Currency Crisis

Mohsen Sazegara


iraj khan

While watching and listening to this newscast

by iraj khan on

I found it informative in regards to reactions of various factions inside the power structure of the Iranian government.  


A Traitor Before, A Traitor Now!

by Demo on


The so-called former 'Young' traitor is still acting as an 'Old' traitor as he has been serving Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) for so long: 



"You, yourself talk fahashee and dirty and constantly are trying to justify the crimes of Khomeini."

When was last time that this 'You, yourself' did talk fahashee & when did ever say a word in support of either IRI or Khomeini? When? 

Babak K.

Demo,When Sazgara was

by Babak K. on


When Sazgara was pro regime, he was 33 years younger, and perhaps he realized his mistakes and distanced himself from them.  Khomeini was not young, he knew what he was doing.  Sometimes people realize their mistakes and nothing is wrong with it.  It is a big mistake to put Sazgara and Fardoust in the same category. Sazgara of today is different from the young Sazgara of 33 years ago, he is beside his people and away from estebdad, and that is a welcome news to me. You, yourself talk fahashee and dirty and constantly are trying to justify the crimes of Khomeini.  Have a little Sharaf and Vojdan, you will not regret it


"خیانت" به ولی‌ فقیه!


این هم از طرفداران رژیم بود و چون یک ذره عقل داشت، به موقع رژیم جنایتکاران جمهوری اسلامی را رها کرد. به کوری چشم توله سگ خرفت سازمان اطلاعات که زوزه‌هایش گوش فلک را کر کرده!




بابا و غیربابا فرقی نمیکند. خائن خائن است. بی سند و باسندش هم تفاوتی ندارد. چه یک روز و چه صدسال هم بگذرد باز هم خائن خائن میماند.






فکر کنم این بابا هم با ولایت فقیه مخالف بوده! فقط باید یک ده سالی صبر کنیم تا اسنادش دربیاد!