US Moving to Delist Mojahedin?

Yes, according to Wall Street Journal sources

The Wall Street Journal reported last night that the Obama administration is moving to remove the MEK from the State Department's designated list of terrorist organizations. While State Department officials reportedly say that Hillary Clinton has yet to make any final decision, it seems like vacating Camp Ashraf will be one of the pre-conditions to seal the deal. Reza Marashi, research director of the National Iranian American Council discusses.


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As long as not related to Islamic thugs......

by Siavash300 on

I shake the hands of anyone who wants to make that trip. No fear of Jews, Christian, Muslims and Bahai as long as they are not related to the Islamic gang who occupied Iran for 32 years. I am sure without shaking hands with those Islamic bastards, we all will have a good time in peace and harmony with high degree of friendship among us.

به قول شاعر "وای از این شب که مرا از تو جدا میسازد"

شب همان ملا‌های جنایت کار هستند


عزیز هموطن


با آن همسفر دیگرت چی؟ با موسی دست میدهی؟؟
میخوایم بریم سفر حال کنیم !! نمیشه هم با هم قهر باشند!!

I wear an Omega watch


Maemoor's question

by Siavash300 on

"...why dont u join us? " Maemoor

I would love to share all tragic events of Islamic devil to anyone. To tell them what Islamic monsters did to our people for last 32 years. I would love to show anyone the heartbreaking of crying mothers for their loved ones who were buried by Islamic thugs in the middle of the nights in the cemetary of Behesh e zahra. I would love to explain how our youths were victims of idea, or rahter the law of lizard eater arabs from 1400 years ago. The name of that law is FATWA. I would love to explain that law massacred over 20,000 of our brothers and sisters in the summer of 1988. I would love to explain how our people were tortured and imprisoned and finally being murdered by a bunch of the stinky Islamic ragheads. I would love to join in that tour of Tehran, but for sure I will never shake hands with those who are pro that monkey who calls himself "Iran president". I will respect the blood of my brothers and sisters who lost their sweet lives on streets of Iran in battle with Islamic devil. Unlike those who sell their country, their people for a few bucks from Islamic gang, I will never sell my people, my country to a bunch of Islamic thugs or rather half breed arab bastards. Never. Hope you do the same.



Darius Kadivar

FYI/ Iran still shipping arms to Syria, UN report finds

by Darius Kadivar on

Iran still shipping arms to Syria, UN report finds - Telegraph



Syria remains the top destination for Iranian arms shipments in violation of a UN Security Council ban on weapons exports by the Islamic Republic, according to a UN report.




Turkey to UN: We seized illegal Iran arms shipment en route to Syri


Ankara tells Security Council search of Iranian cargo airliner revealed, among other items, 560 60mm mortar shells and 1288 120mm mortar shells.




Arash Kamangir

A positive step however...

by Arash Kamangir on

Delisting mojahedin means that they can now be financed by american tax payers money . In return mojahedin will have to obey what CIA tells them to do. I have no problem with this as long as they behave themselves democratic which I doubt knowing mojahedin and their dark past!!


no worry siavash, Mousa will chicken out

by مآمور on

He has no idea what he is talking about, surprise surprise!!

As soon as we get on the bike in the oxgenless climate of tehran, in freakingly heavy traffic where buses and cars spit on u with their smokes and scorching sun makes sweat from 100 spots, Mousa will change his mind and wants to go back to his room in Azadi Hotel!!

let him be happy that he can be brave too!!! he is bringing all guns and tanks and his favorite jet fighters toys and will try to change the regime in Tehran!!

why dont u join us?

I wear an Omega watch


Honestly, I was distracted

by Kooshan on

Honestly, I was distracted by the reporter all the time and did not get even one point Reza Marashi made :)


Can't we just all live in peace and leave the politics to politicians like those in the democratic societies? 


soosan khanom: please help me out instead of shouting at me.

by mousa67 on

any acts of "terrorism" that this iranian group MEK is claimed to have committed seems to be against the islamic regime. islamic regime is  designated as #1 terrorist sponsoring state by US government. using your line of arguement, united states army (god bless and protect all our brave troops) would also become "terrorist", because they killed bin laden and thousands of other muslim terrorists. is this what you are saying?


