Where did it go?

Molla steals a book?



Islam as a way of life is becoming harder to practice with CCTV

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Soosan Khanoom, KOJAII?

I have a favor to ask you, Please, Can you Give me back my country and my Shah-han-shahi?  Pretty Please.  Just Joking, I know you nor muslims gave us this, sure they were deceived into allowing it, as the obvious USA aimed to regress/weaken/suppress a region of totally untouched resources with lots of future free/cheap copper, gas, minerals etc.  The Poverty, The Tyranny, the Corruption, the Oppressions, the Tortures, the Stealing, the Killing, the Brutality and Lying are what the USA wanted and wants for Iran, it was the real reason they betrayed the late shah, while helping the Saudi's.  Anti-Monarchists have had alot to say for over 40 years, while helping the USA install Khomeini's creation, I think its time they stopped talking and start listening personally.

In the History of thefts, the theft of 1979 was quite a big achievement, na? It was carried out by a team of theives who were devoutly following muslims.  It is at times like this that I appreciate democrats and democracy more and more, because democrats in practice aim to prevent stealing my freedom, justice, human rights, country, culture and traditions. 



  Something that comes

by Parsy on


Something that comes very natural to all Mullahs, taking people's belongings as if they have a right to own it…


hahahaha, we all learned this famous phrase from when we were kids how the old saying goes: "Mullah Shod"


We Shall Never Forget....



by choghok on

That was the real marmoolak. Who is surprised?