Saeed Sakouee: Democracy?

What are you talking about? Political commentator asks



"کال می‌‌ رد" جون حالا شما دکتر سکویی رو ببخشش.




تقصیر شما روشنفکرا و روان شناس هاست که بیرون از صحنه نشستید هیچ کاری نمی‌کنید اونوقت این آقا مجبور می‌شه بره توی صحنه! در ضمن اگه شما قرمزی پس منم آبی هستم.






هر دم از این باغ بری میرسد - تازه تر از تازه تری میرسد


Believe in a democracy that leaders and representatives are controlled by members at all times.


این دیگه کیه


تموم شدن کار رژیم اسلامی بستگی به حضور من و تو دروسط صحنه داره؟

پس به جای نشستن جلوی دوربین و نعره زدن و فحش کشیدن به سوسیالیست ها و چریک ها و اعضای جبهه ملی (درواقع مجموعه آدمهای فهمیده این کشور) اول برو یک دست لباس درست حسابی برای خودت بخر بعد هم برو وسط صحنه ببینیم با استفاده ازدانش روانشناختی جامعی که جنابعالی داری چه غلطی میکنی

هیچکس به اندازه کسانی که جلوی دوربین هارت و پورت می کنند و شور انقلابی و میهن دوستی یقه شون رو میگیره حرص آدم رو درنمیاره!ا. 

مردک عربده کش فحاش


Dr. Sakuee, for president of Iran, a true patriot indeed!


With Israel at the helm of countering IRR and USA following, Iran will be free and Dr. Sakuee and people like him will lead Iran into a new era. AN era of strength, prosperity, and love!

May lord Moses bless Dr. Sakuee!

Dr. Love, Ph.D., M.D., J.D., Member of Love Israel Association.


He is asbolutely right

by hafez on

The vast majority of Iran's troubles today come to us courtesy of our so called intellectuals.  A group of people who had no allegance to their homeland and sacrifised Iran to promote useless ideologies that even they did not fully beleive in.   All the so called leftist  and Islamist intellectuals who opposed the Shah now live in either Canada or the United States.  None of them can be found in a Moslem or socialist country.  Shame, shame, shame.

Oon Yaroo

I think he underestimated the % of believers in Mehdi Farrai!

by Oon Yaroo on

It's 80%. Yes 80% of Iranians believe in Mehdi Farrari!
You don't believe me take a poll on the IC users.

iraj khan


iraj khan

رضا و محمد رضا پهلوی در زمینه تصویر نیز دیدنی‌ است

خدا خرو شناخت که بهش شاخ نداد!

حالا حکایت این مرد دیوانه است و افکار فاشیستی او 


Sakuee-there is a grain of truth in what he is saying

by Simorgh5555 on

If you waint for the Iranian population to become "democratized" or engage in civil disobedience to remove the regime then you are sadly deluded. The IR will not change through civil disobedience.

The IR will not stop killing people because you have a degree in political science.

The IR will not stop killing people because you are familiar with the Rights of Man by Thomas Paine.

The IR will not stop killing people because you have read Marx's Das Kapital.

The IR will not stop killing because you aspire to be Nelson Mandella. 

Top physicist  students such as Omid Kokabi and hundreds of other degree educated students have been imprisoned, raped and tortured and their academic credentials will not help stop a bloodthirsty evil regime which gives condoms to jailers to rape them. 


60% waiting for Mehdi to come out of the Jamkaran well

by rbnfl on

There is something to what this commentator is saying; I'm not sure about the % of Iranians who are waiting for the 12th Imam to come out of the well in Jamkaran, but you gotta admit a large % of Iran is far from understanding, appreciating and being able to live democratically.

Arash Kamangir

Sakouee is a lone lion

by Arash Kamangir on

Sakouee is a true patriot who understood a long time ago what at stake is. He loves his country and he would do anything to see Iranzamin free and strong again. He is a true son of Iranzamin.

First Amendment

Please indulge me.........

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First Amendment


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