Working Children: Norooz Message

From Darvazeh Ghar and Khak Sefid special schools in Tehran

در این کلیپ کودکان کار که در حال حاضر دانش آموزان خانه های علم دروازه غار و خاکسفید تهران هستند، پیام تبریک خود را به مناسبت نوروز سال 1391 به مردم ایران و همگان اعلام کرده اند. آنان از داستان زندگی خود حرف می زنند و به بیان آرزوهای خود برای سال 1391 برای تمامی مردم ایران و خانواده شان می پردازند. لطفا پیام این کودکان دوست داشتنی را با دیگران به اشتراک بگذارید تا همه ایرانیان صدای آنان را بشنوند. این کودکان که اغلب آنان کودکان کار ساکن دروازه غار (محله شوش) و خاکسفید (شمال تهرانپارس) در تهران هستند، هم اینک در خانه های علم دروازه غار و خاکسفید مشغول به تحصیل می باشند و به آرزوی دیرینه خود که درس خواندن بوده است، رسیده اند.

خانه علم دروازه غار
خانه علم خاک سفید



what I meant was that it was soooooo sad!!!!

by Yana on

shad zee


Masoud Kazemzadeh

Sad but Uplifting

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Sad but uplifting, depressing but optimistic. Seeing the best of human responses amid desperate poverty and misery is testament to the fact that good exists in human beings, at least some human beings. Having seen in other postings the wealth stolen by the Pahlavis and the officials of the terrorist regime (Rafsanjani, Khamenei, Mojtaba) juxtaposed with this video of the decency of these kids makes me angry at the utter injustices that have ruined the Iranian people’s lives in the past 80 or so years.

Our people deserve a better fate, a much much better fate than what our tortured people have gotten.

By and large, wealth and poverty are natural outcomes of human condition. For a variety of reasons, some people succeed and some fail. Their children are thus helped or hindered in the pursuits of their lives. Wealth gained through intellect, hard work, or even luck, are legitimate and ought to be safeguarded, respected and valued.

Even under the best systems there will be legitimate wealth and some poverty as we can observe in legitimate great polities such as the U.S. and Sweden. That is the human condition. Some, like the late Steve Jobs, have great abilities to create new products and thus have the legitimate right to make billions of dollars. And in such polities, the people could vote for a more egalitarian tax system if they so desire.

But wealth STOLEN as were done by the Pahlavis and leaders of the terrorist regime are illegitimate. In our tortured history, there are cruel brutes like Reza Shah, Mohammad Reza Shah, Ali Akbar Rafsanjani, Mehdi Rafsanjani, Ali Khamenei, Mojtaba Khamenei, who have taken money that legitimately belongs to the Iranian people, to be used for their education, health, and basic necessities.

As long as there exists no transparent, free, democratic system in Iran, where free press could investigate and publish various financial deals and the people could be the masters of their own fate, there will be immoral and unethical individuals who with connections to the political power will steal million and billions of dollars. The accumulation of vast illegitimate wealth (deprives the people of a level playing field where legitimate business could occur) creates poverty among vast sectors of the population.

Lets hope the terrorist regime is overthrown and a decent democratic republic established. So that the Iranian people could become the masters of their own lives. So that we could establish a decent and humane system. So that there will be less poverty. So that there will not be thieves like the Pahlavis, and Rafsanjanis, and Khameneis taking what legitimately belongs to all Iranians.

This is my Nourooz wish: a decent and democratic political system in our beloved Iran.  





by Sean-K on

I am sure that we have misundestood you. Please explain your comment?? 

Dorood bar in bacheha va oonha keh in organization ra edareh mikonand. Eide shoma ham mobarak bachehaye aziz ma.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

yana   yana yana

how can you wish ?

shad zee

when there is still poverty,misery and young generation of your /our hamvatan just being wasted.

now go    zee  any way you like.




by darius on

 May be you need to be more thoughtful when dealing with other pain.

Yes, this is a good New Year message for many of us like that have no conscious and all it matter is us and our happiness. That is why we have so many rabid dogs in this site promote killing.

This is a good message for those shameful IRI official and those rabid Iranian dog. 


you call this a new year message!

by Yana on

shad zee