Police arrest protesters in Urmia (Orumiyeh)

Demanding protection of drying saltwater lake

IINS: Iranian police have cracked down on protesters in Northwestern Iranian city of Urmia Monday evening demanding the protection of the country’s largest saltwater lake. Talking to BBC-Farsi program one protester said that a few hundred demonstrators were harshly repressed by the security forces. Police had fired tear gas and repelled the people by batons and also have arrested more than a dozens of protesters, another eyewitness told the London-based TV-station >>>



leave Mr Ala alone,

by مآمور on

Mr Ala is not me with whom u can talk about your toys!!

he is an intellectual, way over your head!!

I wear an Omega watch


mr mohamad ala is right on use of pseudonames.

by mousa67 on

iranians opposing the islamist regime should only use their real names , names of their relatives back in iran,  with dates of birth and exact addresses in the west and in iran. further, before traveling back to iran they should send a copy of their itinirary to mamooreh in london with the copy to the headquarters of hizbullah in lebanon in arabic only)

stoopid is stoopid.



Mr. Ala!

by P_J on

Although, did not expect and was surprised by your name calling!   I believe that you are completely RIGHT on crocodile tears, shed by the British.

I am wondering whether or not this salt lake, Lake Uremia, could EVER be saved, knowing full well that the evaporation rate, water loss, far exceeds the replenishment.  And, by the way same kind of problem exists at Caspian Sea, where water lines have been receding 10 meters or so annually, but with less severity.   That is because of Volga and other rivers that are compensating some of the loss.

Have a GREAT day/night! 


برپا خیز، از جا کن،


 زمان زمان مجاهدت(تا آخر ماه! بعد از آن هوا گرم میشود)
وقت وقت حمله(شب جمعه)
و مکان منزل عشاق (خانه مریم خانم)
مجاهد میجنگد؛ مجاهد میمیرد، مجاهد رایانه اش رانمیشکند !!

I wear an Omega watch

Mohammad Ala


by Mohammad Ala on

Thanks for asking... I was a little harsh due to commentators who wish better for Iran but criticize those who are actually doing something in difficult conditions (without watching, for example, a documentary, they reject it which normal people would do this). 


Ok Mohammad:

by Raoul1955 on

Now, could you clarify what you mean by 'stupid comments?'  Do you mean comments posted by mentally retarded readers, or  'presentations' that you dislike?


Mohammad Ala

Persian expression . . .

by Mohammad Ala on

sit/seat on ... (Persian expression to sit/seat on ... and harp/blab)



by Raoul1955 on

"Some are seating outside of Iran using pseudonyms and harp as much as they want..."  What are they 'seating?'

Mohammad Ala

Stupidity has no limit.

by Mohammad Ala on

Without watching a documentary, stupid comments are posted which reflect the ignorance of commentators.

As an Azeri, I am familiar with these sorts of demonstrations in streets and football stadiums.  Many if not all who have benefited from the dams constructed for their farms and other purposes are Azeri themselves. 

Some are seating outside of Iran using pseudonyms and harp as much as they want, while there are some who use their real names and confront the problems.


I believe in and salute my azari compatriots.....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

demonstrating against the fascist islamist regime and the environmental disaster caused by the them, rather than believeing in BBC or a "documentary approved by the islamic republic authority" on this issue!!!!!! 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Don't give opposition to IRI any opportunity or any advantage

by AMIR1973 on

The issue of Urumiyeh Lake has become political; therefore an opportunity for opposition groups to take advantage of it. 


I salute our compatriotscompatriots in Urumiya

by Simorgh5555 on

The time for peaceful protest is over. It is time for airstrikes one after another on the IR security forces. Those terrorists that lay a hand on our people should be struck down.
If anyine thinks that what is hapenning in Lake Urumiyeh is merely a natural environmental disaster then think again. Most of the depletion ofwater stems from factories and warehouses built around which has led to unprecedented ecolotical damage.

Mohammad Ala

BBC and Politics

by Mohammad Ala on

BBC has no creditability to report on this issue.  Brits stole Iranian oil for over 100 years and supported Saddam in his war against Iranians.

The issue of Urumiyeh Lake has become political; therefore an opportunity for opposition groups to take advantage of it.  My documentary about this Lake is going through approval process inside of Iran and should be ready in about 30 days.  I emphasize the environmental disaster which will affect many countries and people including those who have benefited from the dams which have been built to slow down or stop the water from entering the Lake.



Divide and conquer

by Fred on

Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) is an equal opportunity oppressor of all Iranians.

Unfortunately while Iran and Iranians are in dire need of regime change, few foreign supported separatists try to score points.

The solution is regime change by Iranians and not trying to divide and conquer.