Iran maintains a presence in Ottawa despite embassy closure

Interview with Iran's top diplomat in Canada

Ottawa Citizen: Though Wednesday marks the deadline for Iranian diplomats expelled by Canada to leave the country, a controversial organization suspected of having strong ties to the governing regime in Tehran will remain in business despite accusations from some in the Iranian-Canadian community that the centre is a greater source of intimidation than the embassy. All Iranian diplomats must leave Canada by end of day Wednesday, but even as diplomatic vehicles entered and exited the gated embassy on Metcalfe Street Tuesday, the Iranian Cultural Centre situated at 2 Robinson Street off Lees Avenue in Ottawa remained open >>>


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by Benyamin on

In my humble opinion,  the opposite view is valid the most when it the opposite views agree to disagree respectfully!

I believe it is important to recognize and encourage the good whenever and wherever that happens.

The IRI embassy in Canada did a good job over all. I have experienced it personally and I was satisfied with their on line and off line services.(they didn`t have a good live service) but the staff were indeed respecful and very professional.

Compare to other organizations or government agencies and even some in Canada the embassy did a better job!!

I don`t know if there were any "political" motive behind it but the IRI embassy in Ottawa did a good job over all.

I believe the ambassador when he said "I provided a high quality service".



Iran can use its oil transactions with India

by MaryamJoon on

to close the Bahai buildings there.  One of the Bahai leaders admitted that the Bahai leaders and Jewish lobby are behind anti-Iranian propaganda (which is a sign of desperation on their part):Bahá'í Brainwashing Corporation 

If you are Iranian in Canada, pull your money out: Find a truly neutral country, and let Canada's economy feel the monetary pressure.

As far as the EU goes, the Wahabis running around there will be their reward (they chose to let those Saudis run around there).  You will see Europe's Jewish community slowly fall in numbers. 




by yaar on

It is so hard to think that Canada closes Iranian embassy to prevent Terry Nelson going to Iran. But it seems someone in khodnevies has done this impossible task.
by the way Terry Nelson is going to Iran for hand out and why not?

Manitoba aboriginal leader looks to Iran for financial help



Hezzbollahi KASSEEF

by fullback on

 This Garbage bag who is  a embassy employee. Is a Tir Khallas zan , That is why he has his position.   The Islamist Occupiers of Iran  and their embassys  all over the world serve one purpus only, Funding terrorist activity in their respective regions . The Passports Issued by the Islamist Occupiers of Iran  is shamefull reminder to me at least that we are under this filthy occupiers Talons, Iranians who are able , must BURN this shamfull reminder. Iranians who are fortunate enough to live in Canada, should praise the Canadian government for her late reaction to sever ties between Canada and the Islamist occupiers of Iran, not condem it for the fact that their lives are made difficult   in not being to able to renew  passport and such. Always rememebr, Millions of Iranians are enduring hard life under the Occupation of The Islamist.Any pressure on the Islamist occupiers is positive force  and should be welcomed.


You wrote: Canada should

by Mashala on

You wrote: Canada should have severed relations with the barbaric regime in 2004 after they bruitally Killed a Canadian citizen.

That tells me this has nothing to do with human rights.


Dont Forget Zahra Kazemi

by Liberated on

Canada should have severed relations with the barbaric regime in 2004 after they bruitally Killed a Canadian citizen. 

For past 15 years Canada has been a hiding place for IR agents and their money.

Lets not forget the great service the embassy provided for Iranian refugees. It allowed for them the continue leaving in fear of the Islamist scumbags. 

Live Free or Die.


Indeed, Quality service

by مآمور on

friendly user website, well defined instruction, on time service and the last but not the least courteous employes made life much easier when u r applying for a passport, getting married and much more for students!!!

However, the Iranian cultural center is open and will remain open, right here, Mamoor will not leave his outpost!!

I wear an Omega watch


The worst is ahead

by Shirzadegan on

The man in the video says that we were expected embassy get closed. So these monsters understand what Canadian government, international community and Iranian people think of them and the fact that international community and Iranian people don't like them. He is fully aware of people's mind against them after alll crime they committed against humanity during last 33 years.  At least he aknowledge that.  What he doesn't know is the fact that worse hasn't come yet. It is begining of a long journey against stinky mullahs and their monster supporters till they all get wiped out from the existance in the course of history. This is what this man in the vidoe doesn't know. He probably has slightest idea that soon he has to stand trial for all his crimes. This part he doesn't even want to think of.    