Missing places in Mamoor's tour

by Siavash300 on

Mamoor missed the most important part of Tehran to show to Mousa in their tour.

    A trip to the cemetary of Behesh e Zahra where thousands and thousands of Iranian freedom fighters against Islamic thugs were laid silently. The UNmark mass graves of our brothers and sisters who were buried in the middle of nights by stinky ruling mullahs. The unmark mass graves of those who had been massacred by law of lizard eater arabs so called FATWA in summer of 1988. The scene of crying mothers for her loved ones is also missing in mamoor's tour. The cry of those mothers whom their virgin daughters were being raped the night before their execution.  


Good move

by MRX1 on

In life some times you have to fight fire with fire (there is simply no other option) . your are  dealing with bunch of muderous psycho pat in charge of IRI, who better than MEK to take them on? in this case the enemy of enemy is my friend.


congratulation Mr Mousa, U have won this time

by مآمور on

After months of worthless trying, today, u won!!

do i care a zionist insults my religious believes? the more u do, the more I realize how good and effective I ve been so that u have no option but misbehaving yourself!!

u keep insisting I live in London!! this is really 'whatever'

or recently u say ' i m a woman' yeah, sure, why dont u come over to London for a night out and drink? babe

but this offer to go to Tehran, i cant stop myself to not take up on it!! yeah let's go to Tehran!! I take u to see Kourosh Kabir Senegal, which is next door to one of my best buddies resident and, of course, cross the street from presidential palace. u never know maybe u get to see Ahmadi too!!

then i take u to Manouchehri St where I will have u meet jewellery and antique traders of whom many are yahodi

Then we go to Zartoshet St where u meet fabric merchants of whom many are jews too.we have to be careful there because it is very close to interior minister and if we r on bike they may stop us!! but not to worry u r with mamor!!

then I take u to jewidh hospital where the goverment of Ahmadi made a huge donation a few years ago. They look after everybody, they r good, 

And if u try to be more American rather than israeli and spend some money, then i take to city of Hamadan to visit the shrine of your lady, all inclusive on u!!

Now I need to stop being your tour guide and thinking of places I like to visit in Iran!!

I take your offer any day any time, shine or rain, peace or war!!!

I wear an Omega watch


my chiwawa puppy hossein wants to become a niac intern.

by mousa67 on

he can press the computer keyboard with his cute little paws. he does anything for a peice of bone. plus  he can bark & i'm in the process of teaching him hafiz poetry in hebrew.

where do i find an application form? 


Perfect! The next step is for MEK to join Israel/US forces for


a big strike on IRR. Regime change is coming soon. 

Thank you lord Moses!

Dr. Love, Ph.D., M.D., J.D., Member of Regime Change Association.



by Albaloo on




hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

a.o., the national iranian american guardian council is more secretive than the national iranian guardian council for obvious reasons.  and trita is not really their president.  he's the spiritual leader. 

disclaimer: i cannot independently verify the above facts due to the secretive nature of niagc. :)

mm jan, i don't think "long live iran" can distinguish between niac bashers and m.e.k. supporters, or between anti-niac (anti-iri) and aipac.  there's hope for you.


Long live Iran: This is not a MEK party ....

by Bavafa on

but a NIAC bashing party.

Classic case of not seeing the jungle because of its trees.

 Carry on folks! 

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



AO, Here are NIAC In-Laws!

by Faramarz on


NIAC in-laws are Seid Ali Geda and Za'eefeh on one side, and Akbar Shah and Safiheh on the other side!

Anonymous Observer

Does anyone have a copy of NIAC's Bylaws?

by Anonymous Observer on

I'm just curious to know how its president is supposed to be elected (or selected for that matter) and what is the term that the president is supposed to serve.

