by the people there.

But you and your organization are 100% wrong and I consider your org apologists for the Islamic regime.  I dont care about the few civic things NIAC does.  That work does not matter when your work also works against the people in the streets of iran wanting to overthrow this regime. 

Iranians want an Iranian spring which is to get rid of the IRI and replace it with a democratic system/government.  NIAC should stand up and stand by the people.

I am sure you love and care for Iran but you are also being exploited by Trita. 


Whistling Past the Graveyard!

by Faramarz on



At the conclusion of this case and once Judge Bates handed down his decision, NIAC was in a position to come clean and to own up to some of its wrong doings, and then apologize to the Iranian-American community and say, "We have made mistakes. We assumed that working with the Regime in Iran would promote peace and prosperity for the Iranians. Obviously, we were wrong. We are sorry and we would like to change. We would like to gain your trust and be able to represent you in Washington. We would like you to guide us and tell us how we can best represent you."

But instead, we get this constant denial.

Ms. Elmi, the road to recovery starts with admitting that you have a problem. And I don't believe that neither you, Trita or NIAC are ready to do that.

Let's me say that as Iranian-Americans, you and your comrades exhibit the worst attribute of the Iranian culture which is "never say that I was wrong and I am sorry." You also haven't learned the best attribute of the American culture which is to admit guilt, ask for forgiveness and turn the page and move forward.  

First Amendment

Of damage control...

by First Amendment on

The only truth that deserves our commitment and dedication is the  cruciality of our homeland's sovereignty. Your organization's stand against a military attack on our beloved homeland trumps all other concerns for the time being................Stay put, and stay clean...........


Dear Miss Elmi: Thank You!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Fortunately, I could not get past the very beautiful portrait of you adorning this blog, to the actual text!.

But thanks. thanks for everything. :) 

Soosan Khanoom

Thanks Nobar jan for this informative blog.

by Soosan Khanoom on

As long as NIAC stands against tight sanctions and pre emptive war, the organization has my support.

It is not hard to figure out where people like Daee get their support.  The neocon's  agenda may get through in this special case or in general depending on the U.S foreign policy but I, as an Iranian American, still can live with myself if I had been supporting any anti war campaign before hand.   Let the shame remain for Daee and his supporters if they have any, after all they had already supported another war against Iran, the Iran Iraq war. There is nothing new when it comes to these people.  They are behaving as expected.  MEK just being MEK.  Master at spreading the BS, and this time the target is Trita. 



Ms Elmi - You Are A Victim Too...

by ayatoilet1 on

Trita Parsi is a cunnunig shrewd SOB, and you are a victim of his shrewdness as much as everyone else is. Whether or not he is an agent of the IRI - he is a total fraud.

1) He is not american (he's swedish) - so how can he head an iranian-american council. And then what is National about him?

2) He is not elected - he is self appointed (so NIAC and him do not represent anyone at all) . There are no elections. How can NIAC claim to represent anyone?

3) NIAC is a dookoon, a business, designed to pay Trita's personal bills. Who are the members exactly, and where does the money come from?  And how is it spent? Remember Watergate - follow the money! You are there...irght? NIAC doesn't have more than a handful of "members". If you take out yourself, himself, and your relatives its probably zero. So basically NIAC goes out and tries to milk anyone and everyone for cash - but NOT its membership. And that is the truth.  So where exactly does the cash come from? Can you give us a financial report of donors - like all other foundations, charities, councils publish every year? Is it on your website? No. Why not?

Trita Parsi is probably the most bogus and most hated person among the Iranian-American crowd. Simply because its obvious he is a fraud. And NIAC has gone down with him, because, obviously it can not operate with out him - there are no elections, no desire to have elections, no possibility of having someone else take on the helm. Its his business - his business - not the Iranian-American community's organization.

He's become a figure like Rajavi for the MEK. How can anyone espouse democratic values and not practice democracy at home - if you will?

Ms Elmi, I am sure you are an extremely decent person, with strong values, with a real commitment to the Iranian-American community. But NIAC under his leadership has become a sham. Nothing, I said is a rumor or a lie. And note, I did not even talk about his connection to the IRI.  But, over the years I have carefully monitored what he has said publicly, and I personally believe he has recieved money from the IRI to promote their agenda (under a smoke screen of pretending to do community outreach work for the Iranian community here.). The community outreach - gives his pro-IRI views credibility, and has provided him with access to public pulpits to promote the IRI's agenda. Its very cunning, very shrewd - but we've all seen through it. So has the U.S. government.

Facts are facts. Its a shame you don't see the facts. You are vicitm of the NIAC. Please don't let Iranians here and in Iran become victims too. We've all suffered enough.

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Questions for NIAC and Ms. ELMI

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Ms. Elmi,

Here are my questions. Please provide HONEST and straight forward answers. I am NOT interested in playing games. Please provide either the official responses from NIAC or your own answers.