Better to use building as an Anti-Israeli Apartheid Center

by MaryamJoon on

1.  Iran should end diplomatic ties with Canada, even if Canada wanted the embassy to reopen.

2.  And if Iranians in Canada want passports, they must show that they opposed the Israeli lobby in a meaningful way.

It's so easy.  Iranians that don't understand the nature of the threat, or are unwilling to stand up to it, don't deserve passports.




by Reality-Bites on

Ok, I note your points.

But as one final point let me point out that my "implying" post to you was just a question, because I was curious where you coming from with that "no spying" comment, which you answered.....kind of. I didn't make any accusations or take any cheap shots at you. Yet, you made a few points about me, which were totally unsubstantiated.

Anyway, I'm outta here.



by Souri on

I thought it was obvious that the first part of my comment, where I've talked of making false statement, was addressed to OnlyIran and Hrre.

My answer to your question started from where, I'd mentioned your name.

The word "shut up" was Vs implying and accusation, not any casual comment.

Of course I don't know the whole truth, I don't know if the Embassy was actually spying the Iranians in Canada or not.

But one thing I know for sure is that Canada didn't close the Embassy for this reason. Otherwise, they would have closed half of the Embassies in Canada.

All of us here do know this, but some, prefer to not admit it and playing the game of propaganda.

I have posted five links here and one analyse regarding that matter. All of the sudden the same people that I've mentioned above, come here to say that "who thinks otherwise than what they say, is an idiot"......and none of them say a word about those links and article that I've posted (which have been already posted and deleted by Admin for no obvious reason.)

So, I have  a reason to say that people like to force-feed us, with what they prefer to be the truth. I have always fight this and will do it as long as I am alive.



Hey listen

by Thought on

How about Canadian Iranians who can come and let us all know if they had any "experiences" that is promoted by usual gang of clowns here. No one is pro IRI but to have people jump to take fish from muddy water is as low as Freddie.

Now ask yourself this, am I going to go that low? You sure did Faranak and Mohatma.

About closing the embassy, the Canadian government is currently made of bunch of clowns no different than Bush and his gang.

Nader Vanaki

من که از این بابا خوشم اومد

Nader Vanaki

اولاً که انگلیسی بلده، دوماً که دیپلماته، سوماَ ایرانی فکر میکنه، چهارماً این بابا اصلاً کاره  ای نیست.  بیشتر از این هم توی دستگاه دیپلماسی ایران گیرتون نمیاد.  به همین راضی باشین. در مورد سرخ پوست بازی اصلاً خیلی وقته تمامی قالی فروش ها این بازی را یاد گرفتن و حالا سرقبیله سرخ پوست ها میخواد بره دست بوس احمدی نژاد فکر نکنم زیاد ربطی به این حرکت دولت کانادا داشته باشه نه اون هم به این فورییت.  اصلاً کی سرخ پوست ها و احمدی نژاد را داخل آدم حساب میکنه؟



by Reality-Bites on

What propaganda do you allege I have engaged in? Can you cite specific examples? Also, since you referred to "all of you", where did I say you should stay silent?

No one can know the entire "truth" since not all of us are privy to the precise inner workings of the Islamic Republic. You might have noticed that many of us are not members of the regime. So, according to you, on that basis we should "shut up" and not express our views, should we?

Do you know all the "truth" about the subjects you express your views here? For example, do you know all the truth about US or Israel when you make comments about them?

Regardless, whether you know or don't know "the truth" about the subjects you comment on, I'd never tell you to "shut up", because for one thing, I would not be that discourteous to you and, most importantly, I believe in freedom of expression for everyone.


"Cultural centre", My foot!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I invite all Iranian Canadians to keep a close eye on this so called "cultural centre", reporting any signs of terroristic activities to the canadian authorities.

Iranian_canadians are absolutely right to be concerned about their name to be tarnished due to terroristic activities of a tiny bunch of islamist terrorist Mozdoors.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by Souri on

Sorry dear, too late! You have started this, but you can't end it like this.

Yes I will scream and I will call you a propagandist and a "Liar" because I have never said that "I know for sure that the Embassy never harassed any Iranian in Canada"

I  just said "since I am here (means 14 years) I have never heard of such story"

And you are a liar because you are accusing me of spreading the false rumor that the Embassy has not harrased anyone"

Do you see the difference between you and me?

