Man Flogged in Public for Drinking Alcohol

City of Mianeh in Iran's East Azarbaijan Province

"یکشنبه 31 اردیبهشت سال 91 ضابطین قضایی شهرستان میانه با همکاری اداره اماکن عمومی میانه حکم شلاق جوانی حدودا 25 ساله را که بنا به گفته شاهدان به علت شرب خمر دستگیر شده بود در شهرستان میانه به اجرا گذاشتند."


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خاک تو سر هر چی آخوند


خاک تو سر هر چی آخوند


i m Iranian-Muslim , Muslim-Iranian

by مآمور on

الاسم : مامور الفلاني

السن : أنت عرفاه

عنواني :نزديك به تو

الدين : مؤمن بالله

I wear an Omega watch


mr demo: call me names. but dont dare calling mamoor amenment.

by mousa67 on

or you get mamoor mamooreh on your back. a figure of speech.

btw. i missed you. good to see you back. looking forward to lots of verbal intercourse with you about shia islam and judism.


There is a Mullah present,

by alx1711 on

There is a Mullah present, he must have a fetish for men & flogging.

In other hand, looking at these images i cannot stop thinking of saudi arabia and how restarted & narrow mined these islamis are.


The Floggers' Ethnicities !

by Demo on

If the executioners & the floggeirs are not scared of exposing their ethnicities & are really following the GOD's commands, why do they need to cover their faces when performing such duties every single time? Perhaps they are more of the First Amendment experts than learning Quranic basics!

PS: The Mosaic comment below is another example of the dark side of the First Amendment! A real sham!


mr AO: i agree. give islamists a chance to reform.

by mousa67 on

& in fact this process of reform has already once happened under the rule of the late shah. the reform process goes like this: you hold a bottle of coke in one hand and a bottle of pepsi in the other. you smile at the islamist and say: would you care for a coke or a pepsi? the islamist says: no. i want reform. javid shah, death to allah, death to hossein, before taking the chador off his nearest female relative's heads and sending her as a contestant to the nearest topless beauty contest.

problem of shia islam solved. without the use of sanctions or expensive missiles. 


Oh and as a disclaimer I do

by Kingreza3 on

Oh and as a disclaimer I do enjoy a cold one myself and not being judgmental


I agree with aynak and sosan

by Kingreza3 on

I agree with aynak and sosan khanom, with one addition. You judge their behavior based on your value system which has been developed in west (I guess it an assumption) we both do share the same values when it comes to religion and state and problems in Iran. BUT I truly believe majority of Iranian do not share our value system (living in Iran). The real democracy will fail as soon as there is an individual who over takes power and money if people of Iran allow him (or her for our feminist readers). But if you can show there is prosperity when there is a democracy and equal opportunity and TEACH your population to read and think for themselves and not easily get emotional and instead of destroying a car with squeaking wheel, they should try to change the tire first.

So I want to objectively look at this incident and compare it to my value system. drinking alcohol is bad (not for religious reasons for health reason) so is marijuana. Iran government has banned it same as marijuana is banned in the us. there is a punishment for it 72 lashes??? Which you may or may not think is appropriate same as many feel anti drug laws aren't.
So what's the difference? Your value system. Lashing is bad because in the us physically inflicted pain from the government officials as a punishment is considered bad value. So they send you to jail to get butt raped by un official member.

I agree with assessment of Quran being abused by ruling party to justify the actions and shortcomings as uneducated will take any thing said about anything with out really "research" it themselves. But I also see a population that buy into that crap.

This not just in Iran. Look at when president Obama authorized killing of two us citizens in the name of fighting terrorism, One completely innocent (I think he was 14) and no reaction. This is identical if not worse than the video.


The “Coalition Forces” on!

by Faramarz on


The “Coalition Forces” on will continue to expose the Regime, its supporters and the NIACie sympathizers.


Don't tell me you want to give nukes to these gaav & goosfands!

by fanoos on

Then, I'll get pissed off and go wild on you....

Oon Yaroo

Hey Google, change Persian Gulf to Barbarian Gulf!

by Oon Yaroo on

And the poor old Shah wanted to buy Concord planes to carry these barbaric lard @$$es from here to there!

First Amendment

Can I cordially invite.....

by First Amendment on

.......our learned friend, Savalan, to verify the ethnicity of the floggers........


اهلأ و سهلأ عزیز دمو


 مدتی بود که شما را ندیده بودم!
من با شما در این مورد کاملأ موافقم!

I wear an Omega watch


Waiting for the day of judgement is not enough

by Simorgh5555 on

May the thug in the video, the lailers, judges, Basij, Sepah, IRCG and all the Islamist thugs who carry out these barbaric crimes die along with their entire family in an Israeli airstrike. May their houses burn. May their mosques catch fire. May their children's school catch fire.


مرگ بر ما که گفتیم مرگ بر شاه



Anonymous Observer

In defense of Demo

by Anonymous Observer on

Nature knows that I have as big a problem with Qura'n, Islam (which is essentially a tribal Arab military manual) and religion in general as some of my friends here on IC.  However, why not give people like Demo (if he is sincere in his preachings) a chance to reform and re-interpret the religion in their own vision?  perhaps they could re-create Islam into a more tolerant version of itself.  Jews and Christians have done so.  Has anyone read the Old Testament?  It's almost as violent as the Qura'n.  But reformed Jews and Chritians have managed to do away with the violent language and dismiss them as ancient stories.  Perhaps that's what Demo and others are up to.  Why not give them a chance--even if their interpretation of Islam is pure fantasy.    


