Saeed Sakuee: 900,000 need to be executed

Opposition television commentator


Nader Afshar

Daryish Reza

by Nader Afshar on

Dariush-e-Bozorg, in Naqhe Rostam: the spear of a Persian man has gone forth far; then shall it become known to you: a Persian man has delivered battle far indeed from Persia.



نشاشیدی شب درازه



Nader Vanaki

سکویی برای پرش

Nader Vanaki

آقای سعید سکویی میخواد دیگه خیلی پیاز داغ شو رو زیاد کنه شاید بتونه یکی دوتا بیشتر جارو برقی بفروشه.


he's right....

by shushtari on

no mercy will be shown to these animals.....

Oon Yaroo

Is your doctorate in mathematics, Dr. Sakuee? Apparently not!

by Oon Yaroo on

Your numbers of 900,000 of IRR is woefully an underestimate!

The exact estimate is 5, 000,000 almost an order of magnitude above yours.

Dr. Sakuee, you should not be worried about the number of the IRR criminals.

What you should be really worried about is whether or not we have enough chenar trees or cranes in Iran to handle all these criminals!

As the regal poet of Iran once said:

Give me the chenar or tabrizi trees....

And i'll give IRR heads to be hung upside down....


  One thing is for sure,

by Parsy on


One thing is for sure, when the time comes for a regime change it won't be an overnight Coup, it will be bloody and the number is getting higher by the minute that the IRI is still above the ground….. IRI chose to rule by the sword to enforce their power and authority over "mellat" ok that is fine then "mellat" has an answer for that…..


You Rule by the Sword and You Shall Die by the Sword.


To get a ballpark figure just go and add up how many IRI has killed since 1979 and then just add or subtract a few thousand, that should give you an answer…..


Ey baba, who is counting?

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

من که خودم آدم دل‌ رحم و لیبرالی  هستم و دلم میخواد تمام اینها از دکتر ممموت جون و رهبرش گرفته، تا اون بسیجی‌‌هایی‌ که جوانان و بچه های  بی‌ دفاع ملت  ایران رو ۳ سال قبل کتک زدن، شکنجه دادن، تجاوز جنسی‌ کردن و به قتل رساندن باید در یک داد گاه گرم و نرم وست فرنگ، مثل لاهه محاکمه بشن . ولی‌ این ملت لمپن و لات و لوت ایرانی که من میشناسم، مثلا تو محله خودمون نارمک، به خدا، وقتی‌ که وقتش رسید، چنون خار مادری از این دزدان، فسدا و قاتلان اسلامی خواهند گا*د، که در کتاب‌های تاریخ بنویسن...


The man has a point

by MRX1 on

I don't think the number is 900,000. You do have to purge some of these folks from Iranian society once and all. No amount of hand holding, lecturing, education  mumbo jumbo will make these psycho islamic freaks loveable human beings.


a typical A... atitude

by onlyinamrica on



He is right

by Simorgh5555 on

Violence is the only way these Mullahs are going to take. If the price to liberate Iran is to kill 90,000 supporters of the IR then so be it. If it means targetting these SOBs in surgical strikes and killing each one of them then what is the problem.

The IR must go. By hook or by crook. Whatever it takes. Whatever the price. It must go.  


I think he meant 700-1000

by choghok on

900 000 is a huge number, maybe if you took all the mullahs and their families yes. And then what kind of the country would it be afterwards? Thanks god this guy is not running the country, it would be like jingiz khan.

The problem in Iran is not solved by violence, but by all people improving themselves. If you change the mullahs tomorrow withsay German rulers nothing would be changed, we would just have politicians that would commit suicides altogether. If we would give the IRI leader to German pople it would not take long before IRI leaders would be all in jail and demoracy established.

This since we Iranians like the mr Sakue want to have democracy for ourself personally, not fo others, we want to have rights with no rstriction for ourselves.


Arash Kamangir

Dorood bar Mr. Sarkoohi

by Arash Kamangir on

Mr. Sarkoohi you have spoken what most iranians feel like. The number 900.000 is minimum and includes bassejis+pasdaran+mullahs

Mardom Mazloom

A kind of comic the guy

by Mardom Mazloom on

Very good for entertainment ! He didn't say if it would be him who'll put the 900,000 ropes?


Closet monarchism and Shahollahism!

by Arj on

To be fair, this individual represents a considerable part of monarchists and Shahollahis' sense of vengeance! This guy knows well to whom he is catering, and that is the sentiments of the bulk of the Pahlavi supporters! Indeed, to re-establish the social order of the Pahlavi era (which is to contain the populace with enough social freedom and absolutely no political freedom), as many supporters of Pahlavi regimes have advocated time and again, that is what it takes to get there! It's impossible to imagine resurrection of the Pahlavi regime without criminals like Nasiri, Sabeti and last but not least, Shaban Bimokh! 

He's just being honest, and at the same time silly enough to actually believe that he speaks on behalf of the people of Iran! 


Of sugar nibbling....

by پندارنیک on

Where was he when His Majesty was pacing up and down in his Imperial office, missing Asadollah Alam?...............It won't work that way anymore...too late..........but the Westwoodian audience has to be entertained, nonetheless..........



by hirre on

I like the way this guy acts :D