No, I don't think you would be able of seeing anything else that  hate!


Soosan Khanoom

by Mashala on

I am with you.  Just don't get Faramarz jealous!

Then again, He has different taste. He prefers a man who is a Doctor and a Mohandes.

Let us call him Dr. Mohandes:)




by Onlyiran on

Please provide a link to the comment or blog where I have claimed the embassy in Canada has harassed someone.  I am sure that I have never made that claim, and that's because I practice what I preach.  

You, on the other hand, are doing the exact same thing that you're complaining about:  your're spreading the false rumor that the embassy has NOT harassed anyone without any proof whatsoever.  The fact is that we don't know if this has or has not happened.  So we should stay silent until we hear the complete facts.  

But I know, from your past conduct, that you will continue to scream and accuse me and a whole bunch of other people, of a whole bunch of things.  So, I will not contnue this debate with you as it will be a waste of my precious time. 


RB and Onlyiran

by Souri on

No, I can't stay silent when people (like yourself, Fred, or Faramarz) are doing the propaganda all the time. Since the very begining of the revolution, I have been always in search of the truth! I am fed up with the people who always try to force feeding us what "they want to be true"

You say just because in the 90's in Sweden, the IRI Embassy was harrassing the Iranians, then this is obvious that the Iranian Embassy in Ottawa was doing the same! Geez!

I am just asking you the proof! nothing more.

Why should I stay silent? Why you guys (all of you) don't stay silent about what you don't know a shit about! Give me a name, just one name of one Iranian being harassed by the IR Embassy in Canada. IC is a very good place for spreading such news, so we could at least read it at IC, if there were anything.

Just one example! What are you waiting for?

Reality bites: I am saying that "I have never heard of any Iranian being harassed or spied by the IRanian Embassy or their staff". I am not implying anything. You you should do the same!
I'm Just saying that when we don't know the truth, we should shut up!


Souri, a question

by Reality-Bites on

Are you implying that because you  "have never heard of any Iranian being harassed or spied on by the Iranian Embassy or their staff",  this does not happen?


I can't and I won't, and that's the reason why

by Onlyiran on

I am staying silent on the issue.  You should do the same.  



by Souri on

How about you?

Bring me an evidance, something that you had heard about one Iranian being harassed by the Iranian Embassy in Canada.

would you?

Soosan Khanoom

Akbarmashti , I am not sure it's the Zaffran or the rose water

by Soosan Khanoom on

But I really like you ...even more than that passion fruit from the yogurt land .. and the next best thing beside you is  Paaloodeh... Yummy !!!




Souri what is ridiculous nonsense is

by Onlyiran on

you believing that the embassy had nothing to do with anything just because you haven't heard anything about it.


I am living in Canada

by Souri on

and I tell you that I have never heard (since I live here) of any Iranian being harassed or spyed by the Iranian Embassy or their staff.

There were many manifestation of the opposition, especially in 2009, even "khorshid khanon" dance in front of the Embassy. Nobody was being questioned or followed by the Embassy.

Your statement about Canada being close to US, is the  most ridiculous nonsense about that matter, that i have heard

Sorry, ,


Just a comparison

by hirre on

Sweden a country where 50000-60000 iranians live have been targeted by iranian diplomats, especially during the 90's. Their work was to identify people, what they worked with, their political beliefs and so on. In one particular case they even assassinated a member of the kurdish opposition. Even my father was called by embassy personnel wanting to know about his life, work etc, establishing a false friendly relationship... Now compare that with the iranian embassy in Canada, a country which is more important strategically for Iran and has more iranians living there than Sweden and at the same time it is closer to the US. Of course the iranian embassy was guilty! Only an idiot believes otherwise...



by Faramarz on


Only Banafsheh deserves Banafsheh!



by Souri on

You are right. I am sure the men who love me won't love you!

And because most men fall instantly in love with me, this doesn't leave so many men for you!

Poor you : )



by Mashala on

From all the women you deserve Banafsheh not Niloufar or any other woman.


I am a Scaredy Cat Soosan Khanoom!

by Faramarz on


You know Souri and Soosan Khanoom, I am glad that we see things completely differently!

As my late grandmother used to tell me, "God, in his wisdom, made men in a way that they don't all like the same type of women. Otherwise, who was going to marry all these other women!"