Ghoraan thumpers and apologist posters

by Cost-of-Progress on

It is one thing to water board or electricute ones balls when you believe they are the Enemy of State, it is quite another to systematically punish your OWN people because they don't abide by your ass backward alien rules. And yet another to exterminate your people in the name of justice and the so called revolution. I suggest you enlighten yourself before posting crap in support of the Islamic antiplublic of Iran.

Shuma haa baa in enghelaabetoon reedin be Iran....

Dr. Mohandes

Screw him

by Dr. Mohandes on

It is the likes of this asslicker who is executing the order who need to have their behinds handed to them and be literally extrminated. All these smelling ugly ass monkeyes need to spend the eternity in hell...of course god will be making that decision and i am just making a suggestion, but i WILL look forward to the day where i can witness the process of them going to hell.

 WHat a bunch of Bastards they are!



عینک جون این حرفا رو به خانم عبادی بگو




وگرنه ما از این شعارا از تو زیاد شنیدیم


دفاع از خود:



شهروند ایرانی باید بداند که دفاع از خود یعنی اینکه وقتی حکومت به حقوق
اولیه انسانی او تجاوز کرد، حق این را دارد که از حقوق خود دفاع کند.   در
این مورد، شناسایی کسی که
۱-حکم را صادر کرد.  (که کار آسانی است و در ویدیو  دیده می شود )
۲-حکم را اجرا کرد.(که او هم در فیلم دیده می شود، ولی باید شناسایی شود)
و سپس پخش اعلامیه در سطح شهر و زیر سوال بردن این عمل وحشیانه - قدمی است
در راه پیشبرد حقوق شهروندی.   آنگونه که در ویدیو دیده می شود، تعداد
اندکی افراد شاهد این شکنجه هستند و پوشش روی جلاد خود نشان وحشت او از این
جنایات است.   پس چه بهتر که چه حاکم جلاد  و چه خود  جلاد در سطح
شهرمعرفی و بی ابرو شوند.  مهمتر و پس از انجام چنین شناسایی - اخطار به
هردو در مورد عواقب چنین رویه ای است.







بلاغ و شلّاق!


محمد رسول خداوند وظیفه اش فقط بلاغ (یا ترویج) پیام حق بود در پرستش او و تشویق پیروانش به عدل و برابری ولی آخوند در ایران کارش شده زدن شلاق و شکنجه و ایجاد نفاق!

Soosan Khanoom

Agree Kingreza , we as a nation have failed !

by Soosan Khanoom on

Granny did not have" Savad "  to read Quran. There is not a single verse in Quran supporting this action.  There is a verse that only suggests to stay away from anything that makes you non-sober during the prayers ( even the word alcohol has not been used) ... cause it is not the only thing that makes you unaware of what you are saying or doing at the prayers time.. The word in Quran is " Khamr " that includes many things one being alcohol.  Even then, there is no punishment for it yet alone flogging. 

Ignorance is ruling and worse than IRI are the people who continue to remian beesavad !!  


Don't they have to put a Quran in the armpit of hitting hand???

by Kingreza3 on

Let's not forget that the score of people standing in the circle could have stopped it but didn't. Stupid laws exsist everywhere and Iran is not any different but what pople here fail to realize is people of iran have let this go on. Don't blaim IRI for those footage blame Iranian nation that thinks drinking is bad (well not wrong there) and the best way to stop it is by beating the crap out of people who do. You don't believe me, talk to your granny, she would tell you the same thing.
Iran has recently started to promote removal of physical pain, as a means to discipline, from school in big cities. it will take some time for the new internationally friendly forms of disciplining like electrical shock to testicles and water boarding (I.e. Guantanomo and secret prisons in Europe) to be used in Iran.
Hypocrisy is the main key to victory!


This poor man is not flogged for drinking

by anglophile on

He is flogged for buying his drinks from non-basiji outlets. These basijis give a new meaning to "aggressive salesmanship!"



by Cost-of-Progress on

Number ONE per capita in executions (most are politically motivated exterminations), and number one in many other aspects that make a society asssss backward -

Howmany years before the Iranian people realize that THIS IS NOT THEIR RELIGION AND THESE ARE NOT THEIR PEOPLE REPRESETING THEM?

People: You were fooled, get it? FOOLED.

hala berin hey sineh bezanin...

Soosan Khanoom

I can't even watch it !

by Soosan Khanoom on



سلطه گري را گفتند: چه خوري؟ !گفت: گوشت ملت گفتند: چه نوشي؟ گفت: خون ملت! گفتند: چه پوشي؟ گفت: پوست ملت! گفتند: اينها را از چه راهي به دست مي آوري؟ گفت: از جهل ملت گفتند: از جهل چگونه نگهداري و مراقبت مي كني؟ گفت: در جعبه طلائي تقدس! 


You see all the people watching?

by Rastin on

Thats why I fear the IRI will still be in power in 34 years. This is what happens when uneducated people get to rule a country.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory (courtesy of Bavafa)

Anonymous Observer

Welcome to the 21st century Iran :-)

by Anonymous Observer on

To us, the Modern Era is the Middle Ages.  

Now carry on with your BS about the Shah, the U.S., "imperialism," Israel, the Jooooz, blah, blah, blah...  


مردم نادان



به یکی جرعه که آزار کسش در پی نیست

زحمتی می‌کشم از مردم نادان که مپرس



One would think it's S. Arabia

by Rea on

Sadly, it's Iran.