I think that discussion is relevant since NIAC supporters and self proclaimed members always talk about how undemocratic the MEK is.   

hamsade ghadimi

benyamin, it's true that

by hamsade ghadimi on

benyamin, it's true that it's laughable.  an undemocratic lobby group of a terrorist regime opposing delisting of an undemocratic terrorist group opposing the same terroristic regime.  it's laughable and yet sad.  it is also relevant to discuss who is opposing delisting niac and who is for it.  i think that u.s. is listening to the anti-iri (and anti-iranian) arabs: the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Anonymous Observer

You bring up a good point about undemoctratic organizations

by Anonymous Observer on

And how they claim to be democratic when their leaders hold decades of unelected posts.  Look at NIAC for example. It calls itself a "council" when it has never held an election for its president, and its current "leader for life," Trita Parsi has been holding the position for more than a decade now.  Who elected this guy to be the head of the "council" anyway?  What a dictatorship! 


This is laughable!!!

by Benyamin on

Wether the NIAC is tied to IRI or not it doesn`t change the facts that MEK is actually a terrorist organization and also extremely un-democratic!!!

The MEK leader Mr. Masood Rajavi has been in his position for almost 40 years! what kind of democratic organization MEK really is if its leader is the only brain that works in that organization and no one else has been good enough to lead in 40 years!!!!?

Ms maryam Rajavi which is Masood Rajavi`s wife has been in her position for at least 20 years! then again a couple are running everything together and no one else is trusted to lead! what kind of democracy is that?


MEK is a terrorist organiazation and if the USA is going to de-list it as terrorist organiazation it will hurt little reputation the USA has before every ordinary Iranian! That is the biggest mistake the USA can make!


دستمال یزدی غرب


پس از سالها نوکری اجنبی و دستمال یزدی انداختن به جایی رسیدن - صد آفرین

Anonymous Observer

Yes "long live Iran"

by Anonymous Observer on

as a result of this de-listing, the 1500 geriatric patients in Camp Ashraf will grab the 50 Klashnikovs that they have stashed away in the hole behind their sleeping quarters and will attack Iran, defeat almost a million well armed IRGC, Basijis and Iran's regular military and will kill "all the innocents."  What a .....

Hey, you don't happen to be related to "ILoveIran," are you?  You seem to have the same last name.  :-)


می خواد بشه!! می خواد نشه!!


 اسرائیل کارش تمام است مثل صدام که بچه هایش(منافقین) هم نشستند و ایران گذاشت روی دار!!!

I wear an Omega watch

long live Iran

WoW! There is a MEK party here.

by long live Iran on

Wow! I have not seen that much of MEK members in one site! Even the one who could not dare to show themselves left the mask!

What is the next step? Attaking IRAN and killing all the innocents?

Long Live IRAN for Ever. 


NIAC Intern Called in Sick Today!

by Faramarz on


Sorry Folks,

I was just informed that NIAC intern is shopping at Tysons Corner today and will not be able to copy and paste responses from the website!


DK: thank you for that

by vildemose on

DK: thank you for that link. Deeply hypocritical. It only confirms what we already know about niac et al: morally and ethically bankrupt opportunist vultures.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


NIAC lobby respond!

by Fred on

While at any chance  Iranians in Iran get they shout “death to Russia”, NIAC lobby appears on the Putin network with complete disregard for what Iranians say.

This Marashi chap who is a former Tehran based employee of Atieh Bahar consultancy, a Rafsanjani front for doing business with foreign oil companies, and his colleague, the other NIAC lobby employee Abdi, feel no irony in appearing on the Putin network.

They keep calling MEK, terrorist, which according to US they were, but fail to mention that they are on a Putin network which supports Islamist Rapist terrorists  in Iran and their ally in Syria.

NIAC lobby respond!

Gharibe Ashena

It is called Ahmad Chalabi Manuver a.k.a. "Curveball"

by Gharibe Ashena on

writing is on the wall and, sadly, a slow train wreck in the making!!

IRI is the problem, but MEK certainly is NOT a solution.


Soosan Khanoom

Quite frankly I am sick and

by Soosan Khanoom on

Quite frankly I am sick and tired of  MEK / AIPAC / NIAC talk on this site...We are bunch of  losers with rotten old ideologies who are up to no good for the next generation Iranians  .... PERIOD!