1. Does NIAC officially call the ruling regime in Iran a "terrorist" regime?

2. The U.S. State Department has designated the IRI as the number one state sponsor of terrorism, year after year after year. No other state has ever come close to challenging the record of IRI’s terrorism since the list was formed. Does NIAC agrees with or opposes the U.S. State Department’s designation of the IRI as the number one "state sponsor of terrorism"? Please either "NIAC agrees that the IRI is state sponsor of terrorism" or "NIAC opposes the State Department that IRI is a state sponsor of terrorism." Please provide a link to an OFFICIAL NIAC document. I am not looking for a private meeting in which Trita Parsi might have made an assertion in an argument. I am looking for the official NIAC position on whether NIAC considers the IRI to be a terrorist regime or not.

3. Which entity has executed more Iranians, the IRI or the PMOI? Which entity has tortured more Iranian political prisoners, the IRI or the PMOI? Which entity has assassinated, tortured, pro-democracy Iranians, the IRI or the PMOI? (FACT: the PMOI has never assassinated, tortured, or raped a member or supporter of the pro-democracy groups such as Iran National Front, Hezb Mellat Iran, NAMIR. The IRI has assassinated and tortured many of our leaders and members such as Parvaneh Eskandari-Forouhar, Dariush Forouhar, Dr. Bakhtiar, Korosuh Katibeh, Dr. Boroumand, JM’s number one leader Dr. Ali Ardalan was soooooo severely tortured that he suffered two heart attacks under torture.) The IRI has engaged in mass rape of female and male political prisoners. The PMOI has never ever engaged in such a reprehensible act. Could you please explain NIAC’s double standard on gong ho advocating the label of "terrorism" for the PMOI, but not doing so for the IRI?????????? Do YOU think that NIAC looks fishy to have this double standard? Do YOU think that the pro-democracy activists or a reasonable person has a right to consider NIAC a fishy group for this double standard? By "fishy" I mean that it "looks like a pro-IRI group that wants to help the IRI and attack IRI’s opponents."

4. Does NIAC officially considers the IRGC a terrorist entity? Please either "Yes" or "No." Could you please provide a link to a NIAC document on this.

5. Does NIAC officially consider the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to be a terrorist? Please either "yes" or "no." Please provide a link to a NIAC document on this.

6. Have YOU, Ms. Elmi, ever attended an event at the IRI’s Interest Section in Washington, DC? Please either "Yes" or "No." If "yes" please describe all the event that YOU attended at the IRI Interest Section.

7. Has Dr. Trita Parsi or any other official of NIAC ever attended an event at the IRI’s Interest Section in Washington DC? Could you please provide the names of NIAC officials who have attended events sponsored by the IRI Interest Section?

8. Does NIAC promote regime change in Iran?

9. Does NIAC consider the Nezam Velayat Faghih (System of Rule by a High Ranking Shia Clergy) to be compatible with democracy? Please "Yes" or "No." Then, if you so desire, go ahead and explain what you want.

10. Can there be democracy as long as the Nezam Velayat Faghih is ruling or is it necessary to get rid of the vf regime in order for democracy to be established in Iran?

I look forward to reading the Truth, the WHOLE TRUTH, and nothing but the truth.



Darius Kadivar

Anti Obama ? I thought NIAC represented ALL Iranian Americans

by Darius Kadivar on

from across the political Spectrum refusing to take sides for the better empowerment of our community at large ...


US Iranian's republican support - 25 Oct 08 

Bay Area Iranian-American Democrats Support Obama



Glad to see that our suspicions that you are not the so called "grassroot" and apolitical community oriented organization you claim to be proves true ! ...






by MaryamJoon on

Nobar, I will leave a comment before the usual drove of MEK, militant Israelis, and Haifan Bahais leave a string of comments on your post.  I would like to write a blog and see if your organization can provide sensible answers to sensible questions.  Fair enough?  Can NIAC handle a few questions?  



 P.S. Looky looky ... who showed up below.  


NIAC Lobby respond

by Fred on

Although it initially called it a “partial victory”, this is great that NIAC lobby has seen fit to make an effort in explaining its position in regards to the recent court ruling against it and its lifetime president.

However, NIAC Lobby is at its same old tactic of mudslinging at its detractors without answering the outstanding questions which have gotten it into this uncomfortable position.

Here are sample questions:

Which public relation firm NIAC Lobby hired to spruce up its badly tarnished image, and is it true that the same firm has represented tyrants like dictator Kaddafi?

Why NIAC Lobby is not forthcoming about the TRUTH of its relationship with the high officials of the Messianic Islamist Rapist Republic?

The NIAC Lobby used to claim the law firm representing Dai on the pro bono basis is the same firm that George Bush uses, is it true that the current First Lady, Michelle Omaba also worked at the same firm, something which NIAC Lobby fails to mention?

There are many, many other questions, like the NIAC Lobby’s connection to Rafsanjani front company Atieh Bahr, but lets start with answers to at least 3 posed questions.

Iranian-Americans do need a lobby in U.S., NIAC Lobby could be it. However, it has to come clean about its murky past and be answerable to Iranians and NOT threaten them.