Russian-Made Sub Repaired in Iran

"Taregh" submarine serviced by Iranian naval technicians

AP — Iran's state TV is reporting the country's navy relaunched one of its Russian-made submarines after repairing its systems with locally-made replacement parts. Iran has tried to build a self-sufficient military program since 1992. The Tuesday report says that navy personnel overhauled the Taregh, one of its three Kilo class submarines, replacing 18,000 components including radar-evading cover, engine parts, propellers and radars >>>


hamsade ghadimi

خالی بندان در جهان صنعت گرند

hamsade ghadimi

iri smuggles in military-grade binoculars from the u.s. and we're expected to believe that they've "serviced" the 1992 russian submarine with 18,000 locally-made parts.  eyval dameshoon garm.  can you call it "self-sufficient" when your project starts with a junk russian submarine.  the only thing that iri has been able to "service," is the iranian people.


Next Generation Computer Virus uploaded to Submarine

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

It was not the wrong video, AO, but you have seen apparently more than everybody else. But now after you gave me this hint, I also recognised this little detail at position 27 sec of the video. Yes, it seems to be a large unprotected USB-slot at the side of this submarine, and this was very likely used to upload a next generation Stuxnet/Flame virus to it. I would not be surprised if we soon hear that this marvellous submarine accelerated to 2nd cosmic speed and leaves the earth orbit on a magical mystery tour to the stars.

Darius Kadivar

Regardless of Obama's Stance on Syria, Russians have won Iran

by Darius Kadivar on

Hence leaving no other opportunity to the American Government than to seek appeasement with Iran on the long run ...


NIAC Ambassador Majid Rafizadeh: Appeasement with Iran But Sanctions & intervention on Syria?


I can see Obama fall for the same Russian trap in which Kennedy fell in relation to the Cuban Crisis.


Krutchev didn't oppose US Intervention in Cuba's "Bay of Pigs" but in exchange demanded the Americans to retrieve their Missles from Turkey:


PRESIDENCY ON SCREEN: Kevin Costner tackles Cuban Crisis in "Thirteen Days" 


The Main Challenge for the West today in it's relations with Putin's Russia is what they will gain in exchange for the Russian cooperation on Syria ?


Or rather what they won't gain: Iran abandoning it's nuclear program ...


Added to the fact that the Russians will also obtain from the Europeans and Americans to abandon their Anti Missile shield in Poland:


Obama's Slip Won't Let Russia Veto Europe Missile Defense ...



So on all fronts the Russian Diplomacy is victorious.


That means we Iranians who want to see Regime Change in Iran won't see it anytime soon ...


Quite the opposite I'm afraid ...


Obama can also count on his newly converted "Liberal Democrat" Friends too ...


Ex French socialist PM "private" Tehran visit Embarrasses Newly Elected Hollande 


Question is will Obama have the cojones to solve the Syrian Crisis while tightening the rope around the Mullahs throat ?


I doubt it ...


LONELY ARE THE BRAVE: A Tribute To French President Nicholas Sarkozy 

Nader Vanaki

دریادار امیر هوشنک آریان پور

Nader Vanaki

بنیان گذار صنعت تعمیرات دریایی در ایران امروز باید خیلی خوشحال باشه.  دَمش خیلی گرمه و به کلیه مهندسین توانای ایرانی و کادر فنّی این صنعت تبریک میگم.  تمامی این افراد در اون شرایط سخت آب و هوای جنوب گُل کاشتند.


Khaliband Army

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Khaliband Army



by irlandi on


This is the vide :



And desciption of above video :

The Iranian television report on Wednesday 30 May that it have
neutralized the computer virus named “Flame” . The program invite
visitors to refer to f related center for fighting cyber viruses Maher to access manual for cleaning  Flame

Anonymous Observer

Wrong video

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This is about the computer virus.